Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yummi Pouch

A few years a go a company came out with pouches filled with apple sauce and other blends that your kids could eat right out of the pouch no spoon required. If you are a parent you have probably fed one to your kid at some time or another. Both of my girls loved them and I found them to be very handy. That is in tell the girls got big and wanted to eat two or three at a time and I realized they were just too expensive for big kids to eat. I always loved the idea though and kept thinking someone needs to make refillable reusable pouches.  Well someone finally did they are called Yummi Pouch you can find them HERE . They come in sets of different sizes and price ranges from $8.99 to $35.00 depending on how big the set is and the size of the pouches. Pouches come in three sizes 2.5 oz, 6 oz  and 10 oz.  They come in white and blue are the solid colors they carry and then they have a set of pouches with patterns on them that are different colors.  Check out the pictures to see what they look like. Yummi Pouch are both BPA and PVC free. The best part they are completely reusable. We received a couple pouches in the different sizes and colors to test out.

First up ease of use they are very simple to use put the cap on the
pouch open the zippered end and pore in what ever puree your kids like and zip it shut just like a ziplock bag. We used apple sauce for our test just because that's what the girls wanted. I used a small funnel which worked well or you can spoon it in which worked equally well.  I found filling easy I did need to rinse off the zipper end of the pouch after I closed it as I tend to dribble a little but its was not a big deal. After I fill them I keep them in the fridge for the kids to grab as a snack or for use to take to the park.  You can also pop them in the freezer for a cold snack or to pack in a lunch box. To eat them you simply twist off the cap and suck or squeeze it into your mouth. They also have a spoon attachment that you can buy if you prefer it. My kids just like sucking it right out of the pouch.

I found washing to be easy they are dish washer safe just rinse with warm water expand and put them up side down in the dishwasher so the zipper part is facing down. I wash mine by hand because well we don't have a dishwasher at the moment.  I toss them in a sink of hot soapy water with the caps off and swish them around this usually gets them clean. Some times the zipper will get a little yuckie but i found a small brush like you would use on a baby bottle nipple works well to clean the zipper. It also fits in the spout nicely.

I was a little worried about the zipper popping open when the girls squeezed them because lets face it they get a little rough some times. So far we have never had one come open I even gave one to my two year old niece just to see if she could pop it open.  We found them to be tough pouches and I think they will last a long time. We have taken them every where to the park, on walks, in our back packs. Yummi Pouch has become our go to snack when we are out and about. I am truly happy with them in every way. I think I will get a couple of the pouch covers to help keep our Yummi Pouches cool this summer.

Disclosure I received this product free of charge so that my family could test them out and tell you what we thought. I did not receive any money for this review all opinions are mine or that of my kids.  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Time with Grandma Bible Storybook

Reading is a huge part of our day. Me and the girls read anything and everything we can get our hands on. Our new favorite is called My Time with Grandma bible Storybook we have read it over and over and we never tire of it. Its a cute little hardback story book that is designed for grand parents to share with there grandchildren. To help them celebrate God's Love through easy to understand bible stories. Each story in the book includes a sweet love note from grandma and simple bible verses that kids can
memorize easily.  The Stories are just short enough to keep there attention but have enough information so that they are able to understand the scripture. Under the title of each story it gives a scripture verse which HotRod Princess loves because she can look it up in her bible.  The illustrations are so cute and beautifully done Snoopy loves to stop and talk about each picture and what is happening in it after we have read the short story.  Personally I enjoy the love notes that you find at the bottom of each page. There is a love note from grandma and one from God. They are both beautiful and give wonderful advice and inspiration.  It sells for $14.99 and can be found at several places. Click HERE for one of tyndale partner websites. I have ordered from them several times and have always received great customer service from them.

Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from tyndale to do this review. All opinions are my own or that of my children. All photographs in this post are my own and may not be copied.