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I recieved a Silikids 6oz glass cup with silicone skin as a free sample from SiliKids for this review

SiliKids is this great company that makes severial different Silicone products for kids. Glass cups with silicone skins, silicone skins for baby bottles, bibs, knee pads, and baby food jar skins. Prices range from $6.95 to $25.95 for sets and can be found hear http://www.silikids.com/

Web site photo we have the green one.
Silicone is Non toxic hypo allergenic and does not promote the growth of bacteria or fungus. It is also BPA Free and guess what you can Recycle silicone, silicone is durable and has a great life span so you wont have to worry about getting recycling it any time soon but when your SiliKids product finally does need replacing you can send it back to SiliKids and they will recycle it for you.

picture of a Baby Bottle Skin
I got the SiliKids 6oz cup with green skin last week and we have been using it like crazy. The size is perfect for Kids, Its just big enough for my 4 year old but not so big that my 2 year old has trouble using it. The glass is beautiful and clear and very solid Yup its been dropped on the hard wood floor more than once and it held up well the silicone skin absorbs the impact. The Company even states on there site that "We can drop a glass baby bottle from a 4 story building without it breaking! That's why the patent pending Siliskin is the best around! "  Super Cool Right considering kids and babys throw and drop things constantly.  The Skin fits tight to the 6oz cup but I like it that way because it keeps it from slipping off. The Skin has gripper bumps on the sides as well as some decorative holes. It looks "Super Cool" according to my daughter although she wanted purple.  The Gripper bumps work well and keep little hands from sliding around on the cup. I love the soft feel of the Silicone Skin.

Washing is great very easy the skins come off the cup and are Dishwasher and microwave safe. So you can just toss the skin and the glass in the dishwasher and go.

If I had a baby I would be using siliskin baby bottles and considering how durable they are we might even be getting some more SiliKids Cups soon.

Come on over to SiliKids and try one http://www.silikids.com/
You can even Like them on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/silikids

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