Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trident Aegis for Galaxy tab

I received a triednt Case for my Galaxy Tab as a free sample for this review
The Trident Aegis Is for the Samsung Galaxy Tab now this is for the Galaxy Tab with the 7in display this case will NOT fit the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sorry 10.1 owners

The Aegis case Sells for $29.95 on 
This Case is a three part system first you have your protective screen cover next you have the Silicone layer that absorbs impact then the hard polycarbonate shell goes on the outside. It comes in 6 colors Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow.
Out of the Box
The Screen Protector is scratch and smudge resistant. As Far as screen protectors go It does its job and protects the screen I do not notice my toddlers dirty finger marks as much.  There is no noticeable delay in responsiveness either.  I do how ever wish it was a little more Anti Glare But over all I like it and its kept my screen from getting scratched.

Drop Protection on the Aegis is great its got double thick silicone on all four corners and has a great shock absorbing design. My Toddler has dropped it several times since I received this case and It still works great. The Polycarbonate outer shell does a great job of protecting hard impact.                                   

Anti Skid Design Well it works there is just enough of the silicone peaking out from the hard polycarbonate shell to keep it from slipping out of your hand or accost the table. (Ask my four year old who tried it play air hockey with it the other day.) 

My Galaxy in the Aegis Case

The Trident Aegis case does add a little bulk to your Galaxy Tab its not a super slim case, for me the bulk is worth the protection. With two kids who frequently use my Galaxy I want and need crash protection. The screen Procter is well a screen protector your stick it on and pray you don't get any air bubbles, Mine went on Nice tell I tried to get one tiny air bubble out and when I lifted the corner I got like 5 tiny ones which is how it always goes for me when I apply a screen protector.  The Case is some what Hard to get on, ok the silicone skin is easy to get on but the hard polycarbonate shell that goes over the silicone skin is a little tough to get on. You will have to work it on. So its probably kind of hard to get off agian to change the screen protector when you need to but I have not tried it yet. I am glad the case is tight fitting I would not want it to pop off if my toddler happened to drop it down the stairs.   The case looks cool there is just no other way to put it. I received the blue one Its a vibrant color of blue and it makes it easy to spot in the bottom of my purse. The silicone skin is black so that sets off the blue and makes it look even better. The Back of the case has some little holes in looks sort of like a vent I don't know if they really do any thing but they sure do look cool.

Back Of the Aegis Case
The Aegis will still allow you to access all the ports on your Galaxy tab the Jack at the top has a little cover that goes over it to keep out dirt and dust. The Charging port also has a cover over it and it does not really cause any problems with plugging in your Galaxy other than the fact that you have to hold the little silicone cover back while you put the plug in. There is a spot you can open for the micro sd card so that is still accessible with out having to take the case off.  The Power button and the volume controls still function just like they are supposed to even though they are completely covered with the silicone I like this because it keeps my kids sticky fingers away from the actual buttons I don't see any goo getting in my Power button or volume controls. The speakers have little openings so you can still hear sound It sounds the same to me but I'm not a sound expert. There is a little hole for the mic I think it makes your voice sound a tad muffled but its a Hole through silicone and polycarbonate, I think the protection the case offers vs having a better sounding recording is a good trade off.  The camera lens and flash are both uncovered and usable on both the front and back cameras another good thing Trident has going for there galaxy tab case.

I have a hard time finding any fault with the Trident Ageis Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It offers great protection for a good price.

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