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Sunya Publishing Review

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

It's time for a math game by Sunya Publishing. The game is called Sunya - The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science, Multiplying & Dividing. This is a brand new game for ages 9+ that is just hitting the market and we are some of the first to get a chance to use this math game. 

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}
First of all the name of the game is Sunya. I know your are thinking how do you even say that. The u is pronounced as the oo like in the word book. The word is from Sanskrit which is an ancient language from India. Sunya means empty or with our quantity. 

For this game players have fun making number sentences to strengthen math skills. They also get to learn some fun science facts and get to solve math and science riddles. When you run out of cards you yell sunya to show that they are out of cards and have won the game. You can play both a multiplication game and division game with this set of cards. We only played with multiplication because my kids are just starting division.

We received an instruction book that had quite a few pages in it. Most of it was black and white and it had a couple of color pages. I think the color pages were a bit easier to read than the black and white pages were. The directions were detailed but a tad confusing to me. It really took some reading to figure out how we were suppose to play. But once I got it down it was fairly easy to play as long as you know your multiplication tables. We played with various numbers of people when the cousins came over, though we mostly played with just me and the girls. We thought it was funner to play with multiple kids. The girls opinion on the game was good, they were both willing to play it when I suggested it on game night. They liked the fact that they could help each other make up the number sentences. But they were a little stumped about using the fact/riddle cards. I had to explain to them that they were sorta the prize for winning a round.

So to play the game you start with laying out a number sentence on the floor, then you give each player 4 cards. Each player takes a turn and try's to alter the number sentence that is laying on the floor by using the cards that they have in there hand. If you can't alter the number sentence with what you have in your hand you draw one card at a time until you have something that you can use to chance the number sentence. 1's and 0's can not be used in a multiplication problem but can be used in the answer. When you run out of cards you say Sunya and you get to draw a fact or riddle card. The girls like to stump each other with the riddle's.

What is unique about this game is that everyone gets to help everyone. You are encouraged to let other see your cards. This is helpful if you have smaller kids because the bigger ones can help them form number sentence with what ever cards they have. This was helpful for my little one as she is just learning multiplication tables. My oldest was able to lean over and say hey how about this. All in all its a nice little math fact practice game. I would like everyone to click the Banner below and see what the other reviewers are saying about the addition and subtraction version. 

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

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