Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nametape Bracelets Oorah

I Received this Beautiful Nametape Bracelet Oorah from Danielle this Week she is a Marine wife currently supporting her husband any way she can.  Danielle and 2 other Marine wives got together and started making Nametape Bracelets and she was kind enough to send me one to review. This review is special to me My Husband spent 5 years in the Marines. There will always be a special place in my Heart and Home for Marines.  I love it when I get the Chance to support Marine Wives and there Husbands.

Danielle and 2 fellow Marine wives make these Amazing bracelets out of Nametapes these are 100% hand made by Marine Wives.For those of you that don't know Nametapes are found on military uniforms.  Marines wear two one over each breast pocket. One nametape has the soldiers last name and the other has Marines. Danielle and her fellow Marine wives take these blank name tapes and embroider on them you can do Names or branch of the military they are serving in. Things Like USMC Girlfriend, Marine Wife, there unit etc you can have up to three lines of text on a bracelet. You then have the option of adding charms or a backing to the name tape. She also has name tape color options for the different branches of the military. You can get different sizes bracelets, different fonts, charms ets. They start at $12.00 and go up from there depending on what options you chose. She has lots of great charms to chose from I could see my self ending up with lots of them on my bracelet because I love so many of them. They also offer several different clasp options. Together they make bracelets for just about any cause, key chains & Lanyards, Clothing with nametapes added, bows and headbands, they even do dog collars. Everything is beautifully crafted and carefully made.

I love the bracelet Danielle sent me. It is made from USMC digital Cami (desert) with a Pink backing and two great charms. It has Marines Embroidered on the front. This Nametape Bracelet Oorah defiantly holds up to USMC standards. The stitching is accurate, Neat, clean and straight. The toggle clasp is strong and stays hooked. It fits comfortably and I believe it will last for years to come.   Its a great way to support Our Military, your son, daughter, husband, wife, favorite branch, Veteran.

Show your Support of our Military and there families and order one today at
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All pictures are of the Bracelet Danielle sent me


  1. danielles bracelets are amazing and such a great way to show your support for your husband, fiance, boyfriend, brother or anyone in any service, she does AMAZING work! :)

  2. how do i order one without having a facebook page???????????????