Friday, March 23, 2012

Body and Sole Comfort Re-usable gel cushions

Like many women I love my High Heel shoes but hate the pain it causes my feet. I came accost a great product the other day.  That makes Wearing High Heel shoes more comfortable.

There is a great company called Body and Sole Comfort. They sell re-usable gel foot cushions that are made and packaged right hear in the USA without petroleum and with a packaging design that is 98% reusable! They come in three great shapes for various parts of your feet. The Lily Pad Price $20.00 for a pair of 2 is for the ball of your foot or the top of your foot for lace or boot discomfort. The DOT price $13.00 for a set of 4 dots. The Dot is used between toes for flip flop comfort or on the tops of toes to help keep blisters from forming. Happy Heals are there theirs product price $18.00 for a pair of 2. They are used on the back of your heal or along the front of your toes. They also offer a package deal with all three products Price $30.00. Body and Sole comfort is getting ready to launch a new shape in October. This is there site where you can find all of there great products.

The lily Pad on my foot
Body and Sole Comfort Re-usable Comfort Gel Cushions arrived in just in time for me to test them out at a wedding reception. I wore the most uncomfortable pair of heels I own just to see if they would really make them more comfortable. Now normally i cant stand to wear these heels for more than a couple hours because they make the balls of my feet hurt so bad. I stuck the Lily Pads on the ball of each foot positioning it like the directions said. They are super easy to use. They stick right to your foot. I Put on my heels and off I went. I was on my feet for about 8 hours and not once did I have to take my heels off. Were my heels as comfortable as my favorite pair of running shoes no but I don't think any pair of High heels is. They did how ever make my feet a hole lot happier. I have since tried them on the top of my feet I wear a pair of steel toed work boots on a regular basis and some times the laces on the boots rub. The Lily Pad also worked great for this. I mentioned before that they are reusable your simply wash them with soap and warm or cold water and allow them to air dry or you can dry them with a blow dryer. You then stick them to the plastic bag that they came in one on each side and place them in the cloth pouch that they came with for storage.

I also was given the opportunity to try The DOT. these are small gel dots that you stick to your foot in any area that you are having discomfort. Between toes for flip flops. Where the straps of your sandals hit. You can used them on the tops of your toes really any place that you needed to. I used min between my toes for my flip flops. That did feel a little funny. I got used to it very easily though. I also stuck one on the back of my heel where I always get a blister from my work boots. I have tried a lot of other products to prevent getting a blister in this spot.  They usually slip around or just don't prevent the blister from forming.The the Dots are amazing. My work boots a lot more comfortable. I was surprised to find that they stayed stuck to my foot all day in hot boots. I thought the sticky stuff would start to fail after my feet got hot.  But they held on tight and at the end of a day of ditch digging I was blister free and that makes me very happy. You wash them with a mild soap warm or cold water and either let them air dry or dry them with a blow dryer and stick them back on the little plastic sheet they came on. So you can use them again another day.

The dot between my toes

They have a new shape for the bottom of the heel. It will be coming out in October and I cant wait to see it. My mom suffers from heel pain and I think this new shape may help her. She has recently been trying other gel inserts and foam cushions but they go flat and slip around leaving her frustrated. I am looking forward to the new product.

Body and Sole Comfort Gel Cushions

                                                      made in USA



  1. These look very interesting! I wonder how they would do for cushioning bunions. On your mom's heal pain, plantar fasciitis is a common cause of that. There are products that can help, but the absolute best thing is to do some short stretching exercises a few times a day--if you google for planter fasciitis stretches, you'll find some good ones that will really help relieve this pain if that's what it is. It can take time to work back up to "normal" but it sure is worth it! (I've struggled with this & feel so much better!)

    1. Foot Pain: The Lily Pad by Body and Sole Comfort can be used on top of the bunion; the slit allows for the cushion to be flexible when surrounding the growth. When cushioning planter fasciitis, you may want to cushion the arch of the foot along with bottom of the heel. Stretching exercises are fantastic for curing the problem, but cushioning will help you feel a little better while you are recovering :)