Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Safety First Summit High Back Booster

In our house cars are a big deal. I build classic cars with my dad and both of my girls spend a lot of HERE. Its also available in other colors.

time in the shop. Safety is our top priority both while working on a car and riding in one. Both of my girls rode rear facing tell they were 2 years old because that is the safest position for young kids. We also Harnessed tell they were at the upper limits of there harnessing seats. My oldest who is 7 years old and 47.5 lbs and is 3ft 11.5in tall has just now transitioned to a high back belt positioning booster when she reached the limit of her 5 point harness. My 5 year old is still currently riding in her 5 point harness and has about a year to go in it. She is 43.5 lbs and 3ft 8in tall.  The great people at Safety First provided me with some great tips for child passenger safety week and they also provided me with Safety First Summit High Back Booster to try out with my girls. The Summit High Back Booster is designed to be Forward-facing 22-40 with a 5 point harness system and then converts to a high back booster for children 40-100 pounds.  It includes side impact protection, 4 position QuickFit headrest that adjust with the harness for a better fit, no rethreading to adjust the 5 point harness. It has pivoting armrest and 3 buckle stalk locations, a cup holder and it Meets or exceeds Federal and ASTM Safety Standards.  You can buy the Summit at Walmart the color I received sells for $88.65 and you can find it

Over all the seat has a nice look to it but it is a wide seat so if you need to fit 3 across this may not be the seat for your car.  I did manage to get three across in my 08 Dodge Durango I had a Nautilus  in the outboard seat behind the drive my narrow radian 65 in the middle and I managed to have just enough room to install the Summit in the outboard passenger seat. This made the Nautilus in high back booster mode very hard to buckle there is no way my 7 year old could buckle herself in it but we managed to make it work for a quick trip into town.  Installing the Summit in the 2013 Camry with latch was very challenging. It did not want to tighten down enough It took me 4 try's and all my weight in the seat and fiddling with the latch belt to get it to tighten down. It was some what easier to install using latch in the Durango but it still does not tighten down as easily as my other seat does. I could not get a good install with the seat belt in the Camry but was able to get a decent install in the Durango using the seat belt in an out board seat.

My 5 Year old top harness
My 5 year olds shoulder position
I tested the seat out with the 5 point harness first with both my niece and my 5 year old daughter. My daughter is on the very top harness adjustment and my niece at 3 years old has to use one harness adjustment down from the very top. It was easy to adjust with a quick click of the bar on the back of the seat. Tightening the harness up is very simple there is a pull strap in the front, that you simply tug to tighten. They both say the seat was
very comfortable and I heard no complaints on the trips we took using the seat.  I love the flip up arm rest they make it easier to get kid's in and out when they are not able to climb in on there own. Both girls like the cup holder and the arm rest.

yes I know I did not remove the buckle
stalk in the photo it must be removed
to use the seat as a booster.
Next I tested the seat as a belt positioning booster in my Durango. With both my 7 year old and my 5 year old. They both meet the height and weight requirements to use it as a booster. I buckled my 7 year old in first she is not able to buckle her self in it. She cant quite reach far enough to get the buckle to click but she has trouble with her other booster also. The shoulder belt sits where it should but does not lay flat on her shoulder there is a gap that I can slide my hand into between the belt and the front of her shoulder. The lap portion of the belt rides too high on her, it sits across her belly instead of her upper thighs. She did say it was comfortable to sit in and was quite disappointed when I had to tell her the lap belt did not fit her correctly and the shoulder belt was just too far away from her shoulder.
I then tried the seat with my 5 year old. Much to our disappointment the lap
belt rode very high on her belly and it also left a gap between the shoulder belt and her shoulder. With the Shoulder belt guide lowered down to the height my 5 year old needed,  we had trouble getting the belt to retract properly in the Durango.

Over all for us and the size of my Kids the Safety First Summit works best as a 5 point harness seat.

Disclaimer: I received the Safety First Summit High Back booster as a free gift in order to publish this review. All opinions are my own or that of my Kids.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Adventure Bible Kidz Bibles

Thanks to the great people at my girls and I were given the wonderful opportunity to try out The Adventure Bible. We have received three versions of the Adventure Kids Bible in the last year and have enjoyed them greatly. The first Bible is the NIV edition and it is bound in leather. The second Is the New King James edition and it is a hard back book. The Third is the Adventure Bible for Toddlers. The Leather bound sells for $39.99 and the hard back sells for $29.99. The Toddler bible sells for $9.99. You can check out all the different Adventure Bibles HERE.

First I am going to talk about the Leather bound and hard back Adventure Bible. Both are beautiful children's bibles with lots of color. I do how ever have a preference for the leather bound version and so do the girls. There is just a certain feel about a leather bound Bible that is special. The pages on the leather bound bible have an added design printed on the edge of them that adds a little extra fun to it. The leather bound version also has a ribbon book mark where the hard back version does not.
Both bibles have the same great features: They are full color bibles, "Life in Bible Times" are articles and illustrations that describe what life was like in ancient days. "People in Bible Times" Articles offers a close-up look at amazing people of the Bible. "Words to Treasure" are great verses to memorize. "Live it" are hands on activities that help you apply biblical truths to your life. "Did you Know?" are cool facts that help you understand God's word and the life of faith. Both Bibles are listed for ages 9-12. My 7 year old second grader can read it well and is using it to gain a good understanding of God's word.  Both Bibles include colored maps in the back that the girls just love exploring. I love the "Did you Know" facts I have learned some great facts that I might never have learned. There is also a Bible Memory app that is available on the app store click HERE to check it out its $1.99. The app goes along great with the Adventure Bible we will begin using it next school year as a part of our Bible study lesson. I would love to see the Adventure Bible offered in the King James edition.

 Last but certainly not least we have to Adventure Bible for Toddlers. This is quite possibly one of the cutest toddler bibles I have ever seen. Its a hard back board book so its tough enough hold up to little hands. It covers ten wonderful stories from the Old and New Testament. Each story is written in color and beautifully illustrated and captures the attention of little ones well. The stories are written simple enough for little ones to understand. My three year old niece loves having this read to her by great grandma and has fallen in love with many for the Bible stories included in the Adventure Bible for Toddlers.

Disclosure: I received  these products free of charge in order to publish this review all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Love Letters from God Bible Stories

I received a great book from its called Love letters from God Bible Stories. The book is written for ages 4-8. Its a great little book of Bible stories that include flaps that you lift up to read a little note from God. The lift flap can even be personalized by writing your child's name inside. There are quite a few Bible Stories included in the book: Creation Genesis 1, Adam and Eve Genesis 3, Noah's Ark Genesis 6-8, Joseph Genesis 37-42, Samuel's Call Samuel 3:1-10, David's Anointing 1 Samuel 16:1-13, David and Goliath Samuel 17, Daniel in the Lions' Den Daniel 6, Jonah and the Fish Jonah 1-2, Jesus' Birth Luke 1, Jesus Calls His Disciples Mark 1:16-20 2:13-15, Feeding 5,000 John 6, Storm on the Lake Mark 4:35-41, The lost Sheep Luke15, Zacchaeus Luke 19-1-10, The Last Supper Luke 22-14-20, The Crucifixion Luke 23:32-49, The Resurrection John:20:1-18.

I love that it covers so many great Bible stories and the little letters on each page really make the girls feel like God is talking right to them. The Illustrations are absolutely beautiful we have spent quite  bit of time reading and re reading this book. There Favorite is when great grandma reads the stories with them. They have read it so many times they have started to memorize the stories. The Book sells for $16.99 and you can find it HERE

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in order to perform this review. All opinions are my own or that of my children.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bullet Train Safe Wallet!

I have finally stepped into the world of smart phones. I had to update I chose to go with the IPhone hubby got me the 5S. Cool little phone I don't do much other than make calls and text on it but its cool none the less. The biggest down fall for me is its size. This thing is huge compared to my little Samsung phone that I have had for the last 6 years.  I am always looking for a ways to make my day to day life more simple. I want less stuff in my purse. I have looked at tones of different phone cases since I got the new phone. Its hard to find the perfect case. I wanted to be able to put my id and debit card in the case with my phone and eliminate my wallet one less thing to juggle with two kids. I actually checked out a few cases that had this feature. The downfall to those is my cards were visible for all the world to see.
Then I stumbled on the Bullet Train Safe Wallet that hides your cards. You can find it HERE.  The case sells for $59.99 with free U.S. shipping. They come in some nifty colors: red, black, blue, orange, white, purple and pink.The Bullet Train company sent me a Blue one free of charge to review for you. Its a cool idea for a phone case. It holds 5 credit cards or 15 business cards. I have my id my debit card and a folded up $20 bill stuffed into it. The folded up bill makes it a little hard to slip my card in and out when I need it but I am old fashioned and I like having cash, I did discover that putting the cash against the back then putting my cards on top seems to work the best. I love that my cards are tucked away hidden from prying eyes. There is also a secret hiding spot on the inside of the case that will fit a bill if you fold it up small, but you have to take the phone out of the case to get to it.

The case seems to be fairly well made. I have not been brave enough to throw it down stairs or drop it on the concrete so I cant attest to its ability to protect from drops but it should do a decent job.  It fits my phone very snug it was kind of hard to so put on my phone, took a little work to get it on. It has a slight raised edge around the screen to help protect  the screen from drops. Its made of a hard plastic type material. I would like to see it have a slim silicone inner lining to help give it more protection from drops and bangs.  The case is slick so it slides in and out of your pocket easily almost too easily, I do wish it had a little silicone on may be the corners so that it doesn't come out of my pocket so easily.

The case is actually quite slim its about as thick as a sharpie marker. It makes for less junk in my purse and when I am headed to the park with the kids I can just stuff it in my pocket and I have everything that I need. The speaker sound seem to be the same as it is with the case off. The camera and flash both work well. The only down fall I found is the car charger my husband bought me will not plug in with the Safe wallet on my phone there is a piece of plastic on the charger that does not allow it to plug in all the way. How ever my regular wall charger that came with my IPhone fits with out a problem. So I bought one of those handy USB chargers that you can change the cord on and I just plug the cord that came with my phone into it works quite well. I might look for another cord that will work with it so I can just leave one in the car. Other than that small issue its a very handy little case. I love the slim design It looks good and holds everything that I need to make a quick run to the grocery store.

slightly thicker than my lens cap

Disclosure: I received this product free of charge in order to perform this review. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ark Therapeutic Pencil Grip Sampler Pack

With both girls in school now writing has become a big deal. Hotrod Princess holds her pencil too close to the end. Snoopy is a lefty like me and is working on keeping her fingers in the correct position all the time.  I found a great company Ark Therapeutic that sent me one of there Sampler Pencil Grip Packs to try out for this review.  Pencil grip Sampler Pack sells for about $21.99 you can Click HERE to find it on there site or If you like to shop Amazon you can click HERE. The pack comes with 13 grips. It is perfect if you are hunting for a grip that works for your child. It has a little of everything.
there is two grips missing from this photo
1 Butter Grip- the round design promotes an open web space and helps prevent hyperextension
1 The Pencil Grip- a classic grip that guides the fingers into place
1 Jumbo Grip- its a larger version of the The Pencil Grip for additional support up to the second knuckle
1 Crossover Grip- the same design as The Pencil Grip, but with wings to prevent the thumb and pointer finger from crossing over each other.
1 Pinch Grip- similar to the Crossover Grip, but with a miniature version of the "wings" for less restraint
1 Grotto Grip- similar to the Crossover Grip, but made out of a firmer material with an extra lip to keep the middle finger in place.
3 Writing Claws- 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large- three sleeves that guide the pointer finger, middle finger, and thumb into the correct tripod grasp
1 Foam Grip- a cushioned grip for those who may grip the pencil too tightly or need a fatter pencil
1 Ridged Foam grip- similar to the Foam Grip, but with a slightly bigger diameter and ribs for extra tactile input
1 Triangle Grip- a triangular Design that provides a tactile cue for correct finger placement
1 Short Triangle Grip- similar to the Triangle Grip, but half the length and slightly bigger in diameter

We have spent the last couple weeks testing out the different grips looking for something that works
well for each of the girls. If you are looking for the right pencil grip the Ark therapeutic Sampler Grip Pack is the way to go. It gave us a large selection to try with out having to reorder again and again. Snoopy has taken to the Crossover Grip she likes it better than the Grotto Grip because it is made of a softer material and is more comfortable, she has a tendency to hold her pencil too tight.  Hotrod Princess has used them all and still has not settled on any one grip. She does seem to grab the The Pencil Grip a little more than the others.                                                                                
Right now I am keeping them all in a jar on my desk so they have the opportunity to try out different ones and find what works best for them. I sent the small Writing Claw over to one of my nieces she is 3 and learning to write and has a hard time remembering how to place her fingers on the pencil. It is the perfect size for her little fingers and seems to be working well for her.
this photo is from the Ark Therapeutic site
I loaned ours to my niece to try out and forgot
to snap a picture.
Disclaimer I received a free sample of this product to try out for this review. All opinions are my own or that of my kids. Photos may not be copied with out my permission.