Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Strap-A-Handle The easy Way to Carry More!

I receved two sizes of Strap-A-Handle as a sample for this review

 Strap-A-Handle out of the box
The Strap-A-Handle allows you to carry more. Its a simple strap with a comfortable padded handle attached to one side so that you can wrap the strap around several items clip it together and have a soft comfortable handle to carry it with.  It comes in several sizes the Original which holds up to 50lbs and is 6ft long, the XL which holds up to 50lbs and is 8 feet long, there is the HDV that is 4ft in length and holds up to 75 lbs, then there is the HDV XL that is 7ft long with a 2in strap and holds 75lbs.  Prices range from $10.99 to $14.99 depending which Strap-A-Handle you get. They can be found here at 

I gave the Strap-A-Handle a good try this last week I carried boxes with it, Me and my dad put one on each end of a stack of lumber and carried it out to the shop, I put a bunch of grocery bags on it so I could carry more at one time. I tried it out on boxes etc, Its not complicated to use you run the strap around what ever you want to carry so that the handle is on top it buckle it, then pull the strap to tighten it up as much as you need to keep your item secure. Its a simple design easy to use and a great idea. I wish I had a Strap-A-Handle to haul up grocery bags when we were living on the third floor. The handle is soft and comfortable and contoured EVA foam handle to fit your hand so no painful heavy bags cutting into your hand, No splinters from hauling lumber, no slipping when trying to carry a stack of pipe. What ever you need to carry the Strap-A-Handle will make it easier and more comfortable.
If your looking for a easy comfortable way to carry more get a Strap-A-Handle

BMore sports the makers of Strap-A-Handle has a new product I wanted to mention because I think its cool Its called Make a Ball. You can go to where you can design your own baseball, basketball,football,sockerball, volleyballs, hocky pucks, softballs. You can put just about anything you want on it pick your layout, colors, put a picture, number lettering etc. So come find them at or see them on facebook at 

Make yours today!


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