Sunday, December 18, 2011


I got the opportunity this week to review the 2011 Eco Buy award winner the KeepCup!

I received this Cup as a free sample for this review thanks KeepCup!

the cool keepcup
we received
The KeepCup is the First Barista standard Reusable Cup it is the number one choice for sustainable coffee consumption. The KeepCup replicates the standard takeaway size cups and will fit under the group heads of most expresso machines so that your coffee can be made right in your KeepCup. I found the cup to be light weight and comfortable to hold. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe. It also fits in my cars cup holder a major plus for on the go.  

You can design your own KeepCup at you start by choosing size the KeepCup comes in Large 16oz, Medium 12oz, Small 8oz, and Extra small 4oz. Then you can pick what color and color combination you want. They have way to many colors and color combos to list they have just about anything you can think of though so I'm sure you will find something you will fall in love with. Prices range from $8.50 for the extra small to $14.20 for the Large.

the twist plug sorry for
the shadow everyone.
My thoughts on the KeepCup.It looks good the colors are nice the shape is comfortable to hold it fit my hand well and the silicone Grip around the middle has your coffee preferences printed on it that you can color in with a sharpie.  The lid is a flexible silicone that has a cool twist plug to close off your cup so you don't spill it all over your self while walking.  The twist plug is easy to turn and works well.  The biggest test for me though is how Hot can it keep my coffee and for how long. It kept my coffee hot for longer than I expected considering its freezing out side and If I had put my coffee in the standard paper cup it would have been cold or Luke warm by the time I got from the coffee shop door to my truck. I would definitely say It kept it hotter longer than the paper cups they give you at a coffee shop. I put coffee in the cup straight from brewing into the cup with the lid on and let it sit on my counter for 2 hours at the 1 hour mark it was still fairly hot. At the 2 hour mark it was Luke warm but still drinkable.  It out did the standard paper cup by about 45min to an hour.  No more poring out cold coffee for me well that was until my toddler stole it from me this week and wont let me use it any more she crys if its dirty and ask me to wash it. The smaller size makes a great kids cup too the hole allows her to sip from it with out spilling down her shirt.

We are Keeping the KeepCup and I now want one in every color.

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