Sunday, March 18, 2012

FUMI Keep Safe

Every Momma has wished for a safe place to put there rings while they wash there hands or cook something. No one wants to put that beloved Wedding ring or family heirloom on the counter where it could get knocked off possibly down the drain. FUMI has solved the problem with the Keep Safe Instant Ring Holder. It is a Heart Shaped necklace that has a special opening on it where you can safely keep your rings while doing all those daily activities. Keep Safe comes in both Gold and Silver finishes with a reinforced 18” chain! The Keep Safe runs about $24.95 and can be found at

I received my Keep Safe from FUMI as a free sample for this review. I have the silver finished Keep Safe and its beautiful. I have used it quite a bit in my day to day activities. I found it to be a very handy piece of jewelry. I frequently make home made bread and dinner roles so taking my rings off in the kitchen is something I do several times a week. Now I just clip my Wedding rings on to my Keep Safe and continue on with my cooking. I no longer have to worry about them getting covered with bread dough or worse falling down the drain. The Keep Safe is even handy for your sunglasses. The Quality of the Keep Safe is quite good. the only Issue I had with it is my daughter got a toy caught on it when she went to give me a hug and yanked it really hard. One of the small links that holds the clasp on pulled apart. It was easily fixed in about 2 minutes( the time it took me to hunt up a pair of pliers.) and I am back to wearing it again. It looks good with everything I wear in my day to day life.

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