Monday, March 12, 2012

Liquid Solution

 Drinkware for Life’s Journey

I received the Majes-Tea from Liquid Solution as a free sample for this review. The Majes-Tea is a Tea Brewing System. It sells for about $14.99 at

The Majes-Tea allows you to put your tea in a little basket on the top of the bottle Fill it with your hot water screw on the lid and it will brew your tea right in the bottle. its very simple to use even my grandma can do it. Its 100% BPA free and the bottle is insulated so your tea stays Hot or cold.

 I wanted to give the the Majes-Tea a try as soon as it arrived. I tested it out making green tea because that's what I had in the cabinet at the time. I put my tea in the little basket put the basket in the bottle leaving the little handle up so i could remove it when my tea was done. I heated some water in the microwave and pored it in the bottle right over the tea bag filling the bottle so the basket was about half way submerged. I then put the lid on it and promptly forgot about it as usual I got busy being Momma and didn't get the chance to stop and think about my tea for the next hour. When I finally remembered I went to check on it my tea was still HOT and I don't mean Luke warm either. It was the perfect drinking temperature. I removed the basket and put the Lid back on its got a great flip top that snaps closed to keep your tea from spilling in the car or while your kids are running in between your legs as you try to walk through the living room with tea in hand. My tea tasted good and brewed nicely. I am very happy with the Majes-Tea Brewing System from Liquid Solution.

They also make other great drinkware for coffee and even cool fold able water pouches. All of which you can find hear at

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