Friday, February 10, 2012


I received a ResQMe as a free sample to Review.

I am always looking for Safety Products and when I found the ResQMe I knew this was a product I had to review. The ResQMe is a small device that you can keep on your keys or in your car that can potentially save your life In a car accident. A ResQMe will easily Break a tempered glass car window and will cut through a jammed seat belt allowing you to escape with you life. A ResQMe weighs less than an ounce and is 2.93 inches long so its convenient to carry on your keys.

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 I know everyone wants to know how it works right. The
ResQMe houses a spring loaded window punch. When you press the bottom cylinder of the ResQMe against a corner of your side or rear car window it loads the spring  and then releases it slamming the hardened steel tip of the bunch against the glass breaking it. You should use the ResQMe close to a corner of a side window or rear window. The corner is more rigid and the window will break more easily in this area. If the window does not  break on the first attempt a second try will usually do the trick. NEVER attempt to break a front car windshield. A windshield is made of laminated glass and it requires a professional extrication tool to break it.

It also has this amazing Cutter on it that you can use to cut your seat belt if it were to become jammed during an accident. It has a razor sharp blade that is exposed when you remove the key chain from the body of the tool. You grab your keys in one hand and the ResQMe in the other and pull. You dont even have to remove your keys from the ignition. Once the clip is removed slip the blade guard over your seat belt and pull. It will cut through in just a few "pulls". Even with the guard removed there is very little danger of cutting your self because the blade is well guarded leaving just enough room for a seat belt.

You can test your ResQMe at home with out breaking a car window. Place the black cylinder (located on the bottom of the ResQMe.) on an old magazine, book or pad of paper. Then press down on it tell you hear a "click" The click is the sound of the punch releasing. Now look at the surface of the magazine or what ever you used for you test. It should have a small impression in it as if someone tapped it with a nail. The ResQMe instantly resets itself so it is immediately ready to be used again. If you press a ResQMe against a side or rear car window in this manner it will shatter it.
CAUTION: Do not test the ResQMe against a hard surface like metal or stone as this can dull the tip and render it useless in an emergency. DO NOT attempt to activate the punch against any body part. The tip of the Punch is very sharp and may puncture your skin.

I received a yellow ResQMe for this review. Its a bright yellow and will be very easy to locate in an accident. You can attach it to your keys or on to your visor. You can find them hear at  they sell for $9.95 each. They are very affordable they come in some great colors Yellow,Orange,Blue,Black, Pink. You can even have your company logo imprinted on them. The ResQMe would make a great safety gift for new drivers and friends and family you care about. Its easy enough to use that my grandma can even do it. It has a premant home on my Keys and I hope to order more for the rest of my family this year. Its truly a Gift for Life!

The ResQMe
 is proudly made in the USA

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  1. You're right! Easy to use, high quality, low cost -- I always have the ResQMe with me. I recommend it to everyone.