Thursday, September 19, 2019

Check her out!!! (the board is 1/2in thick the equivalent of breaking human ribs.) #IamaWarrior 

Break Boards

Most little girls ask for dolls or games dresses etc. My little girls how ever ask for break boards. These nifty plastic foam padded board are used for martial arts training. Basically it replicates a set of human ribs. There are different colors, each color takes a different amount of force to break, representing the amount of force it takes to break different bones in the human body. Instructors use them to teach students how to follow through with a punch or kick. It teaches them how much force they need to use to be able to effectively protect them selves. You would be amazed at how much confidence a student builds when they learn to break one of these re usable practice boards. This nifty little reusable board cost around $35.

In our association when kids turn 15 they can begin participating in board breaking during tournaments. 

Disclaimer: Board Breaking takes a lot of training and should always be supervised by a qualified instructor.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Weekend Finds

 I found these little gems today while I was at hobby lobby with the girls. I have been looking for knobs for the medicine cabinet and linen cabinet that I am making for my remodel project. They look amazing on the windows and I can’t wait to get the cabinets finished. I also scored the liner for the medicine cabinet and the feet for the linen cabinet along with hinges.  I can’t wait to finish them.
I received several of these squalor mason jars from a neighbor and last week I finally figured out what I want to do with them. Tooth brush and makeup brush holders for me and the girls. They are rustic and unique and I think they will be perfect with my window cabinets.