Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sea Globe

Glass Eye Studio

I received this beautiful Sea Globe from the Glass Eye Studio In Seattle Washington for this review. All Glass Eye Studio glass contains ash from Mt St Helens. All there Glass products are made Right here in the USA by American glass Blowers that use "century old" glass blowing techniques.All of there Glass is Amazingly beautiful they make a great variety of  items at various prices so there is something for everyone.

I was given the opportunity to review one of the Glass Eye Studio's Sea Globes. It came very well packed the Sea globe was set in a foam container then placed in a bed of packing noodles. It was shipped via UPS and only took a few days to arrive. I have to say customer service is great and very friendly. I had the opportunity to look through their site they carry many amazing glass items and I would have a hard time choosing just one everything is beautiful. 
 Everyone is now trying to figure out what a sea globe is right. Its a Blown glass ball that has sand and sea shells in it, you can gently shake the globe to change the scenery that you see inside the Globe. It looks amazing and My kids are fascinated by it. They can not figure out how they got the sand and shells inside of it I wish we lived close enough so that I could take them to the studio for a tour to see how they are made. Yes you can schedule a tour so anyone close enough to Seattle Washington please do so. My sea globe has a blue swirly background on it how in the world they do it I do not know all I know is it looks amazing when the sun shines on it. The glass is amazingly clear I could not find an air bubble nor can I find a seam if there even is one. I probably went a little over board with the photos on this one but its beautiful and I loved taking pictures of it as much as I love having it sit on my shelf with my sea stuff that my girls collected at the beach.

If your looking for some amazing glass, a Gift for that special loved one,or even just looking to support a company that's Hear in the USA Please come take a look at the Glass eye Studio They do Amazing work.  I would love to get some ornaments for my girls for Christmas next year.


  1. We have offered these Sea Globes in our Gallery in Ocean Shores WA since they were introduced and they became one of our best selling gift items almost immediately. The people at Glass Eye are amazing to work with and are on top as far as quality control.