Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GoGirl dont take life sitting down


This is a picture of the purple GoGirl I received Thanks GoGirl

I received a GOGIRL from http://www.go-girl.com/ as a sample for this review.

The Go Girl is the feminine urination device that lets you go anywhere standing up No more sitting or trying to hover on a nasty Port-a-potty. They Sell for $12.99 on http://www.go-girl.com/. They are made of medical grade silicone you can either dispose of it after use or clean it and reuse it.

Ok I wasn't sure about using this but with two little girls that often have to potty when hiking or on long drives where there is no Potty I thought lets try it. Its simple to use has an arrow to show you which way is up you simply lower your panties and place the GOGirl against your body to form a seal aim the lower end of the tub where you want the pee to go and well Pee. After you can simply role it up with a tissue and put it in a baggie to wash it later. Seems a little odd at first but European women have used female urination devices for years.

Side view so you can see the shape
Tthe truth is it actually works quite well yes I actually used it and so did my two year old. I do recommend following the instructions and practice using it in the shower the first time. For an adult you do need to control how quickly you are peeing or you will over flow it. Other than that its easy to fit against your body is comfortable to use and is simple to aim. My potty training two year old hasn't peed on my shoe on the side of the road in weeks which I am grateful for. The sides are quite soft and flexible so make sure you are holding it with your thumb in the front and fingers in the back so you are not squeezing the sides or it would squish in and you would get your pants wet.

Go Girl comes with a plastic storage tube that small enough to fit in your purse or back pack when hiking. Now I had trouble getting it back in the storage tube(they do have a video on http://www.go-girl.com/how-to-use-gogirl.asp that shows you how to role it up and it does take some practice rolling it up small enough to get it back in that thing. It would be great if the tube was a bit bigger the length is fine it just needs to have a slightly bigger diameter so it would go in easier. It comes with a plastic baggie to put it in and a tissue to wrap around it so you would need to replace that after you used your GOGIRL You  use your GOGIRL and then put it in the baggie so you can take it home and clean it i would give it a little light shake after you use it because that will get almost all of the pee out of it so its basically dry when you put it in the baggie or in the tube. To clean it you simply wash it with soap and water. You can give it a light shake to help it dry which drys it most of the way as its medical grade silicone and it dry quickly.

The part that fits against your body.
 GoGirl works as advertised and does an Impressive job of it. If you an active out doors girl or Just a woman that doesn't like Icky toilet seats the GoGirl could be for you. Its got a reasonable price and its reusable so hey you get your money worth out of it.
                                       Gogirl is
                                Made In the USA

Dont take life sitting down get your GoGirl today at http://www.go-girl.com/
Follow GoGirl on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/Go_Girls

Monday, November 28, 2011

Halo Cup

The Halo Cups we received as samples for this review Great colors

We received the Halo Cup from Steve at Halo Cup for this review Thanks Steve.

The Halo Cup is a spill resistant cup.They come in packs of four cups you get four different colors in the pack and they sell for $8.95 with FREE SHIPPING at http://www.halocup.com/ 

Notice the Unique Ring on the bottom
NO Tipping
 As a Mom I have tried a lot of kids cups I believe we have had every one walmart sells in the baby section at one point or another. Most of the spill proof cups have soft spouts or valves that wear out after a time and either start to leak or tear from Biting etc. The trouble with most kids cups is there is no real in between a sippy cup and an adult cup that tips easily when bumped. In comes the The Halo Cup it does not have soft spout or a valve of any kind its designed much like a regular adult cup but smaller so little hands it holds about 6.5 oz. and has a special stabilizing Ring around the base that helps prevent the cup from tipping over when bumped or even sat down on the edge of a plate.  The Halo Cups are made of a durable material so they last for years.

The Halo Cup is dishwasher safe so its super easy to clean. Storage for the Halo Cup is a great space saving design, even with the ring on the bottom they still stack up in the cabinet and don't fall all over the place when you open the door.

The Bottom of the Halo Cup
The Halo Cup is advertised as a spill resistant cup and I would say its spill resistant. Its fairly hard to knock over three cups survived a squabble at our dinner table this evening with all the pulling and tugging of things accost the table with elbows flying I am proud to say all cups remained upright. That ring on the bottom really does a good job at keeping it stable.  I think its a great size they were really easy for my two year old to hold they fit in her hand nicely and she had no trouble drinking from the. My four year old liked the Colors and and when she reached accost the table for potato's and bumped her cup she yelled hey mom I didn't dump the milk that's cool.  I love the fact that they are Big Kid Cups so they can practice drinking from a regular cup with less Mess.

 Me and the Girls are giving Halo Cups a A+ I don't think we found a single thing we did not like about them. I would defiantly recommend Halo Cups for that in between age when they are too big for a sippy but an adult cup is still too big and wobbly. As a momma on a budget you cant beat $8.95 for four great cups with FREE shipping.

Halo Cups do not advertise this on there site but its on the Packaging they are

Made in the USA
That another Great Made In America Product that we are Loving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The World's Finest Glass Drinking Straws

I received these straws as a sample for this review Picture taken by me

I am into Reusable Products lately I think the quality is usually better and I love that I can use them over and over again. I received Glass Straws from http://glassstraws.com/index.htm

The cool reinforced colored tips
I have to say These straws are another Great Reusable product. They come in a variety of sizes including length and diameter or fatness as my daughter calls it. They offer colored straws too you can get colored dots on them or  they have some with Reinforced colored tips.
So like all products on my blog I love to give a Product a real test with my family. I had everyone pick and try a straw they were interested in and this is what we thought.

I have to say These straws are another Great Reusable product. I liked the Reinforced colored tips the best I thought these were neat to drink out of as they have a unusual shape me and my two year old took picked them as favorites I also enjoyed using the larger diameter straw with my frozen coffee and milk shake. My mom was not as big as a fan though she preferred the Slightly bent straw. My four year old liked the little short kids straw the best she used small cups and she thought they were easy. We all ended up having out favorites out of this review.

GlassStraws  offers cleaning brushes for easy cleaning and Storage bags so you can take your glass straws with you where ever you go.
Cleaning is simple they are dishwasher and microwave safe. I rinse our straws out as soon as we are done using them but I do recommend having a Cleaning brush on hand just in case one happens to get forgotten about and gets yucky inside. Then you can simply run the cleaning brush in both ends of the glass straw a couple times and they clean right up. I do pop mine in the dishwasher on occasion.

GlassStraws.com Has a life time guarantee if your straw gets broken you can simply contact GlassStraws.com and they will replace it Free no questions ask. You are responsible for shipping charges but that's a Rockin Guarantee. Did I mention that GlassStraws are

All proudly
Made in the USA

Yes that's right another Amazing American Made Product and I am Proud that I got to review it for you. If you have any Questions Feel Free to contact me. a_marines_wife03@yahoo.com

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Wrap-N-Mat we received after my daughters tested them  

I received two sizes of Wrap-N-Mat as samples from the Wrap-N-Mat Inc for this review. http://www.wrapnmat.com/Default.aspx
The Wrap-N-Mat has two versions one is 100% Made in the USA hand Swen by American Women for the last 13 years. the other is made in china.

the snack pouch we received when its open
The Wrap-N-Mat is a reusable  place mat that doubles as the wrapper for your sandwich. They also make a snack pouch version for thing like crackers. They come in several sizes Original Wrap: 13" x 13" - Grande' Wraps: 17" x 14" - Large Pouch: 7" x 7.5" (Same capacity as a typical sandwich baggie) - Mini Pouch: 5” x 6” (Perfect for toddlers; same capacity as the snack sized baggie) they come in a wide variety of colors and prints and you can even get custom orders.

To clean a Wrap-n-Mat you can simply lay it flat and wipe it off with a damp cloth or you can place it in the top rack of the dishwasher and lay it flat to dry. super simple and easy.

I made my daughter a PB&J to test out the original wrap it was easy to use and simple to fold I did not even have to read the directions. You simply lay it flat on the counter put your sandwich in the center fold in each side fold up the bottom fold down the top so the Velcro sticks to the other half of the Velcro.  The snack wrappers fold up a lot like the sandwich wrappers do except you fold it up then put in the little snack and then fold down the top. We left a sandwich out on the counter over night to see how well it kept a sandwich from getting dry. It worked quite well the sandwich was Not dried out I say it performed Equally as well as a plastic bag did in our over night test my sandwich was nice and fresh. The Bonus the part I love is that I get to use it again and again I never hae to toss it out like i would a plastic sandwitch bag so Im SAVING MONEY!!! something super important to a mom on a budget.

the Original Wrap-N-Mat opened
Like a Place mat
The Wrap-N-Mat  we received is made with a Cotton outer and a Low Density Polyethylene BPA PVC FREE  inner lining. They are not made for Hot foods but you can put them along side a cold Pack to keep foods cold.  I found them to be a bit wrinkly looking on the inside but its on the inside so You don't really see it tell you open your sandwich. I like that I can open it up and I have a Place mat to eat on. It works wonderfully when we go hiking and stop to eat on a rock.

I Believe Wrap-N-Mat is a quality product and I love that I can chose to order a Wrap-N-Mat that are 100% Made in the USA I encourage everyone to come check out a Wrap-N-Mat at http://www.wrapnmat.com/Default.aspx

Monday, November 21, 2011

 Bondi Band the No slip No drip

I received two Bondi Band products as a sample for this review from the Bondi Band company.  A wicking had for me to review and a Pink Mom Head Band for my give away See give away section to enter to win

the Pink Ribbon Hat i received to review.
Bondi Band is a company that makes No Slip No Dip wicking hats and head bands for active people. They are Proudly Made in the USAThey have lots of styles and colors and even sayings that you can get printed on there hats and head bands. They even have hats with pony tail holes and pig tail holes. I received a Hat with the breast cancer ribbon on it. It it is nicely made the stitching is well done and the Breast Cancer ribbon that is applied to front looks like it would hold up to repeated washings. The Bondi Band Hat performed very well this week. It kept my head warm and dry while I was working out and the best part is it stayed in place.It was comfortable and I did not have a lot of slipping like i get with most hats and head bands when I'm working out. they also make sweat towels, neck gators and even hats and head bands for 1-5 year olds so your little one can match momma or daddy while they are out on a run in there favorite Jogging storller. The company even offers custom orders so you can put your companies logo or saying on your Bondi Band.

I have to say I am pleased with the Hat that Bondi Band sent me and I would definitely order from them I am currently thinking of ordering a role of there wrap and a head band too. I would love to give a head band a try to see how well they hold in my hair.

Come over to my Give away section( its at the top of my home page) to enter to win your very own Pink MOM Bondi Band Head band.

I have two coupon codes available for my Readers these codes are for Headbands only a buy 3 Headbands Get 1 Free using Code: ONE I also have a Five headbands for $25 used coupon code FIVE to receive that one you enter the codes at check out in the Enter redeem code box on the check out page.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glass Dharma The Original Glass Straw

A Big Thank you goes out to the Glass Dharma Company for sending me the straws to use for this review. I was not paid for my opinion. 

Cleaning Brushes
Me and my family tested out Glass Dharma straws this week. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths, they also offer some with decorative dots. you can even  contact the company for custom orders if you are in need of a straw for that favorite cup. Prices range from $6.50 to $40.00. it all depends what size you order and if its a single straw or a set. The company also makes special cleaning brushes for there glass straws and hemp sleeves that come in five colors to carry your Glass Dharma Straws in.

I was sent four Beautifully Crafted Glass Dharma straws and Two sizes of cleaning brushes. The cleaning brushes work great and are excellent quality. We received a short 7mm sipper straw that has beautiful blue dots on the top. This straw is cute and Both my Husband and four year old daughter have fought over this straw every Day since we received it. I preferred the the Bent straw its a bit bigger diameter than a regular drinking straw but I liked the bent neck. I also liked the Biggest diameter of straw they sent me the 12mm they call it the smoothie size its  a clear straw no colored dots on it which is OK with me I don't mind its fat enough to drink frozen coffee or milk shakes and thats what i love about it.

I thought the Glass Dharma straws had a unique feel when drinking out of them I think its because they are solid and don't give any when you drink out of them. they are made out of the same type of glass that Pyrex dishes are made out of its called Borosilicate glass so they don't break easily like other types of glass does. they are Microwave and dishwasher safe so that's great.

The Glass Dharma is 100% made in the USA I Love American Made products.  They also stand behind there product with a Life time guarantee if it breakes or chips you can send them the straw and If they can not repair it to original condition they will gladly replace it for FREE. Now that's what I want to hear when a product says it has a guarantee.

My family is now completely in love with Glass Dharma.

For all my readers readers you can curently get 15%off all purchases made by December 31,2011 just use coupon code   ShoppingSpree   at check out. You can also get Free Shipping on all orders over $100

Monday, November 14, 2011

Yuuki Menstrual Cup

I was given the oppertunity to review the Yuuki Menstrual cup it was given to me by the Yuuki company The

First the Stats on the Yuuki Menstrual Cup they can be found hear http://www.yuuki.cz/cz/menstruacni-kalisek/
Yuuki comes in two sizes size one and size two
size one is designed for girls and women who have not had a child Size Two is foe women who have given birth and are older than 28 years of age.

Left Size 1 Right size 2

Cup No. 1 (small):
  • length   67 mm
  • width (average)  42 mm
  • capacity  25 ml
  •  capacity to the safety ring 13 mm
Left Size 1 Right size 2
Cup No. 2 (large):
  • length   75 mm
  • width (average)  47 mm
  • capacity  37 ml
  • capacity to the safety ring  25 ml
The Yuuki menstrual cup is made from liquid silicone rubber Silopren LSR 4050 which is safe and non toxic and does not contain any dyes or  phthalates it also prevents the multiplication of bacteria.

My Yuuki cup came to me in a bubble envlope inside of a Cardboard storage tube. It also included Easy to read Instructions which i had no trouble figuring out and I believe even a young girl woul be able to understand.. I believe the Yuuki  cup is one of the more firmer feeling cups which makes it Pop open easier in my opinion. I like the angle of the suction holes I feel like it gives me a bit more wear time before it needs to be emptied. The Grip Rings on the bottom are great. They are nice and grippy and make it super easy to get a hold of when trying to remove it. So if you are a momma who has trouble with a slippery cup the Yuuki cup may be for you. It also has a very soft flexable hollow stem which makes it harder to feel.

I Know the cup comes in two sizes I have given birth to two babys and had 3 pregnancys and I am able to use either Cup. the size two cup is definatly longer than the size one so if you have a lower cervix you may have trouble with the size two not sitting high enough.  The size one does not hold as much as the size two so you would have to empty more often.  Both cups have measurement lines on them so that makes it easier to tell your gyn how much your flo is.

Cleaning is super easy like my other Cups I simply wash in warm soapy water and allow to dry good before I put it backin the storage Container. If I find the suction release holes around the rim are blocked I simply fill the cup with warm water place my hand over the top so it forms a seal and then squeez the bottom of the cup forcing the water out of the holes. I have never had a problem getting it clean.

Storage is unique with the Yuuki cup Most Menstrual cups come with a cotton or satin storage poutch but the Yuuki comes with a cardboard tube with a plastic lid for storage. I like the container but its a tad bulky for my purse so I would probable want a cloth poutch of some sort for when i need to carry it with me. They do have cloth poutches available on there site http://www.yuuki.cz/en/price/ if you wanted to buy one when you ordered your Yuuki Cup.

I believe the Yuuki Cup to be a quality product for a great price around $25 USD which is not much considering you can use it again and again for many years to come. I would have no Problems with getting one for my daughters when the time comes.


Friday, November 11, 2011

HB Wigglebottom animated books songs & lessons

Just a quick end of the week  review on a cool site I found today called Free HB Wigglebottom animated books songs & lessons  http://wedolisten.org/

The side has severial Free Animated kids books that teach about listening. They also have some games, songs and coloring pages that you can do.

The books are good kids stories you click on the story you want to hear and it reads the book to it. they are only a few minutes long and My four year old liked them they teach some good things about how to listen and why you should listen. The only thing we had a bit of trouble with was that the back ground music and the sounds were a little loud and it took away from hearing the actual story a bit. Other than that We liked them and they were fun. So check out HB Wigglebottom http://wedolisten.org/

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lunchskins By 3greenmoms Lunchskins.com

Our Lunchskins the way they look straight out of the package

We received lunchskins free from 3greenmoms for this review I was in no way paid for my opinion it is all my own.

Lunchskins are  reusable snack and sandwich bags. They come in a variety of sizes designs and colors and I think i like them all, they close with hook and loop Velcro. They are Made from Certified food-safe fabric, they are Made in the USA, are Dishwasher safe and are lead-free, BPA FREE and Phthalate-free.

Every year over 20million plastic baggies are thrown away accost the US. In just one year lunchskins have saved more than 12 million plastic baggies from being thrown into landfill and ocean-fill waste. so they are great for the environment. I think what I like best thought is that they save me money as a mom I love to save money since they are reusable I get to use them again and again and again.

Lunchskins come in three sizes snack size sandwich size and sub sandwich size. We received the snack size and the standard sandwich size both are very hands sizes and a hole PB&J fits in side easily and the flap closes all the way. You can fit a hole lot of gold fish in one ask my two year old who is in the ME DO IT stage and likes to cram it.

My Daughters Lunch
 We have had Lunchskins for three days now my four year old's first thoughts when she saw it were Mom this rocks can I put some snacks in it now. My Girls have put them through a good test. They have been tossed, stomped, washed, pulled and tuged, fought over and I believe my niece even chewed on it for a while and they still look great. The hook and loop Velcro held better than I expected. I still think I might prefer a zipper but the hook and loop held up fine and it did not pop open as my four and two year old were pulling it back and fourth in one stink of an argument. Apparently they both wanted the stripes today for snack at the time it was crammed full of gold fish as my two year old filled it all by her self and we didn't spill a one. Lunchskins held fast and I was quite impressed.  

I washed Lunchskins in the dishwasher and in the sink they washed well both ways i air dried them on the counter and just kinda propped it open. It worked quite well.

So we are Officially saying Bye Bye plastic Baggies For snacks and sandwiches in our house Reusable baggies are hear to stay.

Lunchskins are a great way to kick off National Recycle Day is on November 15th  visit Lunchskins.com to get some cool reusable bags today.

Questions or comments feel free to contact me at fairycutecreations@gmail.com

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Everyday Minerals

This weeks review is For Everyday Minerals. http://www.everydayminerals.com/

I have tried a lot of the drug store brands of mineral makeup and I was disappointed each and every time. My face either came out orange looking or pasty and most of it didn't hold up to humidity. Everyday minerals is a Natural Makeup it is organic, vegan and Eco-friendly and they do not test on animals. The company believes that natural makeup should not cost a fortune.

My Free sample
The company offers over 300 vibrant shades and colors to match any woman's skin color. They have a wonderful guide to finding which skin tone and color is right for you.They offer free base foundation sample kits, you can pick from the different shades that they have available and they send you the five colors that are in that range so that you can try them to see which is your best match. You get one free sample kit any time you order you do have to pay shipping but it was worth it for me to get to try several shades.  I found there coloring to be true to there color match guide that they offer on there site. All of there makeup products are also offered in small travel or sample sizes which i have to say for a travel size its got quite a bit in it I believe i used my first travel size for a little over a month before i used it all. Tho i don't apply my makeup heavy.

I have used there concealing primer i thought it worked wonderful it helped my make up stay put even when I'm working outside. It also evened my skin tone out better than other mineral primers i have tried in the past.

There base makeup is offered in Matte finish, Simi- matte, original glo which gives you a dewy complexion, and the new IT Base that makes you look all natural like your not wearing any make up at all. I got the Matte base because well the New It Base wasn't out yet or i would have had it because i like my make up to look as natural as possible. I found Everyday Minerals to be light and comfortable and last all day. I can apply Concealer base and finisher all in under 5 minutes. It comes out looking smooth and hides flaws well. The finalizer gives me a nice mat finish and apply's smooth and silky feeling.

I recently tried one of there blushes for the first time because it was on sale. The color was amazingly vibrant and it only took a little bit to give my cheeks a bright Rosy color.

I have to mention there amazing sales I would highly recommend signing up for there newsletter as they send you a little notice when products go on sale. They also have a promotion section on there site where you can some times get free travel sizes of products when you buy so much and even discount codes. I love there prices they are one of the more affordable mineral makeups that I have found and there quality is just as good if not better than some of the more expensive brands I have tried.
Everyday Minerals http://www.everydayminerals.com/

I hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.