Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Photo from http://www.funbites.com/
A week or so ago I received a cool new product as a free sample to review. Its called fun bites and its a Nifty gadget used to cut things like sandwiches and watermelon into cute fun shapes for your kids to eat.
FunBites is a  high performance curved blade cutter that quickly creates small bites and a matching popper top that pops out food instantly so hands are clean, food is untouched  FunBites is 100% MADE IN THE USA yup that's right another Great Made in the USA product, top shelf dishwasher safe and BPA Free. They come in two shapes Cube IT! and Luv IT!  they sell for $12.99 each or you can get both cutters for $19.99 at http://www.funbites.com/collections/all.

FunBites launched about 12 weeks ago.
Its been Featured on CBS morning news as the perfect gift for any one with kids ages 3-10 you can see a nifty video on youtube at http://youtu.be/0cq180-fHz8  
They have reached over 40,000 on facebook come join the FunBites Fun www.facebook.com/funbites
FunBites was featured on Parenting.com as a must have for families with kids
Boutique retail distribution in NY and CT and dozens of online stores have has 100% sellout.

Our cheese snack cut with Cube IT!
We Gave FunBites a try this week Making sandwiches, watermelon and cheese for Little Bug. What you do is take the popper out then place the cutter on top of your sandwich or fruit say watermelon and you sorta rock it back and forth a few times and it will cut right through the sandwich or your piece of fruit. then you place the popper on top of the cutter and use it to push anything that might have gotten stuck in the cutters holes right out. It actually works good. We had fun using it  FunBites was simple and quick to do and its easy enough for my four year old to do with supervision of course it is kind of sharp on the bottom because it is meant to cut food so be sure to watch your kids and fingers.  It cuts great bite size shapes they come out just the perfect size for little fingers and little mouths.
Clean up is easy if you have a dishwasher you just pop it in on the top Rack. Now if you don't have a dishwasher your going to need something that will fit in those little holes to get out the pb&j or the cheese. I used the small end of a bottle brush and it worked well.

Right now they are offering a Coupon Code Its good for 15% off your entire order on the FunBites site www.funbites.com the Code to use at check out  is  Withlove.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Via Prive

 I have wore a lot of active wear I was a runner way back in high school and now I'm into cardio kickboxing weights, yoga etc. Most of what I have bought over the years Sucked  the shirts crawled up and exposed too much belly not good just after having a baby, were too short or were crazy tight no matter what size I tried and Pants don't get me started on bad work out pants that stretch out and fall down like my current pair does a non stop frustration when your 30 min into a workout. When I got the Opportunity to review some active wear for Women made by Via Prive I was excited to try something new. Via Prive makes active wear for women its designed to fit in all the right places. Made with QuadraCore™ fabric that gives there clothing a 4 way stretch. they also have this great thing called Eco-Stretch its a printed lining on the waistband secure them in place and prevent the pants from riding up or down thank you Via Prive.  No as a mom who worked out through two pregnancy's I wish I had known about Via Prive Momma that's right Active wear that actually fits a baby belly and looks amazing. Pricing for via Prive is a bit more than what I normally pay for active wear then again may be that's why I have always been un happy with it In this case you get what you pay for a great quality product that looks amazing. Prices range from around $24.00 to around $89.00 depending on what you are looking at getting.  http://www.viaprive.com/

My package arrived quickly and I was excited to open it the first Item out of the box a Pair of Dahlia Active Pants they feature a slim silhouette with a slight flare. That printed lining on the waistband that I was talking about earlier that prevents them from riding up or down, they feature the 4 way stretch fabric and Flat lock seams to eliminate chafing. the company recommends them for Running,Pilates, Yoga,Spinning and every day use. the Dahlia pants sell for $86.00. My first thought was those feel cool. Now I normally wear a medium tall for pants because I have about a 36in inseam the pants I received were mediums but regular in length so I was afraid they were going to be too short.. But being the true reviewer that I am I knew I was going to put them on and use them even if they turned out too short. So I put these baby's on and Holy COW they fit my bum like a glove yes they are a tiny bit too short but not so bad that I look stupid wearing them. The Important thing is My Butt looks great! and were true to size. I gave them a good work out on the tread mill, some weights, chasing the Girls around the house I even wore them to bed one night. NO ride Up and they didn't stretch out Yes I am excited that they didn't stretch out no droopy bum hear. They stayed exactly where I put them they are a lower rise pant they hit me just below my belly button but are not so low that my butt sticks out the top when I bend over.  I know you are thinking that $86.00 is a little steep for a pair of pants but these baby's are worth every penny. I am IN LOVE and if Via Prive ask for them back I would have to hold on them and throw a fit like my two year old fighting for her favorite toy.

I also Received two IVY active wear tops. One in solid black and one in Turquoise. Now I have a love hate relation ship with Active wear tops I love the wicking properties but I hate that most of them fit too snug around my belly and creep up when I'm moving. the IVY top is a Racer Back design for an athletic fit, its made of soft spandex blend that feels super smooth against your skin, the Black one is solid all over and the Turquoise has a contrasting strap that is a darker blue and looks great with the lighter turquoise. It falls right about hip level and is a little looser at the bottom so it does not ride up. Yet it still features a fitted silhouette. They sell for $52.00 and yup I think the IVY top is worth every penny too. This thing is so comfortable I never want to take it off. the Fabric is so soft feeling and it fits in all the right places and it has never rode up not even while I was chasing the girls through the house. I should mention that it does not have a built in Bra.and that's probably my only complaint though most built in bras don't offer enough support for runners so its not all that bad.  I just don't have a sports bra that matches it I have several racer back sports bras and all of them show a little with this top. I have decided I need to just get something in a matching or contrasting color so it wont matter if it shows a little.

So Now I'm dying to try the Jasmine Bra and a pair of Arum Hot Short to round out my work out gear for the year.
I hope everyone will come check out Via Prive http://www.viaprive.com/
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Children's Chestal

I received a Sample of Children's Chestal as a free sample for this review. My opinion is completely my own.

First I want to tell you a little about the product.

Children's Chestal is safe, Non-Drowsy, dye-free, No drug interactions and works Naturally with your body.
It temporarily relieves dry cough due to minor throat and Bronchial irritation that may occur with colds

It helps to relieve chest congestion by loosening mucus and thinning bronchial secretions to make coughs more productive.

the Benefits of Children's Chestal
-relieves all types of common coughs, its safe for children 2 years of age and older
-Natural Honey Base,No artificial color or flavors

-Children 12 years of age and older: take 10ml every 2 hours.
-Children 2 to 12 years of age: take 5ml every 2 hours. Not recommended for Children under 2 years of age.

It can be found at Walgreens, CVS and local health food stores they do have a few other places listed on there site that carry it. I am hoping I can request it at our walmart. Runs about $6.99 for a 4.2oz bottle the bigger 8.45oz bottle runs around $11.99. Do check there website sometimes they have coupons http://www.childrenschestal.com/special-offers/

Now that all the Facts are out of the Way I think this stuff is Great, My two year old has been dealing with a cough for a week now I decided we would give Children's Chestal a try since nothing else seemed to do much good. I gave her the recommended 5ml and in about 5 min it had calmed her cough enough so she could sleep it must taste decent because she took it with out squawking. Score one for mom Little Bug finally got a good nights sleep. Fast forward a week I have really bad bronchitis right now Iv had it for months I finally gave in and got some antibiotics for it But I'm still coughing my head off at 2 am I have reached the point of desperation I will do anything for a decent nights sleep. I spotted the Bottle of Children's Chestal on the counter and decided why not worth a shot right. I took 10ml because well I'm over 12. My first thought Holy Cow a cough med that taste good. It taste Just like Honey which I love by the way no wonder why Little Bug didn't mind taking it.  It worked Good It definitely soothed my raw throat and It did help my cough for a while because I got about 3 hours sleep. I love that its natural and doesn't have any drug interactions. I feel safer giving it to my Kids because of that. My girls Pediatrician's have always recommended honey as a solution for my small kids needing something for a cough since many cough and cold meds on the market today are not for kids under 4.  I think its a great product and we will be keeping a bottle around this winter. I almost forgot to add they have a new berry flavor we havent tried it yet but I would love to. they also make a varity of other natural cough, Cold and Flu medicines so come check them out at http://www.childrenschestal.com/cough-cold-flu/

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Friday, January 13, 2012


Receives the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval

stock photo from Mind Ware Thanks Mind Ware for sending me the free sample for this review.
 I received this great game this week from Mind Ware Its a Marble run that you build from different cubes. You can make animals, shapes, sculptures just about anything you can think of really. Its a great way to get your kids minds thinking and figuring how to get there marble to go down the run. Configurations are unlimited, it allows for unpredictable action the steel balls can travel down various routes. It’s a great at showing probability, physics and art, all in one fun toy !
Q-BA-MAZE contains small steal balls so they are not rated for kids under 3 year of age. You can  Find them hear on there site http://www.mindware.com/p/Q-BA-MAZE-20-Starter-Box-Cool-Colors/36199  they have three different sets a Big box set and two different starter sets In warm and cool colors. I received two of the starter sets one in warm colors and one in cool colors. They run $34.95 and $24.95 depending on what Kit you get.

My girls playing with the moose

FedEx showed up at our door with this box a few days a go Me and the girls had to open it right away they are always excited when a new product arrives to review.  The box is cool looking and the girls were immediately excited just by the picture on the front.  It was raining and I decided it was good of time to start a review. We dumped out all the pieces I started with the cool colors set first just because I like blue. The Instructions were how to make a marble run that was in the shape of a moose. Ok How hard can this be its made for kids right... So once I figured out that the directions are broke down into each layer it was really easy to put together. You start with the base and build Up. The moose turned out great I gave the girls each a few marbles and they let them run again and again and again and again.  While the girls were testing out the moose I broke out the warm colors kit to see what shape the directions would have me make. It was a Heart Ok I admit it the heart did not come out looking like a heart but I had fun trying. For some reason it was a bit more complicated to make but I am determined to master it, even though it did not turn out quite right the girls had a blast dropping in the marbles to see which way they would go. Next I piled the cubes up in the floor and let the girls have some free play just to see what they would come up with. They began to build a tower but had trouble knowing which pieces to use My eldest is only 4 so she needed help. I had to show her which piece to use and that the different openings would allow the marble to go in the direction of the opening she caught on quick and we soon had a tower built, it was a tad crooked but the marbles still ran down quite well. the marble run possibilities with Q-BA-MAZE is endless I cant waite to see what my husband comes up with. 

our Heart that looks more like a monster
The Only down side to the Q-BA-MAZE  is if you play on a smooth surface the marbles role every where when they come out at the bottom. To solve this problem I pulled out a Big cookie sheet and set the moose or what ever we had built in the middle so that when the marbles came out at the bottom they would have something to contain them. I have a slight fear of sucking one of the steel marbles up in my vacuum.

Its four days later and The Q-BA-MAZE is still a huge Hit me and the girls spend hours making shapes for there marbles to run down. This is definitely a toy that is going to last in our house for a long time.

Mind Ware Makes a wide variety of amazingly cool Toys to get your kids thinking

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