Friday, March 30, 2012

Leather Jewels

I love Jewelry and Leather Jewels makes some really cool hand crafted Jewelry. Everything is reasonably priced. from rings at $8.00 to Necklaces at $47.00. I am sure everyone can find something they love and can afford.

I featured Leather Jewels Items a few weeks back and I thought the time was right to display some of there other works of art. they were kind enough to send me a variety of thing they have to offer.  Beautiful hand painted bracelets.  Wonderful hand stamped necklaces and bracelets. I got a little carried away with the pictures because I wanted to show each item they sent me in detail. I received a Hand painted bracelet that has two snakes on it.  The colors are beautiful and I love the texture. It is slightly raised and reminds me of scales.

There were tow different hand stamped bracelets one has the word WANTED stamped on it and one has Africa stamped on it. The stamping is very clean and evenly done. I love the buckles on the bracelet with Africa stamped on it the WANTED bracelet closes with a small leather string.
Buckles seem to be in style right now and I received a wide cuff bracelet with double buckles on it and a narrower bracelet with a single buckle and silver chain decoration. Both are very nice bracelets. Pay attention to the sizes of the bracelets when ordering. To be sure you get the proper fit for your size of wrist.

Both me and my girls have really loved checking out all the beautiful jewelry that Leather Jewels sent to us. I hope you enjoyed seeing it and hearing about it. Check them out at .

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kidz Gear

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As a parent I am tired of buying products for my kids that are poorly manufactured. I don't want to spend money on a product that for my daughters that is going to break in a week. I am fed up with the bad quality of Kids products on the market today. So I went on a search to find some products that were made with the Quality that I expect. This search lead me to Kidz Gear.

"Kidz Gear is about delivering a line of products and accessories with adult product features, performance and quality levels, but available at a price-point in-line with products for children."

my 2yr old rockin out with her Kidz Gear headphones
This Company founded by a fellow mom who was fed up with poorly manufactured kids products so she started Kidz Gear and I recently got the chance to Review some of her products. Kidz Gear makes volume limiting headphones for kids they are Grown-Up Performance built for Kids.

I received several Items from Kidz Gear. A pair of  Kidz Gear Award winning wired Headphones for kids price $17.99, a pair of their wireless IR car headphones for kids price $24.99, and there new headphones that include an In line Remote/Mic Audio Control price $29.99. I also received a volume limit cable control that allows me to control the volume on any stereo Headphones price $5.99.  A 3.5 mm stereo headphone splitter cable price free with specified purchase. They were also kind enough to send me there carry bags for the headphones price $5.99.  They also have IR Wireless Transmitter that you can buy to use in your home it sells for $14.99 I did not review this item though. The company also offers a couple of great bundle deals for families with more than one Child or a family that just needs more than one pair of Headphones. Everything can be found hear at

My Four year old
Since these are made for kids I took a little more time to really test them out. I wanted to see how they would hold up over a longer period of time with my 2 and 4 year olds. I was not actually able to use wireless IR Headphones because our current car does not have the IR Feature but the quality of the Headphones looks to be the same as the others that we did try and use. We use both the wired Headphones and there New In line Remote/Mic Audio control headphones with my Galaxy tab and the girls InnoTabs.

My favorite part of the Kidz Gear headphones is that they are volume limiting so they can only be turned up to a safe level.  This feature reduces the risk of your child doing damage to there hearing by listening to movies or music too loud. This was one of the main features that drew me to the Kidz Gear Head phones. The second thing I liked the most is that they Look and fit and performed like adult headphones but in Kids Size. They fit both my 4 year old and 2 year old. The fit is amazing and the sounds quality is great its crystal clear. My girls love them because they look Just like the ones Daddy uses to play guitar. Kidz Gear Headphones are easy to use they have adjustable sides that slide up and down and stay at the size you set them at. The Ear part is nicely padded and both of the girls say they are comfortable. I found both pairs to be quite durable. My 2 year old had dropped them I don't know how many times. She even leaned back against them once when they were in her car seat and she climbed in on her own. We recently went on a 2 hour car trip and they used them the hole way. I was excited not to have to hear Happy feet and e books the entire way.  The only Issue I came accost is that one pair of headphones had a smaller Jack on it than the other pair did and it would not fit my galaxy tab. The Issue was easily fixed with a adapter so it wasn't a big deal. The headphones with the In line remote/mic has a different type of volume control than the Award winning wired headphones. It is more of a button type of control that has a mic in it. Where as the Award Winning Wired headphones has a little wheel that you role to turn the volume up or down. I did not have an apple product to test the mic with and I'm going to be honest I couldn't figure out how to get it to work with my galaxy tab so I cant say if that feature it works  with the Android system.

The Kidz Gear makes a carry bag for there headphones. When I saw it online and that it was only $5.99 I thought to my self this thing is going to come apart in a week. Ok I'm a big girl I can admit when I am totally wrong. This Carry bag rocks its got a easy to pull draw string that my girls can open and close easily.I was not expecting it to be lined with a super soft material. All of the Headphones fit in easily with plenty of wiggle room. Its sturdy too the stitching is great and it has held up well for us. An let me tell you my girls have really used this bag. 

The last item in my goody bag from Kidz gear is a volume limit cable control that allows me to control the volume on any stereo Headphones price $5.99.  A 3.5 mm stereo headphone splitter cable. So I tested the Volume Limit cable on a pair of  old ear buds with my daughters innotab and they work wonderfully. It only allowed the music to get so loud. I also tested out the splitter cable with two pairs of the Kidz Gear headphones and my laptop. Ok it was great they could both watch a movie and I did not have to listen to it. Silence is bliss.... 

We love our Kidz Gear !
"I recieved all products mentioned in this review as free samples to review.  No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience."

Friday, March 23, 2012

Body and Sole Comfort Re-usable gel cushions

Like many women I love my High Heel shoes but hate the pain it causes my feet. I came accost a great product the other day.  That makes Wearing High Heel shoes more comfortable.

There is a great company called Body and Sole Comfort. They sell re-usable gel foot cushions that are made and packaged right hear in the USA without petroleum and with a packaging design that is 98% reusable! They come in three great shapes for various parts of your feet. The Lily Pad Price $20.00 for a pair of 2 is for the ball of your foot or the top of your foot for lace or boot discomfort. The DOT price $13.00 for a set of 4 dots. The Dot is used between toes for flip flop comfort or on the tops of toes to help keep blisters from forming. Happy Heals are there theirs product price $18.00 for a pair of 2. They are used on the back of your heal or along the front of your toes. They also offer a package deal with all three products Price $30.00. Body and Sole comfort is getting ready to launch a new shape in October. This is there site where you can find all of there great products.

The lily Pad on my foot
Body and Sole Comfort Re-usable Comfort Gel Cushions arrived in just in time for me to test them out at a wedding reception. I wore the most uncomfortable pair of heels I own just to see if they would really make them more comfortable. Now normally i cant stand to wear these heels for more than a couple hours because they make the balls of my feet hurt so bad. I stuck the Lily Pads on the ball of each foot positioning it like the directions said. They are super easy to use. They stick right to your foot. I Put on my heels and off I went. I was on my feet for about 8 hours and not once did I have to take my heels off. Were my heels as comfortable as my favorite pair of running shoes no but I don't think any pair of High heels is. They did how ever make my feet a hole lot happier. I have since tried them on the top of my feet I wear a pair of steel toed work boots on a regular basis and some times the laces on the boots rub. The Lily Pad also worked great for this. I mentioned before that they are reusable your simply wash them with soap and warm or cold water and allow them to air dry or you can dry them with a blow dryer. You then stick them to the plastic bag that they came in one on each side and place them in the cloth pouch that they came with for storage.

I also was given the opportunity to try The DOT. these are small gel dots that you stick to your foot in any area that you are having discomfort. Between toes for flip flops. Where the straps of your sandals hit. You can used them on the tops of your toes really any place that you needed to. I used min between my toes for my flip flops. That did feel a little funny. I got used to it very easily though. I also stuck one on the back of my heel where I always get a blister from my work boots. I have tried a lot of other products to prevent getting a blister in this spot.  They usually slip around or just don't prevent the blister from forming.The the Dots are amazing. My work boots a lot more comfortable. I was surprised to find that they stayed stuck to my foot all day in hot boots. I thought the sticky stuff would start to fail after my feet got hot.  But they held on tight and at the end of a day of ditch digging I was blister free and that makes me very happy. You wash them with a mild soap warm or cold water and either let them air dry or dry them with a blow dryer and stick them back on the little plastic sheet they came on. So you can use them again another day.

The dot between my toes

They have a new shape for the bottom of the heel. It will be coming out in October and I cant wait to see it. My mom suffers from heel pain and I think this new shape may help her. She has recently been trying other gel inserts and foam cushions but they go flat and slip around leaving her frustrated. I am looking forward to the new product.

Body and Sole Comfort Gel Cushions

                                                      made in USA


Monday, March 19, 2012

Soft-t Mug

Another great product from Liquid Soluion Its called the Soft-t Mug. It is a 14oz  thermal Travel Mug this is what the company says about there new tumbler

"Say hello to Sof-t, where comfort, style and innovation meet. Sof-t is the new line by
Liquid Solution® that combines stainless steel and pliable plastic to enhance the strength,
durability, cleanliness and eco-friendliness of traditional double wall mugs while adding a fresh look and feel. This 100% recyclable material combination offers heat retention
that rivals the competition’s while creating a softer, slip-free grip. The Sof-t mug is dishwasher safe and, as always, is BPA-free."

I received a blue Soft-t from Liquid solution as a free sample for this review it in no way influenced my Opinion.

Ok so going to admit I am a bit of a coffee addict. I have tried a lot of coffee cups. This one is a bit different the inside is stainless steel and it has a slip-free grip on the out side it feels like a silicone material and its got a little squish to it when you squeeze it feels Neat when I hold it. I gave it the coffee test I put about 14 oz of fresh brewed coffee in the Soft-t with the lid on and let it sit on my counter for an hour it was still hot enough for me to enjoy. The Mug is dishwasher safe. so makes it easy to clean. Something that's important in a busy moms life. because its stainless steel you cant put it in the microwave. I love that its Eco friendly and I have found it to be durable I have dropped it a few times and knocked it out the cabinet and its held up well.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

FUMI Keep Safe

Every Momma has wished for a safe place to put there rings while they wash there hands or cook something. No one wants to put that beloved Wedding ring or family heirloom on the counter where it could get knocked off possibly down the drain. FUMI has solved the problem with the Keep Safe Instant Ring Holder. It is a Heart Shaped necklace that has a special opening on it where you can safely keep your rings while doing all those daily activities. Keep Safe comes in both Gold and Silver finishes with a reinforced 18” chain! The Keep Safe runs about $24.95 and can be found at

I received my Keep Safe from FUMI as a free sample for this review. I have the silver finished Keep Safe and its beautiful. I have used it quite a bit in my day to day activities. I found it to be a very handy piece of jewelry. I frequently make home made bread and dinner roles so taking my rings off in the kitchen is something I do several times a week. Now I just clip my Wedding rings on to my Keep Safe and continue on with my cooking. I no longer have to worry about them getting covered with bread dough or worse falling down the drain. The Keep Safe is even handy for your sunglasses. The Quality of the Keep Safe is quite good. the only Issue I had with it is my daughter got a toy caught on it when she went to give me a hug and yanked it really hard. One of the small links that holds the clasp on pulled apart. It was easily fixed in about 2 minutes( the time it took me to hunt up a pair of pliers.) and I am back to wearing it again. It looks good with everything I wear in my day to day life.

You can find more Great Products from FUMI at

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Leather Jewels

I am a sucker for beautifully crafted jewelry. My newest love is Leather Jewelry. I found the company Leather Jewels. They make some beautifully crafted Jewelry and I wanted to share with everyone.

They make lots of different bracelet designs. They have everything from plain to carved, braided and hand painted items. They even have some braided leather designs that are just amazing.Leather Jewels also makes leather rings, pouches, key rings, earrings and hair barrettes. Leather Jewels has wide price range so I'm sure there is something everyone can afford. I will be reviewing several of their items in the comming weeks this is the first of them.

A close up of the necklace
 I received several items as free samples for this review. I decided I would review all of the braded Items together in one Review as they are all similar and I thought they would go well together. I found the braided leather designs to be very unique, it was definitely not something I had ever seen before. I have no idea how they do it but I love it.The necklace I received is made of a dark brown leather and has what they call enamel decorations on it. Mine are a beautiful blue color. I do wish the clasp on the necklace they sent was a bit heavier. With the Kids I am a little worried about one of them pulling on it and breaking it.  Other than that I am thrilled with it. I received a wonderful pair of braided dangling earrings that are very beautiful. I have no idea how they got the braiding so small, I am amazed. The Artist is truly talented. They also sent me a narrow braided bracelet my daughter has actually claimed this one. Its what she calls curvy and it fits her style well. Its beautifully done and it uses a knot clasp to hold it closed I feel that it holds well and I haven't had a problem with it coming undone. 

I would love for everyone to come check there Leather Jewels at

Monday, March 12, 2012

Liquid Solution

 Drinkware for Life’s Journey

I received the Majes-Tea from Liquid Solution as a free sample for this review. The Majes-Tea is a Tea Brewing System. It sells for about $14.99 at

The Majes-Tea allows you to put your tea in a little basket on the top of the bottle Fill it with your hot water screw on the lid and it will brew your tea right in the bottle. its very simple to use even my grandma can do it. Its 100% BPA free and the bottle is insulated so your tea stays Hot or cold.

 I wanted to give the the Majes-Tea a try as soon as it arrived. I tested it out making green tea because that's what I had in the cabinet at the time. I put my tea in the little basket put the basket in the bottle leaving the little handle up so i could remove it when my tea was done. I heated some water in the microwave and pored it in the bottle right over the tea bag filling the bottle so the basket was about half way submerged. I then put the lid on it and promptly forgot about it as usual I got busy being Momma and didn't get the chance to stop and think about my tea for the next hour. When I finally remembered I went to check on it my tea was still HOT and I don't mean Luke warm either. It was the perfect drinking temperature. I removed the basket and put the Lid back on its got a great flip top that snaps closed to keep your tea from spilling in the car or while your kids are running in between your legs as you try to walk through the living room with tea in hand. My tea tasted good and brewed nicely. I am very happy with the Majes-Tea Brewing System from Liquid Solution.

They also make other great drinkware for coffee and even cool fold able water pouches. All of which you can find hear at

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I recieved one Arm Protector as a free sample for this review.

As a parent I figure at some point or another one of my kids is going to break a bone. So when I got the opportunity to review this great product from DryCorp I was excited.

DryPro is a Waterproof Arm or Leg Protector. Its basically a High Quality sleeve made of Surgical Latex that you slip over the cast it fits Snug around the arm or leg above the cast. You then attach a small suction bulb to a special valve and you use that to suck the air out of it creating a waterproof seal that keep your cast dry. When your ready to remove it you simply slip a finger in between your skin and the sleeve and let the air back in and then take the DryPro off. They are super durable and can be used daily for months on end. They even make the one for your leg with a special NO SLIP Grip on the bottom to prevent falls in the shower. You can swim shower etc with the DryPro and It cant be pulled off. They come in several sizes and they company offers a easy to read sizing chart to help you find just the right fit for your need. They have recently come out with some new DryPro products for other medical needs they have a PICC Protector, a Ostomy Protector, and a Prosthetic Protector. They also come with a 90 day Replacement Warranty. If your in need of a DryPro come check out all they have to offer at
DryPro Is also another great Made in the USA products that I am honored to support.

this is my hand in the DryPro
Now I don't currently have anyone in our home with a broken arm or leg. So I could not test the arm protector that I received with a cast. but I did put my arm in it and removed all the air super easy to do by the way. I then gave my girls a bath with it on just to see if my hand would stay dry. My hand remained completely dry and I had no trouble with it. There website says that It cant be pulled off now I wanted to test this out because we all know Kids are like professional escape artist or something. I spent 20 minutes trying to yank this thing off my arm. I pulled on it My kids pulled on it, I flapped it I flopped it  but it would not budge. Now it would come off if they stuck there finger in the top of it between the sleeve and your skin because that would allow air back in and it would no longer have its vacuum seal. I definitely wish I had this thing a few years ago when my husband broke his hand he was always getting it wet in the shower no matter how we put bags on it some water always got in. I even showed it off to my dad he had to ask me why I didn't know about it sooner he would have loved to have the Leg Protector when he broke his foot. Its a great product and would be a real summer saver for any parent with a kid and a broken arm or leg. I also love that they offer PICC Proctors and Prosthetic Protectors I know there are lots of people would could really use these to make there every day life that much better.

You can find the DryPro at
If you have every had a broken arm or leg or even Know of someone who has. Or if you know of a Veteran with a Prosthetic or a neighbor or a friend I encourage everyone to come vote to get DryPro on shelves at Walmarts all over. you can vote hear at
Vote for DryPro! I am.

usa Made in the U.S.A