Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kidz Gear

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As a parent I am tired of buying products for my kids that are poorly manufactured. I don't want to spend money on a product that for my daughters that is going to break in a week. I am fed up with the bad quality of Kids products on the market today. So I went on a search to find some products that were made with the Quality that I expect. This search lead me to Kidz Gear.

"Kidz Gear is about delivering a line of products and accessories with adult product features, performance and quality levels, but available at a price-point in-line with products for children."

my 2yr old rockin out with her Kidz Gear headphones
This Company founded by a fellow mom who was fed up with poorly manufactured kids products so she started Kidz Gear and I recently got the chance to Review some of her products. Kidz Gear makes volume limiting headphones for kids they are Grown-Up Performance built for Kids.

I received several Items from Kidz Gear. A pair of  Kidz Gear Award winning wired Headphones for kids price $17.99, a pair of their wireless IR car headphones for kids price $24.99, and there new headphones that include an In line Remote/Mic Audio Control price $29.99. I also received a volume limit cable control that allows me to control the volume on any stereo Headphones price $5.99.  A 3.5 mm stereo headphone splitter cable price free with specified purchase. They were also kind enough to send me there carry bags for the headphones price $5.99.  They also have IR Wireless Transmitter that you can buy to use in your home it sells for $14.99 I did not review this item though. The company also offers a couple of great bundle deals for families with more than one Child or a family that just needs more than one pair of Headphones. Everything can be found hear at

My Four year old
Since these are made for kids I took a little more time to really test them out. I wanted to see how they would hold up over a longer period of time with my 2 and 4 year olds. I was not actually able to use wireless IR Headphones because our current car does not have the IR Feature but the quality of the Headphones looks to be the same as the others that we did try and use. We use both the wired Headphones and there New In line Remote/Mic Audio control headphones with my Galaxy tab and the girls InnoTabs.

My favorite part of the Kidz Gear headphones is that they are volume limiting so they can only be turned up to a safe level.  This feature reduces the risk of your child doing damage to there hearing by listening to movies or music too loud. This was one of the main features that drew me to the Kidz Gear Head phones. The second thing I liked the most is that they Look and fit and performed like adult headphones but in Kids Size. They fit both my 4 year old and 2 year old. The fit is amazing and the sounds quality is great its crystal clear. My girls love them because they look Just like the ones Daddy uses to play guitar. Kidz Gear Headphones are easy to use they have adjustable sides that slide up and down and stay at the size you set them at. The Ear part is nicely padded and both of the girls say they are comfortable. I found both pairs to be quite durable. My 2 year old had dropped them I don't know how many times. She even leaned back against them once when they were in her car seat and she climbed in on her own. We recently went on a 2 hour car trip and they used them the hole way. I was excited not to have to hear Happy feet and e books the entire way.  The only Issue I came accost is that one pair of headphones had a smaller Jack on it than the other pair did and it would not fit my galaxy tab. The Issue was easily fixed with a adapter so it wasn't a big deal. The headphones with the In line remote/mic has a different type of volume control than the Award winning wired headphones. It is more of a button type of control that has a mic in it. Where as the Award Winning Wired headphones has a little wheel that you role to turn the volume up or down. I did not have an apple product to test the mic with and I'm going to be honest I couldn't figure out how to get it to work with my galaxy tab so I cant say if that feature it works  with the Android system.

The Kidz Gear makes a carry bag for there headphones. When I saw it online and that it was only $5.99 I thought to my self this thing is going to come apart in a week. Ok I'm a big girl I can admit when I am totally wrong. This Carry bag rocks its got a easy to pull draw string that my girls can open and close easily.I was not expecting it to be lined with a super soft material. All of the Headphones fit in easily with plenty of wiggle room. Its sturdy too the stitching is great and it has held up well for us. An let me tell you my girls have really used this bag. 

The last item in my goody bag from Kidz gear is a volume limit cable control that allows me to control the volume on any stereo Headphones price $5.99.  A 3.5 mm stereo headphone splitter cable. So I tested the Volume Limit cable on a pair of  old ear buds with my daughters innotab and they work wonderfully. It only allowed the music to get so loud. I also tested out the splitter cable with two pairs of the Kidz Gear headphones and my laptop. Ok it was great they could both watch a movie and I did not have to listen to it. Silence is bliss.... 

We love our Kidz Gear !
"I recieved all products mentioned in this review as free samples to review.  No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience."

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