Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FUMI Bracelet PurseHook

Today's review is on a great Momma product. Every woman has been out to a restaurant in a bathroom and had to sit there purse on the Floor I know nasty right who knows whats crawling down there. After I had my eldest daughter my purse became my diaper bag No mom wants to put there bag with there baby's bottle paci and diapers on a nasty bathroom floor.  I don't even like to put it on the floor in a restaurant and I don't care for hanging it behind me on the back of my chair where I can see it and someone could walk off with my wallet. When i found this amazing product I knew I wanted to show everyone.  Its called a FUMI Bracelet PurseHook. Ok so a lot of women now have purse hooks I admit I have one but I can never find it in the bottom of my purse or diaper bag when I need it so it often doesn't get used. This is where the FUMI Bracelet PurseHook is different. Its a bracelet and PurseHook In one. I can wear it on my wrist so its right there when I need it. I can also put it on the handle to my bag.
I wanted to show the Hinge
Its beautiful they have a quite a few options so I am sure there is one to match your taste or bag for that matter. They sell for $14.95 on .

FUMI was nice enough to send me one as a free sample to review and I have fallen in love with it. They sent me a black FUMI Bracelet PurseHook its sleek and stylish and matches most of what I own. I would love to get the Pewter FUMI Bracelet PurseHook. I have had the opportunity to use it on several outings now and I will never again put my purse on a nasty bathroom floor because the coat hook is missing. I hung my purse off the bathroom stall wall, off the toilet paper holder, the baby changing table, the counter.  Then I took it with me to the restaurant and my purse hung neatly on the side of the table right next to my leg where I could see it. Its great It looks good on my wrist it looks good on my bag.

Come check out all the different Bracelet PurseHooks they have to offer I am sure you will find something you love. It would make a great birthday gift for a sister or any other Woman you love.


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