Saturday, August 31, 2013


I am a do it your self kind of girl.  I can handle everything from building classic cars to wood working to sewing and quilting. I am forever finding my self needing to tie stuff down. When you have to tie something down you have one of two choices rope which is forever tangled up and if you stink at tying knots you risk losing your stuff.  Then there is the bungee cord  they are quick to use but you risk the hook coming loose and let me tell you from personal experience it hurts like you wouldn't believe when hits you, and at some point or another you are going to get caught in the cross fire when you try to stretch it just a little further to make it the right length. I recently found the LoopRope and this baby is a sweet. Its basically a bungee cord with loops along its length so that you can place a clip/hook at various points so you are not trying to over stretch it. You can make it just about any length or tension you need. Click HEAR to see the LoopRope site. They come in 3ft, 4ft and 5ft lengths and you can clip them together with there carabiner clips to make them longer if need be. They come in different packages prices starting at $13.95 on up to $59.95. They also offer different sizes of carabiner clips.

 I received the 5ft LoopRope Cargo Tie Down that comes with two stainless steel carabiner clips it sells for $23.95 Found Hear. I have tried the LoopRope out on a lot of things lately to see how it performed.  I strapped some lumber together with it. It worked well the loops gave me just the right length. The carabiner clips close completely around the cord so I didn't feel like it was going to pop loose. I tried the hooks on the edge of a truck bed a place where they can often times come loose and they held well I believe its because I could use the loops at different points so that it was not over tightened.  We ran it across the middle of our E-Z UP and hooked the clips on each side so that we could use the loops to hang out LED lights from. I even use it to strap the lid down on the trash can when our friendly raccoon decided to rummage in it for a midnight snack. It holds a trash bag on quite well too. It always seems to be the perfect length. I also love that I can hook more than one together to make it longer if need be. I even used it to strap down the bikes in the back for the truck. I love love love that it doesn't tangle up like rope does. It also fits neatly in the back compartment of the durango so that I always have it when I need it. The longer I have it I find my self wanting a few more of them. They would make a great clothes line for camping. I am thinking of getting a couple for my dad for Christmas this year they would be a great gift. 
Please remember that LoopRope is stretchy like a bungee and can snap back if you over stretch it. Use caution and take care when using. LooppRope should never be stretched over 50% of its un-stretched length.
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Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.