Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Math Galaxy Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We are have been using a new math product by Math Galaxy you can find the website here  They offer Math App's in different grade levels for Apple devices. Math Galaxy offers a wide selection of grade levels.

3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Math
5th Grade Math
6th Grade Math
7th Grade Math
8th Grade Math
Pre-Algebra Fundamentals
Algebra Fundamentals
Fraction & Decimal Riddles
Whole Number Riddles
Times Tables Balloon Pop
Whole Numbers Balloon Pop
Word Problems Fun
Zombie Numbers

Math Galaxy teaches students concepts sequentially and interactively. It works on concepts that run through basic math to provide students with a basic understanding instead of memorized rules. Math Galaxy's goal is to give students a foundation for analytical thinking. They also offer several different ebooks that I will tell you about below.

We tried out the 5th grade app as well as the 7th grade app both are currently $4.99 on the app store. As far as pricing go its fair enough.

The 7th grade app was used by my oldest. This app covers a lot of topics for 7th grade math all of which are common core standards. Some of the items covered are rational and signed numbers, linear equations, ratios & proportions, area, surface area, statistical thinking, ratios and proportions, Converting units, percents, fractions, negative number word problems etc. This app gives students information in small manageable chunks then it gives them an unlimited amount of practice problems. We have yet to get the same practice problem twice which means the kids are actually learning how to do the problem and not just memorizing the answers. The app also uses illustrations to help your child visualize the problem they are working on. When your child does problems they earn robots which they can then use in a game called Labyrinth.

The other Math Galaxy app we tried out was the 5th grade app $4.99 in the app store. This app covers a huge amount of common core math standards. Like the 7th grade app it presents concepts in small easy to manage chunks with lots and lots of practice problems. Some of the common core math standards that this app meets are:
Place value, regrouping, comparing decimals, multiplying and dividing whole numbers, addition and subtractions, adding subtracting and multiplying fractions, measurement etc. There are several games on this app to help them practice: Riddles that helps with length, area, volume and time. Labyrinth where you use a robot to search mazes for treasure. Bridge the Swamp covers adding subtracting, dividing fraction and multiplication.

Both girls were felt like the activities were ok and they seemed to pick up a few things that they were having trouble with on there regular math program. How ever they were frustrated with the games that both apps provided. They felt like Labyrinth was to complicated and I'm not sure they ever figured out how to really play it. The money trail game on the 5th grade app was boring for her, she reported that they did not need to actually count the money to be able to win they could just count the number of dots and then alternate turns with the computer to be sure they made the last move. We used these apps on an iPhone 6S and the girls felt like the buttons were to small on that size of screen. So I would recommend using the app on something bigger like and Ipad.

We also received a couple of downloadable ebooks. We tried the Pre-Algebra Fun ebook and the Math Galaxy Whole number bundle. We chose these two because they fit some of the things the girls are currently working on. Both workbooks are printable books and they have color. Our printer is black and white only so our pages are a tad boring.

The Pre-Algebra Fun ebook is a tutorial for middle school students. It gives students explanations and plenty of practice. Current pricing is $9.95 which is fair for the number of pages that you get.

The second ebook we tried out was the Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Fun ebook. It covers hole number operations, time, money, area, length, volume, pictographs, bar graphs, probability. Its fits grades 1-4.  Current pricing is $9.95. This book is also done in color.

The girls were on the fence about the workbooks. They said the pages where they already knew how to do the problems were good but the pages that had problems they had never done before didn't have enough "how to". The sections of the workbooks that we have done gave us a puzzle book feel which one child enjoyed and the other thought was boring. Over all I feel as though the workbooks offer great supplemental practice and cover a wide variety of topics for each grade level. But I don't believe these would be a good stand alone because of the lack of explanation and I don't see there being enough content in them to to last an entire school year.

3rd Grade -Algebra Fundametals Math Apps {Math Galaxy Reviews}

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

David C Cook The Action Bible Anytime Devotions Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in
exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I was given the chance to try out The Action Bible Anytime Devotions by David C Cook. The book can be purchased at You can also visit the David C Cook's website here This is a devotional designed just for kids. Its filled with 90 different devotions that cover topics that kids may encounter in daily life. Topics such as honesty, anger, listening, fear and many more. The simple prayers are easy for kids to understand and remember so when they face challenging choices in life they can fall back on lessons learned in this devotional.

The girls started reading this devotional a few days a week before bed. We like how the table of contents is written. The table of contents is broken down by chapter and verse but it also gives your child a suggestion for when they might need the verse. Some examples are "Like Whenever you fear (trust)- Jeremiah 17:7-8",  "When There's a Bully (Hope)- 1 Samuel 86:5-7", When You need a Plan( Trust)- Jeremiah 29:11-13, When you feel like hiding (Courage)-Genesis 3:8-9, When you are lonely(Love)-Genesis 1:27. By having the table of contents broken down this way it allows the girls to zero in on a topic they might be having trouble with.

I really let the girls just explore this book and choose the chapters that they felt drawn to.The girls went straight to the - When There's a Bully chapter. I thought they chose this chapter because Little Bit has had some trouble with a boy in her martial arts class. This chapter is based on Samuel 86:5-7. The other chapter they seemed most drawn to is the Whenever you fear(trust)- Jeremiah 17:7-8. The chapters are only a couple of pages long so the girls have time to fit these devotionals in between activities or before bed. Each chapter gives the child a story to relate to then has some examples of Bible stories with a similar problem. It then helps children to apply it to their situation. Giving them some suggestions or advice on ways to handle it. They are also given a guided prayer to practice. Which the girls found helpful when they were unable to find the words. Lastly each chapter gives them a Take it Farther suggestion. This tells them where they can find other stories in The Action Bible that might relate to the same or similar theme that encourage readers and praise God.

We describe the illustrations in this book as comic book style which seems to be poplar with kids in this age range. The girls are very much into art and drawing at the moment felt like they were very detailed illustrations and were pleased to see that they were not outdated pictures. We took a look at who the illustrator was and discovered he has illustrated some of the girls favorite Marvel Comics and DC Comics. The girls like to discuss what they think is happening in the illustrations before beginning the lesson. Then as they progress through the lesson they will discuss what the illustration is actually depicting.

Over all this is a great affordable anytime devotional. I love that its easy for them to relate to and that they can read and understand it on there own. The illustrations are top notch and we look forward to finishing up this great little devotional.

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions {David C Cook Reviews}
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Friday, March 13, 2020

New Shower

Take a look at the new shower. Cant believe it actually works!

Monday, March 9, 2020

When the children are away for the weekend Momma gets the last of the Apple Crisp!

Friday, February 28, 2020

This is the towel rack I made for the new bathroom. The door knobs are vintage a gift from an old family friend. I used my handy dandy cricuit that a neighbor gave me to make the saying and I heat presses it on. The girls are in love with it and I feel like it adds a little motivation to begin the day

Thursday, February 27, 2020

My grow light from last year died and I had to restart some of our seeds. We got these nifty new sled grow lights that come in strips. You can have just the blue lights on or the red or both depending what growth cycle you are trying to encourage. So far my seedlings are really responding and I am excited to see that my plants are doing better than they did with the old grow light. I repurposed this old plant rack to make a seed starting station in our dining room. I cant wait for all the yummy garden goodness.

Monday, February 10, 2020


Me and the sidekicks are in the home stretch on the bathroom project. This weekend the girls and I got the last of the grout done for the shower tile. Now we wait for it to finish curing so we can test it out. If you look real close next to the toilet you can see the linear drain we installed. Lets pray that it works as well as the company says it does. We also go the new toilet installed. The side kicks are excited to report that it actually works. The space saving design fits better than the old one and we actually have some clearance between the wall and the tank now. The sink is ready to be hooked up after work this week. We now have a working vanity light over the sink. I splurged and bought new fluffy towels for me and the girls first time in 12 years that I have bought bath towels.

I still a little dry wall work to do on the ceiling by the light fixture, then its ready for paint. After that we will be hanging the shower curtain and this job will be done. 

Saturday, February 1, 2020

This month we are beginning to start seeds for the garden. We have 2 kinds of lettuce, some yarrow, and 4 pots with artichoke seeds. The yarrow sprouted this week and we are hoping to see some lettuce and artichokes start sprouting this week.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

My side kick and I found a little time to work on our bathroom project that has been going on for months now. The floor tile is down I think it came out great for my first time laying tile. My crazy self decided on this herringbone pattern for the accent wall of the shower stall. About an hour into tiling the wall I kept loosing track of the pattern and my side kick swooped in to save the day. That one wall took me 2 1/2 days to complete with having to climb up and down 2 flights of stairs every time I had to cut a tile. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Progress, progress this weekend I laid the tile for the bathroom floor. Next up grout and shower tile. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in
exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I
compensated in any other way.

We have been members of for many years now. We have watched it grow into what it is today. This year we received an Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership. is curriculum for grades Prek through High School as well as a variety of resources for parents.

There is so much to it is impossible to include everything it has to offer in a review. Things I find most important in my homeschool are the lesson plans, video library, ability to customize my lessons to my kids needs, as well at the literacy center.

Video Library: We love the video library I can find all sorts of videos here. If I need a history video to go along with something the girls are learning I click the video tab and scroll down to the history section. Odds are I will be able to find something that will fit right in with what we are working on. I have yet to find a video offered in that I felt had content that was not ok for my kids to watch. The girls like the science videos the best. They are fascinating and offer so much information. I often find the girls just browsing through the science videos when they are looking for something to watch during screen time. I prefer the Drive Through History videos, I wish they had history lessons like these when I was in school.

Literacy Center: Has a wealth of information. It has everything from tips on teaching your child how to read to comprehension skills. There is a section of downloadable books for K to 4th grade students. We have used a fair amount of these books over the last few months. I find that they are all great quality books and I love having a selection that I can download when we just cant make it to the library. I have found the reading comprehension help section to be great. When you first look at this section it gives you some choices like can I identify the main idea of a passage or Can I place events of the story in the proper order. You simply find the area you are looking to help your child with. Then when you click on the section like: Can I place events of the story in proper order it will give you some lessons to help your child work on these.

World book: Is a Resource gold mine that offers. World Book Online is basically an online version of the old Encyclopedias that we had back in the day before computers. I have set up the girls computers with the log in for world book so they can access it when ever they need to. My only down fall is the password changes from time to time and I have to log back into to get the new password. Its some times an issue if I am at work when the password expires and they need to look something up. Once logged in the girls can search topics and research just about anything they are interested in. We find everything from written articles to videos about different things. Its a great resource for us because we don't always have access to a library when we need it and I am very glad it comes with our yearly subscription.

Last but not least are the lesson plans. You can find the lesson plans under the planning tab at the top of the screen. They offer other things under this section like course information, Schoolhouse Planner, Scope and sequence etc. But the lesson plans are the biggest time saver for me, they are easy to download and print if I wish to go that route. I mostly keep everything digital now days. Eight years into this homeschooling journey and the paper records are really starting to pile up. Anyway I can change the lesson plans where I need to or leave them as is and just follow along. Below you can see a screen shot sample of a Drive Through History lesson plan. I pulled this one to go along with our current history program that is very boring. I don't need all the lesson plans on this on because its a supplemental but it gives you an idea of what they look like and how you might be able to customize them to fit your families needs.

Over all is a homeschooling resource that we just keep coming back to. Some years we use it more than others but its one of those staples that I can customize to fit our needs. Some times we use courses as our main curriculum and other times we use it to supplement like we are doing this year. If you just need it for the World Book resources and you can totally do that. Need a foreign language yup they have that too. Want to use it to pull a full years worth of curriculum for multiple grade levels go ahead because it has something for basically every grade level. I would love for everyone to click the banner below and see what some of the other crew members might be saying about it. 

Online Homeschooling For the Whole Family { Reviews}