Wednesday, April 22, 2020

I am learning how to do screen printing. This is so much fun! I bought a 110 screen on amazon along with some ink and a squeegee. I used my cricut to make the stencil for the screen and bam this is my first attempt. I can’t wait to do my next shirt !

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

So these are the three things that occurred in my house this week. Not necessarily in this order. First I’m learning how to screen print using my circuit, vinyl, a screen printing screen a squeegee and some ink. See the snoopy and the America Strong images. For a first go at it I think they came out great. This weekend I’m going to dive into a complicated multi layer image wish me luck. I’m hoping to nab some photos of the project as I move through the steps. That middle picture is of my lunch a western bacon cheese burger. We were forced to venture out for a optometrist appt today for Nana. Up until today no one but me had been off our property for three weeks. The Boss Man aka popa stayed home with the girls and I made the trip with mom so fewer of us were out and about. On the way back genius me scheduled a pick up order at Menards and I babes my self a brand spanking new water heater. See future post for the install. What’s everyone else been up to during this COVID19 social distancing thing.

Home School in the Woods Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in
exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We are trying out Home School in the Woods from This is a hands on learning experience type of product and we are using one of there products from the Time Travelers U.S. History Studies for grades 3-8. We were given the World War II study from this set to try out. This study contains 25 lessons that you can spread out over 5-10 weeks. It covers a decade of changes in American history at we enter World War II. Some of the topics covered in this study are The Rise of Hitler, Italian/German/Japanese occupations, battlers between the Axis and Allies, the Holocaust, the American Homefront, Victory over Japan day and Victory in Europe Day, as well as some of the events that happened immediately after the war. 

The girls have been reading a little about WWII after watching a movie about Midway. I thought this study from Home School in the Woods would be a great way to start learning about what happened and why America got involved in WWII. This is a printable/downloadable product so be ready to use up some paper and some ink. Some items you will need that we did not have on hand were transparency sheets and file folders. You will also need glue, scissors, markers or something to color with. 

It comes with a lesson plan or schedule which I love because I don't have to figure out what to do when.  I chose to print everything organize it and put it all in a binder. Make sure you turn off two sided printing for this because some things may need to be cut out and then your missing half the information that was on the other side. We learned this lesson the hard way. Because of the grade range on this product the girls were able to do this study together. I believe this product was originally designed so that you child is making a lapbook with file folders. How ever we modified and put everything in a small binder because we didn't have any file folders. 

I have included some pictures of a few of the activities and projects we did in this lesson. Over all I was impressed with the amount of information this lesson gives your child. I think its designed in a way that is easy for a student in this age range to understand. How ever if you child doesn't like to color or cut and glue this might be a little much for them. The girls did good with coloring the different activities but they quickly got over having to cut so much out after just a few projects. I ended up having to help them cut out a number of the activities. They enjoyed the language bingo game and we have played it a few times now.  Penmanship is also covered in many of the lessons and the girls really enjoyed the penmanship lessons. I loved the choice of quotes they used for the penmanship lessons. Some of the quotes are from General Eisenhower, Adolf Hitler, LT. General Lewis Chesty Puller, Captain Henry P. Jim Crowe, Anne Frank. Your child has the option of tracing the dashed lines of the quote or writing it free hand. 

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