About Me

My name is Julie I am a mommy blogger, and a photographer. But most of all I am just a hot mess. I am raising 2 girls on my own. My girls call me Super Mom. I'd like to say I am one of those super mom's that's got it all together. You know the mom that never leave the house with out makeup and perfect nails. The mom that never forgets the snacks or the extra diapers. The mom that always has a project planed and can throw a flawless birthday party. I always dreamed of being that kind of mom. Truth be told I am far from super mom.  I forget the snacks some times, my hair is always a mess my nails... well lets not talk about those. Some times my kids run amuck. We jump in mud puddles in the middle of the Walmart parking lot just because we can. Life is crazy like that and its fun.  I wouldn't have it any other way. These are my two girls done let these sweet pictures fool you they are a hand full and a half.

Snoopy is 6 and is in first grade. She is an outgoing little girl who love's exploring everything. She spends her morning's learning with mom and her afternoons trying to catch the Red Barron with her toy plane.

The HotRod Princess is 8 and is in third grade. She loves Curvy HotRods and working with her pop when ever she can weasel her way into the shop with us.