Monday, December 12, 2011

Zagg Folio Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1

ZAGG Folio for Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

Picture borrowed from the Zagg website

I received a Zagg Folio as a free sample for this review THANKS ZAGG I Love it.

The ZaggFolio for the samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is a thin multi function table folio case that comes complete with a removable bluetooth keyboard and stand. It sells for $99.99 at

A quick note this folio is for the samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 the original galaxy tab is too small and will not fit in it thought it will still connect to the bluetooth keyboard.

My first thoughts were This folio is its sweet Its got a nice sleek design and the case has a cool texture to it. Its got a microfiber lining to prevent your galaxy and keyboard from slipping around and getting scratched up. The folio seems fairly durable and it holds the keyboard securely it does not fall out easily you have to give it a fairly good tug to get it out. My galaxy is too small to fit in the holder on the lid (opps iv got the wrong model I am still in love with the BlueTooth Keyboard) If the fit of the keyboard is any indication the galaxy tab 10.1 will fit just as securely.

Picture is from the Zagg website
showes use fo keyboard with out
Charging the Keyboard is easy it comes with a usb cord and you plug the keyboard into any computer with a usb port and allow the built in battery to charge It does not take long to charge and it could be weeks before you have to charge it again.  Connecting the bluetooth keyboard to your galaxy Tab 10.1 is easy you turn on the bluetooth feature and locate devise ( with the keyboard on of course) the keyboard also has a connect button that you press to connect it to your galaxy tab 10.1.  The Blue tooth keyboard functions like a standard keyboard would its got sound volume, brightness, enter, shift etc. the size is nice a bit smaller than my laptop keyboard I would say its about the size as some of the netbook keyboards that iv seen. Its comfortable to type on I have typed this review on it with out much trouble.

I think this is a great gadget for anyone who's on the Go a lot and needs to send emails and things from there galaxy tab. Or just for people like me who hates the virtual keyboard on the galaxy tab 10.1.

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