Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PinyPon Party

the girls waiting for the party
This weekend we hosted a PinyPon party. I had never even heard of PinyPon tell I got the invitation to host a PinyPon party. PinyPon are mini-dolls world that are designed for independent and modern girls, that love fashion clothes animals and nature. You can collect and create endless characters. PinyPon is a colorful collection of amazing interchangeable friends you can swap everything arms legs, dresses, hair styles, you can even swap there faces. I know its a great idea. They are designed for kids 4 and up this is because there are some small parts involved like purses etc that a small child could choke on. So please please be careful with these if you have little ones in the house.  There is also a PinyPon hotel, apartment, shopping mall, car, and a caravan. We received a caravan and several PinyPon figures for the kids to test out at the party.  

I love the PinyPon figures they look cute and the girls can change them around so they don't get board with them quite as easily. They are easy enough to change around that they can do it on there own. The caravan is super cute the top comes off and when you turn it over it makes a little boat complete with a slide. Inside the caravan the side lays down and has a little bath tub there is even a refrigerator and beds. It does come with a table and chairs and very small dishes be very careful with these some of them are as small as my finger nail and the spoons and forks were like the size of my stud earnings. I sucked a couple up with the vacuum after the party they have gotten lost in the carpet. Over all I love the caravan I was a little disappointed that the flip up window on the side of the caravan keeps coming off. There is also quite a bit of assembly with these you have to put a few things together and there are quite a few stickers that will need to be stuck on. The kids loved PinyPon they spent hours playing with them trading and changing parts and accessories. I cant believe how much fun they had with everything. PinyPon had defiantly on the Christmas list this year. Check out the pictures and see how much fun they had exploring and learning about PinyPon. You can see the PinyPon site http://www.pinypon.com/ you can find PinyPon at several different retailers including amazon and toys r us Prices range between $4.99 and $19.99. A fairly reasonable price for a toy that has so many different fashion options.  I can see a lot more PinyPon in the future Let the Collecting begin!

One of the fashion show certificates we gave out. the kids
had a lot of fun with the fashion show.

We also got to try out a new doll by the makers of PinyPon. Its the Nenuco New Born Makes bubbles doll. Its a cute little baby that drinks form its bottle wets in the potty and blows bubbles when you squeeze its hand. Its a great little baby that is designed for ages 4+. It can be found at several retailers kmart, amazon,toys r us. Hear is the Nenuco site so you can check out all the great Nenuco dolls that they offer. http://www.nenucofamosa.com
I liked the Nenuco baby doll because its got a potty for it to go in. Our other doll that goes potty did not have a potty and the diapers were expensive. Its got a cute face and I love all the chubby baby arms and legs.  The pacifier looks so much like the ones the girls had when they were baby's.  Its just a fun doll that little girls would love to care for.

Disclaimer:I would like to thank MommSelect and PinyPon for providing us with the free toys and supply's used in our PinyPon Party.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

“Littlest Pet Shop” premiere Party

The new "Littlest Pet Shop " will premiere Saturday, November 10th at 11am ET on the Hub TV Network.  The other day Mom Select and the hub gave us the opportunity to Host a Littlest Pets Shop Premiere Party.

Here is a little bit about the show:
Its a half-hour animated comedy series that follows young Blythe and her father as they move into a big city apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop- an amazing day camp for pets of all kinds including a panda, gecko, and even a mongoose. But the real adventure begins when Blythe discovers she can miraculously talk with the animals! the pets may be small, but their big personalities often lead to uproarious pop music-inspired son and dance sequences. The Show has a rating of TV-Y

We started the party by making some fun snacks like Sunil's Magically Disappearing Trail Mix of course the kids made it disappear quickly. We played some super fun games but the kids were anxious to watch the show. So we put together the mask that were in the party pack and the kids sat down to watch. I have not seen kids sit this still and this quiet in a very long time. I can honestly say they enjoyed every minute of the show. They are all looking to watching the Littlest Pet Shop on the Hub on Saturday mornings.

Thank you Mom Select and Hub for providing us with the products and recipes used in our Premiere party. The Kids had Loads of fun and we are all looking forward the Littlest Pet Shop on the Hub.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty List and Giveaway

The holidays are just around the corner, so you know what that means….time for the Melissa & Doug “Terrific Twenty” list! This list compiles the “best of the best” holiday gifts for the 2012 holiday season, and we’re excited to share it here with you!

To celebrate, Melissa and Doug is having a “20 Days of Terrific Twenty” Giveaway on there Facebook page! Every day (starting TODAY, November 6) we’ll be giving away one item from our Terrific Twenty list to at least one of there lucky Facebook fans!

Go to the Melissa and Dough facebook page to enter to win. http://www.facebook.com/MelissaAndDoug

To make checking out the 2012 Terrific Twenty List you can click HERE to go directly to there website.

We love Melissa and Dough toys and they have so many wonderful quality items to choose from we can always find something for our girls. If you are have a special child in your life and want to find them something really great this year I encourage you to click HERE and check out the 2012 Terrific Twenty List.