Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kwik Stix 12 pk by The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review

Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review

Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review
We are excited to announce the arrival of Kwik Stix 12pack in our home. Kwik Stix comes from The Pencil Grip, Inc. This is probably one of the coolest craft products we have gotten the opportunity to review this year. Kwik Stix are solid Tempera Paint sticks. Yes you read that right paint in a stick. All you have to do is pop off the cap and twist the bottom and it roles up just like a glue stick. It dries in under 90 seconds and still looks like paint. We received one of the big 12 packs. We got the standard colors but I noticed on the website that they also offer neon and metallic Kwik Stix. We will be buying these other color options. I also wanted to mention real quick that you can buy these both on the The Pencil Grip,Inc website and here on amazon.  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Kwik+Stix

I have to admit I had these paint sticks for a full 24 hours before I even told the girls about them. I had to have a chance to play with them before the girls used them all up. My girls are paint hogs and they don't like to share with me. Kwik Stix are so COOL!!!!!  I almost didn't want to share. They write kind of like a marker but look like paint. When you rub your hand across a painting they feel smoother than standard tempera paint and I like the way it feels. I am left handed and it drys so fast, that I didn't even get any on my hand as it drug across my picture. They would be great for smaller kids just learning to hold a pencil because they are chunkier and easy to grip. I drew and made different pictures with them for quite a while. I gave in and let the girls have them the next morning. They couldn't believe that they were paint. They painted with them for an hour before I had to take them away and make then get some book work done. But as soon as the book work was done they were asking can I please have them back. We have had so much fun with them we even take them in the girls Go Bags for when we do to school on the road. The girls would like to request that they make them in a smaller version more like the role up crayons so that they can do some smaller fine detail as well as paint in big areas. I cant wait for my little niece to try them out when she comes up this weekend. She is going to love these things. 

I have no idea if the Kwik Stix will wash off a table or wall as we didn't try it, because well I just encourage the girls not to paint on those things. 

I would also like to mention that we received one of The Pencil Grip,Inc companies very cool very squishy Pencil Grips. This was not really part of the review but I love it so I wanted to mention it. It is called the Original Grip and it is designed for both left handed and right handed people. I would love for you to take a look at them here Pencil Grip Page.

Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review

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Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Our New Little Friend

It's that time of year again here in MO, the turtles are on the move. Today the girls found the first cute little guy of the season. Check him out and let us know what you think. 

At first he didn't want us to see him.



He decided we could have a little peak and he poked his head out.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Devonian GREEMU Review

Greemu Devonian Review

Great new product by Devonian it's called GREEMU and you can find it at http://www.korunaturals.net/

What is GREEMU you say. It's a beauty oil that is made from a blend of butters and plant oils that replicates the fatty acid composition, properties, and texture of emu oil. It's basically a non animal version of emu oil. 

I love Emu oil I used it all the time, on everything from my dry cracked hands to small kitchen burns. How ever I do know some people like a non animal derived products.This is probably the next best thing if you would like to go the Non animal route. I love all the ingredients in GREEMU, I have used each one individually and they are all wonderful. When put together in a blend they are just yummy.  First impression: I though it was bit heaver than Emu oil it hangs out on the skin a tad longer. I also thought it was slightly sticky for a few minutes. Neither of these things really bothered me. The color is about the same I compared it to two different Emu Oil brands. 

I tried it as a facial moisturizer for several weeks. I found it to be to heavy during the day, but I did like it as a night time moisturizer. Since it's a bit heaver than standard emu oil, I found that for me it worked best as a lip moisturizer. It seems to penetrate well and is helping to keep my chronically dry lips stay a bit softer. I have been using it on my lips for about 4 weeks and I am now thinking of getting some refillable lip gloss tubes on amazon so I can carry some in my pocket. I have also been using it as a cuticle cream in the evenings. I work with my hands a lot and I find my cuticles very dry and ragged. A little dab in the evening seems to be helping smooth them out. It comes in a 4oz bottle and a little bit goes a long way. I can see this bottle lasting me quite a while. I also used GREEMU as an additive in my lotion, so far it is looking promising. I used the same recipe and simply swapped out the emu oil for the GREEMU. The lotions consistency, feel and moisturizing abilities seemed to be about the same.There was no real noticeable difference. I have used Emu oil on healing scars and scrapes and had good results but I have not yet tried GREEMU on healing scars and scrapes mostly because no one has gotten any boo boos. 

Greemu Devonian Review

If you are looking for an alternative for Emu oil GREEMU is the way to go. The other Crew Members also tried out GREEMU and I would love for you to click the banner and see what they have to say. 

Greemu Devonian Review

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Writers in Residence Apologia Educational Ministries Review

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review
Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

Learning to write is just plain hard for some kids. While my oldest has a wonderful imagination she has a hard time getting her thoughts together. I was excited for her to try out Writers in Residence by Apologia Educational MinistriesThis curriculum is for grades 4-8. My oldest will be in 4th grade in a couple of months. But I felt good starting it a tad early. This is a writing based language arts program. It teaches students everything from sentence structure,to capitalization and usage. This program is designed to help students learn how to create engaging stories that you actually want to read. It has a biblical based framework that I of course love. 

Some of the main features that drew me to Writers in Residence:

  • It's a complete writing curriculum covers grammar, punctuation and capitalization. I don't have to teach a separate grammar class.

  • It has an answer key and teachers book so I get the help I need to teach well.

  • It's got color and the assignment topics are FUN !

  • It's and all in one student text and workbook.

  • The student text is easy to understand.

I am going to admit she was a little intimidated when she saw the size of this

student book. This thing is huge compared to the other books we have been using this year. The reason its so big is because its both the student text and the workbook combined into one. After some assurances that she did not have to complete the entire book tell the end of 4th grade she calmed down. Now that we have had it a while I would have preferred a separate student workbook. It would make managing the book easier. The student text/workbook gives a suggested daily schedule. It is set up to be a 4 day a week program. I started her out on three days a week because I was afraid she would get overwhelmed. We are working up to the 4 day a week schedule that we will use in a few more weeks.  Each unit has a different theme or topic that they write about. As you work through the unit it builds from simple bite sized assignments that eventually give them the steps put together a hole story. Each day starts out with a lesson that you have to read. Then it gives an assignment that goes along with it. The first unit was themed When I was Young. The first assignment was thinking of a special place and writing it down. (Super Girl chose the Campground as her special place) The second assignment was making a memory chart. A memory chart was new to me but it was effective. It had her write down her favorite place at the top. Then it had her add in things like Favorite person or people, favorite thing you did with them, any specific details that she could remember. This simple assignments helped her get started and not feel afraid of writing. It broke it down into steps and that is exactly what she needed. 

We are well into Unit 1 but it's going to take a while for us to complete Writers in Residence. It has been so good for her she is finally understanding the writing process and I am pleased that she is not dreading writing assignments quite so much. We hope they come out with another level for next year. I would love for everyone to click the banner and read some of the other Crew reviews on Writers in Residence.

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

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Monday, April 18, 2016

A+ Interactive Math Math Mini-Courses Review

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

Introducing Math Mini-Courses from  A+ Interactive Math.  A+ interactive math is now offering a way to close learning gaps. They offer 20 different Math Mini Courses. Each course offers an in-depth review of math concepts from a basic to advanced level. You get 1 year of access to the online courses and prices range from $9.99 to $19.99. You can review the course as many times as you like with in that year. 

With a Math Mini Course you get video lessons, interactive Review, Worksheets+test, automatic grading and printable reports.

We used Elementary and Middle School Division for 1 parent/1 student. We also received the Money Mini Course for 1 parent/student. 

The Elementary and Middle School Division course covers a lot. It starts out with an introduction to division and moves on through division in relation to subtraction and multiplication. Then Division using objects, and travels on through to end with dividing a 4-digit number by a 2 digit number. As a mom who does not excel in math I was pleased to see how it broke things down and that the lessons built on each other. I though it was fairly simple to follow. The lessons are clear and were easy to understand. 

When they log in it takes them to a main dashboard from there they can select the video lessons w/interactive review. Printable work sheets and test and a how to get started video. You can also view a PDF of the lessons. The girls start with the video lessons w/interactive review. I have them complete all the lessons and reviews before they move on to take one of the test. I did find the printable worksheets to be great. They fit in with the lessons and help to reinforce the concept that was being taught. We have used a lot of printable work sheets. 

Our only real complaint is on the video lessons. You have to remember what lesson you completed last. It does not automatically progress to the next lesson when you log in the next day. My daughter has to write down what lesson she did or she forgets by the next day. Not a big issue but some sort of check off would be helpful. You also have to click update lesson status so that it marks that you completed the lesson and marks down a completed date. They also must click the frog to submit an answer on the Interactive Q & A questions.

We also had the opportunity to try out the Mini-Course Money, This starts out with counting pennies, nickles, dimes etc. and continues through to making change and ends with calculating sale prices and interest rates. My 6 year old is working with this one. The beginning lessons on counting and making change are great. She is doing well with them I am pleased to see her money counting abilities are getting better.  I like how it progress through the course. Each lesson is building on what they learned before. The graphics are great. She loves that the Interactive Q&A  questions are corrected right away. How ever the interest rates are a bit over her head. 

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

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