Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fit Factor Kids

I'm big on fitness, keeping in shape and eating healthy. Since Having my Kids I have fallen in love with good work out videos making it to the gym with two kids in tow is almost impossible so both of my girls have seen momma working out to various fitness videos over the last 4 years. Most work out videos are too hard for kids though and of course because mommy is doing it the girls want to do it too. In comes Fit factor Kids, this is a cute little work out video made just for kids its even hosted by kids. Its designed for kids ages 4-12. It includes six great fun workouts. Its designed for both at home and classroom use. Kids Groove along with superstar kids through six Fit Factor exercise routines designed to improve children's fitness. Children use there imaginations and learn how to take care of there bodies as there energetic hosts provide informative tips and instructions. The workouts include creative animal movements, mimic recess activities such as jumping rope, playing four-square and shooting baskets. Children's Fitness hosts walk you through simple stretching, strengthening and aerobic activities.  you can find the video at and its $18.95 not a bad price for a kids workout DVD.

I received this DVD a few weeks ago from Fit Factor. My youngest was the only one at home at the time she is 2. the video is geared for kids 4-12  but she wanted to try it. she couldn't do all the moves but she gave it her best and it kept her moving for about 10 min before she lost interest. My 4 year old came in from school and I told her I got a new exercises video and ask if she wanted to try it. I started the video for her and she picked what workout she wanted to do. She loved the music and did almost the entire video before declaring she was tired and needed a snack. Each workout is about 10 min long. Just long enough to get excercise but not so long that she louses interest in it. She now frequently ask to do the cool workout video. The music is cool and upbeat to keep kids interested. I Love that all the moves are easy enough for my girls to do and they get excited when I turn it on. I don't know if its the fact that kids are doing all the exercises or if she just likes the music. All I care is that it gets her up and moving and she has fun doing it.

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I recieved the Fit factor Kids video as a free sample for this review. My opinions are still my Own

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