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First off I want to say that I received this Soda Stream as a free sample to review from Chelsea at soda stream thanks a bunch Chelsea. You can check out there site hear

this is the soda stream I received
 yes that's a half gone bottle of cranberry raspberry soda

So everyone wants to know what a Soda Stream is well its a machine that allows you to make soda at home in your own kitchen. Yes I know sweet right. Ok so the machines start out at 79.99 to 199.95 it depends on which model you get some are a little fancier than others and they have gas gauge and a fizz strength gauge I thin I would like this feature as I could get the same exact amount of fizz every time and I would not have to guess how much was left in the carbonator,  The model I received is nice and looks cool on my kitchen counter but does not have the gauges on it. The SodaMix flavors range from $4.99 a bottle to $9.99 a bottle. Each bottle of  SodaMix flavor makes about 12 liters of soda or 33 cans regular cans of soda I believe they have over 30 flavors. they also have sparkling water flavors and several different tea flavors. There is a new Sparkling Naturals that has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives. Last but not least they even have energy drinks both a regular and a diet. The Carbonator we received Carbonates up to 130 liters of water and cost about $29.99 to have it refilled. You can either take it to a exchange location or you can order one on line and ship the empty back to them. All in all it comes out to be about 25 cents per can of soda. Its always fresh and you never have a waisted bottle of soda sitting in the fridge.

the Carbonator attached
to the soda stream
SodaStream is super easy to use I set it up in about 5 minutes and this counts the kids running all over and yelling we want to try it we want to try it. So you basically screw the carbonator bottle into the back of the soda stream machine then you fill the special 1 liter bottle they give you with cold water (it recommends chilling the water first so you have cold soda but we have a sweet water well and its super cold so I skipped that step because the kids were jumping up and down at this point) and you screw it into the front of the machine with my model its a tad tricky to get it started but its not all that bad just takes a time or two to get the hang of it. once the 1 liter is firmly screwed into the front you press the button on the top of the SodaStream it recommends three presses but we used two because well I found it was fizzy enough with just 2. When you press the button it makes sorta a funky buzz sound that's how you know to release it you kinda have to press hard. After you put in the amount of fizz you want you take off the 1 liter bottle then you put in the amount of sodamix I used the sample packs first because well it was already measured for me once again the kids were jumping up and down so I didn't want to measure it. we tired the Root Beer flavor first. So you slowly let the sodamix run into the bottle put the provided cap on and gently mix the sodamix in with the carbonated water. And Guess what YOU GET SODA. How sweet is that right I just made a fountain soda in my kitchen with 6 kids jumping up and down yelling I want to try it first.

A side view
 I we tried all of the flavors that came with out soda stream and I liked them all. My dad loved the orange he said it tasted like the old fashioned orange knee-high soda he used to drink back in high school. Needless to say he is in love. The kids likes all the flavors they tried they each had there favorites of course but none of them complained about any of them. My mom is a diabetic and she thought the diet cola was great she said it was better than a lot of the other diet sodas she has tried. She is looking forward to trying some of the other diet flavors. Now I'm not a sparkling water fan but my mom thought it was good and enjoyed having flavored water that did not have sugar in it. A bottle of soda can sit in the fridge for about 2-3 days before it louses its fuzz that cap really seals good.

Cleaning is simple which I love because I hate cleaning. the only real cleaning you have to do is to wash out the 1 liter bottle after you finish off the soda that's in it. You can wash it out with a mild soap and warm water and allow it to air dry. they do offer a dishwasher safe bottle that you can buy. But to be honest I don't mind washing it by hand.

My family's Opinion of the SodaStream

SodaStream ROCKS!

now if that doesn't say it all.

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