Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ECO Vessel

Left Eco Vessel Insulated Kids Cup
Right Aqua Vessel Insulated filtration bottle

I received two Eco Vessel cups as samples for this review.

The first Eco Vessel cup is a Kids Insulated Steel Bottle with a Straw top it holds about 13oz. The color of the one we received is called Blue Glow its available in several colors and some even have designs on them.  They sell for $19.95 at they are 100% recyclable they are BPA free and made from High quality 18/8 stainless steel and they are designed to keep your drink cold.

This is a great bottle I love the shape of the bottle its got a curvy design so that its easy for little hands to hold. It is labeled for ages 4+ but my two year old uses it. She has a little trouble flipping the spout open because its a little stiff but that's OK. The lid also has handle on it so its easy to carry around. It is sturdy feeling bottle the stainless steel is not flimsy feeling so it is quality made.  Both of my girls love to drink out of it and often argue who gets to use it.  It is not a spill proof bottles so it will leak some if you dump it upside down I don't mind that its not spill proof as my girls are old enough not to turn it upside down. You can not remove the spout on the Eco Vessel kids insulated cup because it could become a choking hazard for small kids. So if your little one bites the spout a lot you might have to buy a new lid for it but they are only $4.95 so its not a huge cost to replace it if  it did become damaged.
It is a good insulated bottle I did not get to test during a Hot Missouri Summer but I did put some ice water in it and it defiantly kept it cool for a long period of time.

Aqua Vessel Insulated Filtration bottle Filter
when attached to lid

The Second Bottle we received from Eco Vessel was a 17oz aqua vessel Insulated Filter Water bottle you can find them hear they sell for $34.95. Ok I know your thinking $34.95 for a water bottle but this thing rocks. If your a hiker or someone who lives in the city with funky tasting water this is worth the $34.95. It has a filter built in well it attaches to the straw at the bottom so you always have clean filtered water to drink. The Bottle is designed much like the kids insulated bottle same high quality stainless steel except its bigger of course and the spout is detachable so it can be replaced and it has this great filter. The filter will filter over 100 gallons of water that's more than 700 refills. Its made from a sustainable plant based filter its been tested and certified to remove more than 99.9% of Giardia and cryptosporidum. Its made with activated coconut shell carbon that reduces toxic chemicals like DDT, MTBE,arsenic, heavy metals like lead mercury, copper, chromium6 and aluminum, it will also remove microscopic pathogens, chlorine, sediment, and dirt.  It also has Miraguard antimicrobial technology to suppress the growth of bacteria algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media.  Miraguard does not protect users against food borne or disease causing bacteria,viruses, germs or other disease causing organisms. A replacement filter will run you $15.95 it will filter more than a 100 Gal of water and you can get them on under accessories.
This little filter will filter over 100 Gal of water

I love the filter bottle its easy to use assembling is quick you just stick the filter on the bottom of the silicone straw and put the other end of the straw on to the lid. You also have the option of using a ridged straw which it comes with if you do not wish to use the filter. As far as the filter goes it does give you clean tasting water I took it to the local park and used some of there chlorinated water in it and it came out fresh and clean tasting I did not notice any chlorine taste. Its easy to drink from its not hard to pull water through the filter for some reason I was expecting it to take a lot to get the water through the filter but to me it was just like drinking from a regular straw. I love the colors they are vibrant and beautiful.

Both bottles are easy to clean simply just wash with warm soapy water and allow to air dry. The filter in the filter bottle should be rinsed with water and allowed to air dry when your not using it.

We loved the Eco Vessel bottles and had a great time testing them out you can follow eco vessel on twitter at!/ECOVESSEL

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