Thursday, December 29, 2011

MeLuna Menstrual Cups

Warning This is a Girly Product so stop hear if you are Guy and squeamish (My Husband said I needed to Put a warning on these Reviews so hear it is)

MeLuna Classic in S,M,L, XL
MeLuna Is a menstrual cup that's made in Germany it is a money saving Eco-Friendly alternative to menstrual pads. They are small cup shaped sanitary product for women They are made from latex, silicone or in case of MeLuna from TPE. MeLeuna comes in four different styles and are also available in four different sizes. Each cup comes with a microfiber storage bag. They also offer hand made storage bags and disinfection cups as well as some other accessories.  Take a look around there site at note there is a drop down menu on the right to change languages. If I converted it right they cost around $17 and they are reusable so one would last you for years to come. 

MeLuna is unique compared to some of the other menstrual cups I have reviewed as they have the Classic which is a firm TPE and the MeLuna Soft which is made from the same TPE but  is about 25% softer than the Classic it does take a tad more practice to place it. They Have Four different styles One with a removal stem,  one with a removal ring one with a removal ball and then they have the basic that has no stem at all so it just has some grip rings around the bottom.  They also come in 4 sizes

Size S: for women under 20 who have not given birth vaginally, small menstruations flow,
Size M: : for women under 20 years – 25years who have not given birth vaginally, middle
menstruations flow,
Size L: for women over 25 or who have given birth vaginally, middle menstruation flow,
Size XL: for women over 30 or who have given birth vaginally, with heavy menstruation flow,
All of the menstrual cups currently available have higher capacity than a regular tampon.
The menstrual cups must be removed before penetrative vaginal sex. They are not contraceptive

Measurements and volume new MeLuna 

size     volume            volume        biggest          length            length           length          length
           to holes            to rim          diameter        BASIC           STEM           Ball              Ring
S           15ml                23ml              38mm             45mm              57mm             53mm          55mm
M          20ml               28ml              41mm              48mm              61 mm            57mm          60mm
L            24ml               34ml              44mm             51mm              66mm             62mm          66mm

XL         30ml                42ml             47mm             56mm               71mm             65mm          69mm

MeLuna Soft in S,M,L,XL
 So now all the facts are out of the way I would like to share my Opinion. I got the opportunity to try the different removal stems this was new for me as the other menstrual cups I have reviewed in the past did not have different stem options so I was excited to try this out. I love the ring style Its easy to grip when remove it but I do have to use a smaller size cup if I have any type of stem or they are just too long. If I use the basic cup which has no stem at all on it I can go with a size larger which is nice on a heavy flow day. All of the MeLuna cups have nice grip rings around the base of the cup for ease of removal they are more pronounced than some of the others that I have tried.

MeLuna is the first menstrual cup that offers a soft menstrual cup and a classic(firmer)menstrual cup. The MeLuna soft is made from TPE and is 25% softer than the Classic I love that MeLuna gives this option. The MeLuna soft is definitely easier to fold and remove and would be great for someone that has an easily irritated bladder, but it can be a bit more tricky to get it to pop open and sit right so someone new to Menstrual cups might need a little more practice. But I think it would be more comfortable for a teen to use but is a little hard to get to pop open. The Classic is definitely firmer and pops open easier but is not as flexible so folding is a little harder and it is not quite as easy to remove but I think it would be great for someone with lower muscle tone.

MeLuna offers 4 sizes Small Medium Large and extra Large most menstrual cups are either one size or they offer two sizes one for younger women who haven't had a baby and a larger size for older women or women who have had a baby. I personally like the Size options. I have had 3 pregnancy's but find the size two cups for women who have had a baby to be too long for me. So I like being able to chose a length that works for my body during that part of my cycle for me a Small with a stem or a medium with out a stem. I would Like to Note that a smaller cup can lead to having to empty it more often as the smaller cups hold less not an issue for me but could be an issue for someone else if you hate emptying it or are unable to empty very often. (see the MeLuna cup capacity chart at the beginning of this post) 

this photo chart from Meluna offers good size comparison
 MeLuna also offers Colored Cups Yes that's right Ladies I said colored. Ok so that might sound stupid but I am In LOVE with the MeLuna colors I want one in every color if I could afford it. I have never reviewed a colored menstrual cup before so I was completely excited they are so beautiful, yes I know no one will ever see it so what does it matter well I know my cup is a great color and it makes my day a little brighter and I see it every time I empty it OK a whopping two times a day but still.  I believe I counted like 10 different colors so there is a color for everyone. They even offer a Glitter. The colors are a little translucent but are vibrant and bright and I can see them staying this way for the life of the cup did I mention that they can last a really long time if taken care of.

Care and cleaning you can get a disinfection cup from MeLuna so you can pop it in the microwave and sterilize it or you can be like me and just clean it with hot water and a mild soap. If anything gets yucky in the vent holes just put water in the cup place your hand flat on top and squeeze the bottom to force clean water out of the holes. Do make sure you allow it to dry well before storing and I would recommend storing it in a cloth bag so that it can get air. MeLuna sells some great looking storage pouches I don't have one so I cant say from experience but they look super cool and I would love to order one.

I received the MeLuna Menstrual cups as a Free sample for this review my opinions are my own.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sea Globe

Glass Eye Studio

I received this beautiful Sea Globe from the Glass Eye Studio In Seattle Washington for this review. All Glass Eye Studio glass contains ash from Mt St Helens. All there Glass products are made Right here in the USA by American glass Blowers that use "century old" glass blowing techniques.All of there Glass is Amazingly beautiful they make a great variety of  items at various prices so there is something for everyone.

I was given the opportunity to review one of the Glass Eye Studio's Sea Globes. It came very well packed the Sea globe was set in a foam container then placed in a bed of packing noodles. It was shipped via UPS and only took a few days to arrive. I have to say customer service is great and very friendly. I had the opportunity to look through their site they carry many amazing glass items and I would have a hard time choosing just one everything is beautiful. 
 Everyone is now trying to figure out what a sea globe is right. Its a Blown glass ball that has sand and sea shells in it, you can gently shake the globe to change the scenery that you see inside the Globe. It looks amazing and My kids are fascinated by it. They can not figure out how they got the sand and shells inside of it I wish we lived close enough so that I could take them to the studio for a tour to see how they are made. Yes you can schedule a tour so anyone close enough to Seattle Washington please do so. My sea globe has a blue swirly background on it how in the world they do it I do not know all I know is it looks amazing when the sun shines on it. The glass is amazingly clear I could not find an air bubble nor can I find a seam if there even is one. I probably went a little over board with the photos on this one but its beautiful and I loved taking pictures of it as much as I love having it sit on my shelf with my sea stuff that my girls collected at the beach.

If your looking for some amazing glass, a Gift for that special loved one,or even just looking to support a company that's Hear in the USA Please come take a look at the Glass eye Studio They do Amazing work.  I would love to get some ornaments for my girls for Christmas next year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eco Cups

I received some samples of the Different Eco Cups available from DCI Product Decor Craft inc. as samples for this review.

my ice experiment
The First cup I am going to talk about is the Eco Cup on Ice because its the cup I am currently drinking out of.  The Eco Cup on Ice is a Cold cup it for Cold Drinks only. It is not dishwasher safe either which is fine with me. This is a acrylic double walled cup with a screw on lid and straw. The cup is double walled so that it keeps your hand and your table dry. The one they sent me is clear with nothing on it. But they do make them with different designs for holidays etc. They are very cute and I wouldn't mind having some with different designs. So i tested the cup out to see if my table would get wet and how long the cup would stay cold for. Now its winter hear in Missouri but the house is about 69 degrease on an average day. I filled the cup about half full of ice and filled it up the rest of the way with water letting the cup sit on the counter it took a little over 2 hours for the Ice to melt completely. The table stayed dry I did not see any condensation on the cup but then again it wasn't a really hot day so I cant say what it would do on a Super hot day or how cold it would stay. the lid fits securely on the cup and the straw is a nice size to drink out of and its completely reusable and eco friendly. I am completely happy with the cup and My mom even wants one now after seeing mine.

The second cup I was sent is the Eco Cup (this is not your paper cup cup) it is a 16oz Re-usable ceramic cup with silicone lid &  sleeve is Dishwasher & Microwave Safe. This cup comes in a variety of colors and prints. You can also get sayings printed on the silicone sleeve. I have a lot of coffee cups I tested this one like I would test any hot cup. I filled it with hot coffee and let it sit to see how long it would stay hot.  It stayed hot for about 30 min and warm for another 15 min or so. Not a super long time no coffee cup does that any way, but I don't take that long to drink a cup of coffee any way. The out side of the cup does get quite hot as its ceramic but the silicone sleeve does a great job of keeping my hand protected. I have never had a soft silicone lid on a coffee cup before so this part was a first for me. Its easy  to get on the cup and the fact that its soft was nice to drink out of  I was quite pleased with it. The printed the printing on the silicone sleeves is nicely done and the color is great. I received one printed cup where the ceramic is actually printed on the coloring is very nice and seems to be holding up well after run through the dishwasher a few times.

I hope you'll visit DCI Crafts inc and Pick up one of there great products.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nametape Bracelets Oorah

I Received this Beautiful Nametape Bracelet Oorah from Danielle this Week she is a Marine wife currently supporting her husband any way she can.  Danielle and 2 other Marine wives got together and started making Nametape Bracelets and she was kind enough to send me one to review. This review is special to me My Husband spent 5 years in the Marines. There will always be a special place in my Heart and Home for Marines.  I love it when I get the Chance to support Marine Wives and there Husbands.

Danielle and 2 fellow Marine wives make these Amazing bracelets out of Nametapes these are 100% hand made by Marine Wives.For those of you that don't know Nametapes are found on military uniforms.  Marines wear two one over each breast pocket. One nametape has the soldiers last name and the other has Marines. Danielle and her fellow Marine wives take these blank name tapes and embroider on them you can do Names or branch of the military they are serving in. Things Like USMC Girlfriend, Marine Wife, there unit etc you can have up to three lines of text on a bracelet. You then have the option of adding charms or a backing to the name tape. She also has name tape color options for the different branches of the military. You can get different sizes bracelets, different fonts, charms ets. They start at $12.00 and go up from there depending on what options you chose. She has lots of great charms to chose from I could see my self ending up with lots of them on my bracelet because I love so many of them. They also offer several different clasp options. Together they make bracelets for just about any cause, key chains & Lanyards, Clothing with nametapes added, bows and headbands, they even do dog collars. Everything is beautifully crafted and carefully made.

I love the bracelet Danielle sent me. It is made from USMC digital Cami (desert) with a Pink backing and two great charms. It has Marines Embroidered on the front. This Nametape Bracelet Oorah defiantly holds up to USMC standards. The stitching is accurate, Neat, clean and straight. The toggle clasp is strong and stays hooked. It fits comfortably and I believe it will last for years to come.   Its a great way to support Our Military, your son, daughter, husband, wife, favorite branch, Veteran.

Show your Support of our Military and there families and order one today at
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All pictures are of the Bracelet Danielle sent me

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Strap-A-Handle The easy Way to Carry More!

I receved two sizes of Strap-A-Handle as a sample for this review

 Strap-A-Handle out of the box
The Strap-A-Handle allows you to carry more. Its a simple strap with a comfortable padded handle attached to one side so that you can wrap the strap around several items clip it together and have a soft comfortable handle to carry it with.  It comes in several sizes the Original which holds up to 50lbs and is 6ft long, the XL which holds up to 50lbs and is 8 feet long, there is the HDV that is 4ft in length and holds up to 75 lbs, then there is the HDV XL that is 7ft long with a 2in strap and holds 75lbs.  Prices range from $10.99 to $14.99 depending which Strap-A-Handle you get. They can be found here at 

I gave the Strap-A-Handle a good try this last week I carried boxes with it, Me and my dad put one on each end of a stack of lumber and carried it out to the shop, I put a bunch of grocery bags on it so I could carry more at one time. I tried it out on boxes etc, Its not complicated to use you run the strap around what ever you want to carry so that the handle is on top it buckle it, then pull the strap to tighten it up as much as you need to keep your item secure. Its a simple design easy to use and a great idea. I wish I had a Strap-A-Handle to haul up grocery bags when we were living on the third floor. The handle is soft and comfortable and contoured EVA foam handle to fit your hand so no painful heavy bags cutting into your hand, No splinters from hauling lumber, no slipping when trying to carry a stack of pipe. What ever you need to carry the Strap-A-Handle will make it easier and more comfortable.
If your looking for a easy comfortable way to carry more get a Strap-A-Handle

BMore sports the makers of Strap-A-Handle has a new product I wanted to mention because I think its cool Its called Make a Ball. You can go to where you can design your own baseball, basketball,football,sockerball, volleyballs, hocky pucks, softballs. You can put just about anything you want on it pick your layout, colors, put a picture, number lettering etc. So come find them at or see them on facebook at 

Make yours today!



This is an example from there site.

Imagine the wonder when a child receives a photo of Santa caught in the act in there very own home. is a website that helps you to create those memorable keepsake photos.

In three simple steps anyone can upload a holiday photo add Santa and poof or share it via Facebook or Twitter.  All you last minute shoppers you can buy last minute gift cards and ecards for loved ones with Kids. makes a great gift idea even if you don't have kids.

Just enter: SANTA50 and get your entire order for 1/2 price!
Merry Christmas.!


Sunday, December 18, 2011


I got the opportunity this week to review the 2011 Eco Buy award winner the KeepCup!

I received this Cup as a free sample for this review thanks KeepCup!

the cool keepcup
we received
The KeepCup is the First Barista standard Reusable Cup it is the number one choice for sustainable coffee consumption. The KeepCup replicates the standard takeaway size cups and will fit under the group heads of most expresso machines so that your coffee can be made right in your KeepCup. I found the cup to be light weight and comfortable to hold. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe. It also fits in my cars cup holder a major plus for on the go.  

You can design your own KeepCup at you start by choosing size the KeepCup comes in Large 16oz, Medium 12oz, Small 8oz, and Extra small 4oz. Then you can pick what color and color combination you want. They have way to many colors and color combos to list they have just about anything you can think of though so I'm sure you will find something you will fall in love with. Prices range from $8.50 for the extra small to $14.20 for the Large.

the twist plug sorry for
the shadow everyone.
My thoughts on the KeepCup.It looks good the colors are nice the shape is comfortable to hold it fit my hand well and the silicone Grip around the middle has your coffee preferences printed on it that you can color in with a sharpie.  The lid is a flexible silicone that has a cool twist plug to close off your cup so you don't spill it all over your self while walking.  The twist plug is easy to turn and works well.  The biggest test for me though is how Hot can it keep my coffee and for how long. It kept my coffee hot for longer than I expected considering its freezing out side and If I had put my coffee in the standard paper cup it would have been cold or Luke warm by the time I got from the coffee shop door to my truck. I would definitely say It kept it hotter longer than the paper cups they give you at a coffee shop. I put coffee in the cup straight from brewing into the cup with the lid on and let it sit on my counter for 2 hours at the 1 hour mark it was still fairly hot. At the 2 hour mark it was Luke warm but still drinkable.  It out did the standard paper cup by about 45min to an hour.  No more poring out cold coffee for me well that was until my toddler stole it from me this week and wont let me use it any more she crys if its dirty and ask me to wash it. The smaller size makes a great kids cup too the hole allows her to sip from it with out spilling down her shirt.

We are Keeping the KeepCup and I now want one in every color.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trident Aegis for Galaxy tab

I received a triednt Case for my Galaxy Tab as a free sample for this review
The Trident Aegis Is for the Samsung Galaxy Tab now this is for the Galaxy Tab with the 7in display this case will NOT fit the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sorry 10.1 owners

The Aegis case Sells for $29.95 on 
This Case is a three part system first you have your protective screen cover next you have the Silicone layer that absorbs impact then the hard polycarbonate shell goes on the outside. It comes in 6 colors Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow.
Out of the Box
The Screen Protector is scratch and smudge resistant. As Far as screen protectors go It does its job and protects the screen I do not notice my toddlers dirty finger marks as much.  There is no noticeable delay in responsiveness either.  I do how ever wish it was a little more Anti Glare But over all I like it and its kept my screen from getting scratched.

Drop Protection on the Aegis is great its got double thick silicone on all four corners and has a great shock absorbing design. My Toddler has dropped it several times since I received this case and It still works great. The Polycarbonate outer shell does a great job of protecting hard impact.                                   

Anti Skid Design Well it works there is just enough of the silicone peaking out from the hard polycarbonate shell to keep it from slipping out of your hand or accost the table. (Ask my four year old who tried it play air hockey with it the other day.) 

My Galaxy in the Aegis Case

The Trident Aegis case does add a little bulk to your Galaxy Tab its not a super slim case, for me the bulk is worth the protection. With two kids who frequently use my Galaxy I want and need crash protection. The screen Procter is well a screen protector your stick it on and pray you don't get any air bubbles, Mine went on Nice tell I tried to get one tiny air bubble out and when I lifted the corner I got like 5 tiny ones which is how it always goes for me when I apply a screen protector.  The Case is some what Hard to get on, ok the silicone skin is easy to get on but the hard polycarbonate shell that goes over the silicone skin is a little tough to get on. You will have to work it on. So its probably kind of hard to get off agian to change the screen protector when you need to but I have not tried it yet. I am glad the case is tight fitting I would not want it to pop off if my toddler happened to drop it down the stairs.   The case looks cool there is just no other way to put it. I received the blue one Its a vibrant color of blue and it makes it easy to spot in the bottom of my purse. The silicone skin is black so that sets off the blue and makes it look even better. The Back of the case has some little holes in looks sort of like a vent I don't know if they really do any thing but they sure do look cool.

Back Of the Aegis Case
The Aegis will still allow you to access all the ports on your Galaxy tab the Jack at the top has a little cover that goes over it to keep out dirt and dust. The Charging port also has a cover over it and it does not really cause any problems with plugging in your Galaxy other than the fact that you have to hold the little silicone cover back while you put the plug in. There is a spot you can open for the micro sd card so that is still accessible with out having to take the case off.  The Power button and the volume controls still function just like they are supposed to even though they are completely covered with the silicone I like this because it keeps my kids sticky fingers away from the actual buttons I don't see any goo getting in my Power button or volume controls. The speakers have little openings so you can still hear sound It sounds the same to me but I'm not a sound expert. There is a little hole for the mic I think it makes your voice sound a tad muffled but its a Hole through silicone and polycarbonate, I think the protection the case offers vs having a better sounding recording is a good trade off.  The camera lens and flash are both uncovered and usable on both the front and back cameras another good thing Trident has going for there galaxy tab case.

I have a hard time finding any fault with the Trident Ageis Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It offers great protection for a good price.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I recieved a Silikids 6oz glass cup with silicone skin as a free sample from SiliKids for this review

SiliKids is this great company that makes severial different Silicone products for kids. Glass cups with silicone skins, silicone skins for baby bottles, bibs, knee pads, and baby food jar skins. Prices range from $6.95 to $25.95 for sets and can be found hear

Web site photo we have the green one.
Silicone is Non toxic hypo allergenic and does not promote the growth of bacteria or fungus. It is also BPA Free and guess what you can Recycle silicone, silicone is durable and has a great life span so you wont have to worry about getting recycling it any time soon but when your SiliKids product finally does need replacing you can send it back to SiliKids and they will recycle it for you.

picture of a Baby Bottle Skin
I got the SiliKids 6oz cup with green skin last week and we have been using it like crazy. The size is perfect for Kids, Its just big enough for my 4 year old but not so big that my 2 year old has trouble using it. The glass is beautiful and clear and very solid Yup its been dropped on the hard wood floor more than once and it held up well the silicone skin absorbs the impact. The Company even states on there site that "We can drop a glass baby bottle from a 4 story building without it breaking! That's why the patent pending Siliskin is the best around! "  Super Cool Right considering kids and babys throw and drop things constantly.  The Skin fits tight to the 6oz cup but I like it that way because it keeps it from slipping off. The Skin has gripper bumps on the sides as well as some decorative holes. It looks "Super Cool" according to my daughter although she wanted purple.  The Gripper bumps work well and keep little hands from sliding around on the cup. I love the soft feel of the Silicone Skin.

Washing is great very easy the skins come off the cup and are Dishwasher and microwave safe. So you can just toss the skin and the glass in the dishwasher and go.

If I had a baby I would be using siliskin baby bottles and considering how durable they are we might even be getting some more SiliKids Cups soon.

Come on over to SiliKids and try one
You can even Like them on facebook.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Zagg Folio Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1

ZAGG Folio for Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

Picture borrowed from the Zagg website

I received a Zagg Folio as a free sample for this review THANKS ZAGG I Love it.

The ZaggFolio for the samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is a thin multi function table folio case that comes complete with a removable bluetooth keyboard and stand. It sells for $99.99 at

A quick note this folio is for the samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 the original galaxy tab is too small and will not fit in it thought it will still connect to the bluetooth keyboard.

My first thoughts were This folio is its sweet Its got a nice sleek design and the case has a cool texture to it. Its got a microfiber lining to prevent your galaxy and keyboard from slipping around and getting scratched up. The folio seems fairly durable and it holds the keyboard securely it does not fall out easily you have to give it a fairly good tug to get it out. My galaxy is too small to fit in the holder on the lid (opps iv got the wrong model I am still in love with the BlueTooth Keyboard) If the fit of the keyboard is any indication the galaxy tab 10.1 will fit just as securely.

Picture is from the Zagg website
showes use fo keyboard with out
Charging the Keyboard is easy it comes with a usb cord and you plug the keyboard into any computer with a usb port and allow the built in battery to charge It does not take long to charge and it could be weeks before you have to charge it again.  Connecting the bluetooth keyboard to your galaxy Tab 10.1 is easy you turn on the bluetooth feature and locate devise ( with the keyboard on of course) the keyboard also has a connect button that you press to connect it to your galaxy tab 10.1.  The Blue tooth keyboard functions like a standard keyboard would its got sound volume, brightness, enter, shift etc. the size is nice a bit smaller than my laptop keyboard I would say its about the size as some of the netbook keyboards that iv seen. Its comfortable to type on I have typed this review on it with out much trouble.

I think this is a great gadget for anyone who's on the Go a lot and needs to send emails and things from there galaxy tab. Or just for people like me who hates the virtual keyboard on the galaxy tab 10.1.

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Friday, December 9, 2011


First off I want to say that I received this Soda Stream as a free sample to review from Chelsea at soda stream thanks a bunch Chelsea. You can check out there site hear

this is the soda stream I received
 yes that's a half gone bottle of cranberry raspberry soda

So everyone wants to know what a Soda Stream is well its a machine that allows you to make soda at home in your own kitchen. Yes I know sweet right. Ok so the machines start out at 79.99 to 199.95 it depends on which model you get some are a little fancier than others and they have gas gauge and a fizz strength gauge I thin I would like this feature as I could get the same exact amount of fizz every time and I would not have to guess how much was left in the carbonator,  The model I received is nice and looks cool on my kitchen counter but does not have the gauges on it. The SodaMix flavors range from $4.99 a bottle to $9.99 a bottle. Each bottle of  SodaMix flavor makes about 12 liters of soda or 33 cans regular cans of soda I believe they have over 30 flavors. they also have sparkling water flavors and several different tea flavors. There is a new Sparkling Naturals that has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives. Last but not least they even have energy drinks both a regular and a diet. The Carbonator we received Carbonates up to 130 liters of water and cost about $29.99 to have it refilled. You can either take it to a exchange location or you can order one on line and ship the empty back to them. All in all it comes out to be about 25 cents per can of soda. Its always fresh and you never have a waisted bottle of soda sitting in the fridge.

the Carbonator attached
to the soda stream
SodaStream is super easy to use I set it up in about 5 minutes and this counts the kids running all over and yelling we want to try it we want to try it. So you basically screw the carbonator bottle into the back of the soda stream machine then you fill the special 1 liter bottle they give you with cold water (it recommends chilling the water first so you have cold soda but we have a sweet water well and its super cold so I skipped that step because the kids were jumping up and down at this point) and you screw it into the front of the machine with my model its a tad tricky to get it started but its not all that bad just takes a time or two to get the hang of it. once the 1 liter is firmly screwed into the front you press the button on the top of the SodaStream it recommends three presses but we used two because well I found it was fizzy enough with just 2. When you press the button it makes sorta a funky buzz sound that's how you know to release it you kinda have to press hard. After you put in the amount of fizz you want you take off the 1 liter bottle then you put in the amount of sodamix I used the sample packs first because well it was already measured for me once again the kids were jumping up and down so I didn't want to measure it. we tired the Root Beer flavor first. So you slowly let the sodamix run into the bottle put the provided cap on and gently mix the sodamix in with the carbonated water. And Guess what YOU GET SODA. How sweet is that right I just made a fountain soda in my kitchen with 6 kids jumping up and down yelling I want to try it first.

A side view
 I we tried all of the flavors that came with out soda stream and I liked them all. My dad loved the orange he said it tasted like the old fashioned orange knee-high soda he used to drink back in high school. Needless to say he is in love. The kids likes all the flavors they tried they each had there favorites of course but none of them complained about any of them. My mom is a diabetic and she thought the diet cola was great she said it was better than a lot of the other diet sodas she has tried. She is looking forward to trying some of the other diet flavors. Now I'm not a sparkling water fan but my mom thought it was good and enjoyed having flavored water that did not have sugar in it. A bottle of soda can sit in the fridge for about 2-3 days before it louses its fuzz that cap really seals good.

Cleaning is simple which I love because I hate cleaning. the only real cleaning you have to do is to wash out the 1 liter bottle after you finish off the soda that's in it. You can wash it out with a mild soap and warm water and allow it to air dry. they do offer a dishwasher safe bottle that you can buy. But to be honest I don't mind washing it by hand.

My family's Opinion of the SodaStream

SodaStream ROCKS!

now if that doesn't say it all.

Now come get your SodaStream at
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ECO Vessel

Left Eco Vessel Insulated Kids Cup
Right Aqua Vessel Insulated filtration bottle

I received two Eco Vessel cups as samples for this review.

The first Eco Vessel cup is a Kids Insulated Steel Bottle with a Straw top it holds about 13oz. The color of the one we received is called Blue Glow its available in several colors and some even have designs on them.  They sell for $19.95 at they are 100% recyclable they are BPA free and made from High quality 18/8 stainless steel and they are designed to keep your drink cold.

This is a great bottle I love the shape of the bottle its got a curvy design so that its easy for little hands to hold. It is labeled for ages 4+ but my two year old uses it. She has a little trouble flipping the spout open because its a little stiff but that's OK. The lid also has handle on it so its easy to carry around. It is sturdy feeling bottle the stainless steel is not flimsy feeling so it is quality made.  Both of my girls love to drink out of it and often argue who gets to use it.  It is not a spill proof bottles so it will leak some if you dump it upside down I don't mind that its not spill proof as my girls are old enough not to turn it upside down. You can not remove the spout on the Eco Vessel kids insulated cup because it could become a choking hazard for small kids. So if your little one bites the spout a lot you might have to buy a new lid for it but they are only $4.95 so its not a huge cost to replace it if  it did become damaged.
It is a good insulated bottle I did not get to test during a Hot Missouri Summer but I did put some ice water in it and it defiantly kept it cool for a long period of time.

Aqua Vessel Insulated Filtration bottle Filter
when attached to lid

The Second Bottle we received from Eco Vessel was a 17oz aqua vessel Insulated Filter Water bottle you can find them hear they sell for $34.95. Ok I know your thinking $34.95 for a water bottle but this thing rocks. If your a hiker or someone who lives in the city with funky tasting water this is worth the $34.95. It has a filter built in well it attaches to the straw at the bottom so you always have clean filtered water to drink. The Bottle is designed much like the kids insulated bottle same high quality stainless steel except its bigger of course and the spout is detachable so it can be replaced and it has this great filter. The filter will filter over 100 gallons of water that's more than 700 refills. Its made from a sustainable plant based filter its been tested and certified to remove more than 99.9% of Giardia and cryptosporidum. Its made with activated coconut shell carbon that reduces toxic chemicals like DDT, MTBE,arsenic, heavy metals like lead mercury, copper, chromium6 and aluminum, it will also remove microscopic pathogens, chlorine, sediment, and dirt.  It also has Miraguard antimicrobial technology to suppress the growth of bacteria algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media.  Miraguard does not protect users against food borne or disease causing bacteria,viruses, germs or other disease causing organisms. A replacement filter will run you $15.95 it will filter more than a 100 Gal of water and you can get them on under accessories.
This little filter will filter over 100 Gal of water

I love the filter bottle its easy to use assembling is quick you just stick the filter on the bottom of the silicone straw and put the other end of the straw on to the lid. You also have the option of using a ridged straw which it comes with if you do not wish to use the filter. As far as the filter goes it does give you clean tasting water I took it to the local park and used some of there chlorinated water in it and it came out fresh and clean tasting I did not notice any chlorine taste. Its easy to drink from its not hard to pull water through the filter for some reason I was expecting it to take a lot to get the water through the filter but to me it was just like drinking from a regular straw. I love the colors they are vibrant and beautiful.

Both bottles are easy to clean simply just wash with warm soapy water and allow to air dry. The filter in the filter bottle should be rinsed with water and allowed to air dry when your not using it.

We loved the Eco Vessel bottles and had a great time testing them out you can follow eco vessel on twitter at!/ECOVESSEL

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Eco glass straws

I received these beautiful Eco Glass Straws as a sample from Craig for this review Craig and His wife have been creating Beautiful Hand blown glass straws for over 5 years and have been in the Glass industry for over 20 years. You can find there Eco Glass Straws at They not only make beautiful hand blown glass straws but they make wine glasses wine stoppers and other Items. You can find them on

Eco Straw Prices range from $5.95 to $7.95 depending on the length of straw you order.

Eco Glass Straws are made from high quality glass that is dishwasher safe and they are Eco friendly and can be used over and over again.

I  Love that Eco Glass Straws are made In Hood River, Organ and yes you guess right that's another Made the USA Product.  I have found a love for hand blown glass I find the colors to be beautiful and vibrant. I received several different diameters and lengths of Eco Glass Straws. Some of them were Even colored. I found the Different lengths to be really useful for all the crazy sizes of cups we have. There seemed to be a perfect size of straw for every glass we have I loved that there was No crazy long straw sticking up for my toddler to have trouble with. No super short straw to fish out of the bottom of my sweet tea glass. I absolutely Love the colored straws the colored glass is beautiful and richly colored I am amazed at how even and consistent the color is over the entire straw. You can order bent straw for those of you that like a bendy straw I found the bent straws to be bent just enough to be comfortable to drink out of. There is also a Eco glass Straw with a double bump at the top It gives the straw a unique look that I found to be beautiful. You can also order custom Eco Glass Straws with your own logo imprinted on them.

A Picture of the double Bump straw
Beautiful Colors
As hard as I tried I just could not find fault with Eco Glass Straws. They are simply beautiful Quality made glass straws that I my self would buy in a heart beat. Since we couldn't find any cons to Eco Glass Straws I decided to add some things we would love to see in the future. I would love to see a swirly blue and clear glass straw. My husband would love to see a smaller diameter straw for sipping and My eldest daughter would love to try a twisty straw or dizzy straw as she says as these are her favorite plastic straw but I don't buy plastic straws all that often because I hate throwing away money and often the chemicals used to make them just are not good for our kids.  My dad would love to see something that resembled flames I'm not sure if any of these Ideas are possible but we wanted to throw them out there to Craig and His wife at  ECO Glass Straws

Did I mention Eco Glass Straws would make amazing Christmas gifts.