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ARTistic Pursuits Inc.Sculpture Technique Model Review

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
You got to love art right? Wrong I am just not an art person. I try but I can never come up with anything cool for the girls to do for art class. Its just not my thing they tell me I am BORING. This is where ARTistic Pursuits Inc. comes in. The girls are excited to be using the Sculpture Technique Model book. This book is designed for ages 11-18, however my girls are 6 and 8. This means they needed a little help with some of the projects. We did modify a few small techniques to match there skill level. It has worked out quite well for us and I am excited to see how they can put these techniques to use in future projects.

This book gives students specific assignments that help them focus on working with specific materials such as putty, pottery and fiber arts. It helps them to develop the technique's to create things in three-dimensions. Students works as real sculptors while being able to pick a subject that matters to them.

I was able to find most of what we needed at the local hobby store and home improvement store. I read through the book before I ever let the girls get there hands on it. I wanted to see what they would be doing before hand. Since they are a bit below the age level of this book they did need some extra explanation on some things and they did better with a little mommy demonstration on some of the techniques.

I had the girls started out by doing some reading in the book. I found its better to have them read the lessons and look at the pictures before they ever have any of the supplies in front of them. Its less distracting that way because what kid doesn't want to just squish up the bowl of putty right. They read over the first few assignments and we determined how to get started. The lessons are explained really well even though the book is above there age ranges with a little help they were able to understand what the lessons wanted them to do. We tried the putty assignment first the girls got a bit frustrate with it because they couldn't get there figures to look the way they wanted them to. They would not allow me to share pictures of those creations. How ever there favorite part was the clay section. I think for them the clay was just a bit simpler to work with. They practiced with the clay section a lot working on using different tools and ways to make there creatures look the way they wanted. They really learned how to manipulate the clay to get it to look the way they wanted it to. There figures are not a fancy as the ones showed in the book but they had a lot of fun with it and got really creative and that's the main point of Art.

So here are the little guys that the girls wanted to share with everyone. I am so proud of all the work they put into all of these lessons. 

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

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