Friday, December 21, 2012


Everyone knows when kids get sick the hole house ends up getting sick. The best way to prevent a illness is proper hand washing. With cold and flue season in full swing. I thought there was no better time than now to show off a great new product called SoapTime! SoapTime uses a multimedia "Edutainment" experience of lights, music, and fun facts to keep kids at the sink for 20 seconds. the proper time to ensure clean hands. SoapTime's elephant, ABC and Earth shaped soap bottles snap onto the SoapTime smart Base. The Smart base provides 6 unique songs and factoids for each bottle, which play during its custom LED light shows. Sells for $16.95 for a 4 piece set you get 1 Smart Base 1 Elephant bottle, 1 ABC bottle, and 1 Earth shaped bottle. Each soap bottle is 8.4 oz.

You can click HERE to buy it at SoapTime's secure E-commerce site.
You can check out the SoapTime website has some really great stuff and you can even listen to some demos of the SoapTime smart base.

I love SoapTime its adorable and it works!  SoapTime gets my girls to wash there hands.We have been using it for about two weeks now and we have use three bottles of soap. Yup we have really really clean hands in our house. The girls love this thing so much they are even singing along with the songs. Check out the video below of the HotRod Princess and Snoopy singing along as she washed up before bed.
The Base has some cool fun lights the girls like to wash there hands in the dark because they think the lights are cool. The lights show up really well in the light too. The volume is great, Its loud enough for them to hear it well but not so loud that it runs you out of the bathroom. The Smart base runs on 3 AAA batteries and is still going strong after 2 weeks and three bottles of soap. Led lights help keep the batteries going stronger longer.
All the bottle shapes are nice but the girls have taken to the elephant for some reason could be the cute elephant head. The soap doesn't have much of a smell to me and I like that, I hate heavy scented soap. All of the SoapTime soap is Non-Toxic and Non-Antibacterial. The Elephants soap is beautiful purple colored and has a very light lavender scent. The ABC soap is orange in color and has a light citrus scent. The Earth bottle is a nice shade of green and has a light apple scent. I love the apple scent the most the girls don't seem to have a scent preference.

I thought everyone might like to see what SoapTime looks like in the dark so I did a video with the three different bottles. I played one audio from each of the bottles. The earth shaped bottle was first, the ABC bottle was second, and the elephant bottle was last playing my daughters new favorite tune.

 I can see SoapTime sticking around our bathroom for a long time to come. 

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lebert Fitness Equalizer

photo from Lebert website
I got the opportunity to try out another great work out product a couple months a go. I wanted to really test this one out so I took a little extra time to work with it and see what it could do for me.  Lets get the technical stuff out of the way first. 

Each Equalizer bar weigh about 8 pounds. The dimensions are 28-1/2 inches high by 25 inches wide and it has been tested to support up to 400 pounds of body weight. The Equalizers can easily be stacked together, taking up little storage space.
The package I received  included 2 Equalizer Bars, Beginner/Intermediate Workout DVD with Marc Lebert and Laminated Poster. It sells for $114.99 at

This is what the company says about the Equalizer:
Simplify your exercise routine, and conquer your fitness goals with the LEBERT EQUALIZER Total Body Strengthener™.   The Lebert Equalizer™ is a simple, portable, yet multi-purpose and versatile piece of strength training equipment that works arms, chest, back and core muscles like no other can, using your own body weight as resistance.  Created by personal trainer and Taekwondo Black Belt, Marc Lebert, the Equalizer™ is now being used by athletes of all levels and ages, in bootcamps, group fitness, sports conditioning classes, martial arts clubs and home gyms everywhere.Participants use their own body weight as resistance and decide what level is right for them by "self-spotting". Self-spotting means the legs can be used to assist the user to perform exercises and/or when they cannot continue an exercise. A simple modification (usually leg placement) can allow for the set to be extended.
With the ability to easily add more repetitions (without having to stop and change a pin in a machine or have someone helping) this product becomes very versatile. This simple versatility allows the user full control over the amount of body-weight used for a given exercise. The result is greater muscle endurance and strength. 
Now that the technical stuff out of the way hears How I feel about the Lebert Equalizer. 
I Like it! this thing is so great for something so simple It works wonders. When I opened the box I had to laugh I thought to my self how are two bars going to help me get in shape. I assembled the two Equalizer bars took me all of 10 min including the time it took me to chase Snoopy down when she stole the Allen wrench from me. Its super easy to assemble you don't really even need the directions to figure it out. I put in the Beginner/Intermediate workout DVD in and sat down to watch it. It seemed too simple to do me any good. I can now admit I am not in as good of shape as I thought I was. The beginner/intermediate workout kicked my but My upper body was so sore the next morning that I just had to do it again. I have since gained strength and have modified my work outs to be harder and have added more reps but it does still give me a great workout and allows me to change up my daily workout with out too much fuss. I love that I can do the Equalizer workout in my own living room there is no need to drag my self to the gym or pay gym fees something a mom on a budget is excited about.  It fits in the closet or under my bed so its out of the way when I am not using it. Its a quality built piece of equipment they did not skimp. It has a great solid feel, even when I am doing reverse crunches I feel safe. The Lebert Equalizer has given me a great work out and a good bang for my buck.

Here are some great photos from the Lebert site of my favorite Equalizer Exercises. 

Come check out the Lebert Site for some great videos and more information
Find them on facebook

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wet Ones Sticky Situations Facebook Contest

Like most moms my kids can make one heck of a mess. I have learned over the years to just laugh at the hole mess and take some pictures because they don't stay little forever and I will cherish the memory later. 

Wet Ones is giving us parents the opportunity to share all of the Sticky Situations we have found ourselves in and our great tips on how to deal with the mess through their Facebook Contest! You simply log on and share your Sticky Situation and tips, and you can be entered to win an ipad mini or six Flags tickets!. It only takes a couple minutes to enter I will even give you the link so you don't have to look for it. 

I thought it only fair that I share my Sticky situation and it was all my fault. 
When I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with my second daughter snoopy. I though It would be a great idea to let the Hotrod Princess who was 1 1/2 at the time paint my belly/her baby sister. I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. I probably saw it on one of those pregnancy shows. I sat down on the floor and gave her a paint brush and a plate with washable paint on it. She of course was all excited about painting her baby sister. She spent about 20 minuted painting my belly. Ok I admit it, I think I may have dosed off a little at one point because paint covered both of us the floor and even the wall in the hall way. It took forever to get the paint off the wall and to get us both washed up. I think I laughed the entire time I was cleaning up the mess but its a great memory I will always have. My Great tip if you are going to do belly painting Put plastic on the beige carpet first. and DONT FALL ASLEEP!

Painting Snoopy

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Wet Ones. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Obol The Original Crispy Bowl

A pict of it in the box because she
says the box is important.
With two kids, someone in my house is always eating something. The Obol is quite possibly the best bowl in the world. Well at least for my family it is. Obol is The Original Crispy Bowl. With an Obol you will never eat soggy cereal again. The Obol is the most unique bowl I have ever seen. It has two sections: one down low for your milk and another up higher for your cereal with a little opening so you can swoop some cereal down into the milk before you scoop it out to eat it. It's called the Swoop n Scoop and the girls love it. You can check out the Obol here They have them at every Brookstone store and at  There are two sizes of Obol. The original Obol is 8 in and holds 1 1/2 cups in the top and 2 cups in the bottom. Price for the Obol Original is $19.99. It comes in white, green, red, blue, orange and pink. Then there is the new Obol Jr. it is 7 in and holds 1 cup in the top and 1 cup in the bottom. Price for the Obol Jr. is $10.99. It comes in white, green, red, blue and purple. They also have a cool looking spoon called the Spoonit, and it has a ball shape on the handle and is designed for a steady grip and less drip reservoir and an angled tip. It sells for $6.99. The Obol and the Spoonit comes in some great colors too- green, red, blue, and purple and white. 

I received both the Original Obol and the Obol Jr. and a Spoonit to try out this week. These are some quality made bowls they are not flimsy in any way. They do have a little bit of weight to them but they are not  super heavy they just feel solidly made. I love the cool shape and they just look fun. Obol's unique shape is super easy to hold. They have a no slip grip on the under side of the bowl to help prevent drops. I love the that my cereal doesn't get soggy when one of the girls needs something in the middle of eating. It's not just good for cereal either. The girls have eaten vegetables in the top and dip in the bottom. Chips and salsa, Oreo's and milk offer no problem getting my hand in the bowl to dip them in milk. I can even use it to hold two different snacks at once while the girls are watching a movie.  Snoopy can have her celery in the top, and the Hot Rod princess can have her grapes in the bottom, and mom only has one bowl to wash. They are top rack dishwasher safe- a big plus for those of you that have a dishwasher. I love that the lower part is deep so it's easier for little ones to scoop without sloshing milk all over.  The girls love it as you can probably tell from the pictures. They have argued over who gets to use which bowl since I took them out of the box.  The colors they are bright, fun and beautiful.  The smaller one does stack inside the larger one fairly well. But I am not sure how well two or three of the same size will stack because we don't have two Obols of the same size to test it out. We have the 8 in Obol and the 7 in Obol. I would love to get another 7in Obol so that I have one to use. Another Spoonit would be great so they don't argue over it all the time.
See the great Spoonit shape

The Spoonit is cool with its unique round handle. Its easy to grip and the curved reservoir keeps the milk, yogurt, soup etc. where it belongs. I think the Spoonit would be great for people like my mom who suffer from arthritis because it's very easy to hold on to. The girls both love the spoonit the Hot Rod Princess would like them to make a kid size Spoonit. Because this one is a little too big for her kid size hand and mouth. They did think it was cool and still enjoy eating with it even if it's a little big. I do think they take up a little more room in my kitchen drawer than the average spoon does, but for me it's not a big deal. 

Swoop and Scoop!

Did I mention that Obol Is made in the USA !
I love a great American Made Product. And its BPA Free!

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Eitech Construction Set

I have two little girls who are builders they love putting things together and taking them apart. When I got the opportunity to work with Eitech on a review of one of there products. Eitech makes construction sets for kids. They have kits to build cars plains, dump trucks, tractors, buildings etc. You name it they probably have a construction set to build it. We received the Basic Helicopter Construction set. It is geared for ages 6 and up you can find it hear on there site  sells for about $12 depending on where you order from. They have a wide selection for different age groups from as little as 4 years old to 8+. Prices vary depending on the item.  Hear are a few of the construction sets they offer.

The Eitech Construction Set we  received is for ages 6+ so mommy had to help with the assembly a little. My oldest is 5 and she is very handy with a screw driver. The kits come with everything you need to construct your kit. Ours included a little screw driver and a small wrench to tighten the screws and nuts.  The directions are simple pictures showing you in stages what to assemble next. For the Kit we received there are three pieces that you will have to bend a little the directions show you which ones to bend and how.  The parts were very easy to bend with just my fingers. It was simple to assemble took me about 10 minutes because I stopped to take pictures. It went together nicely and looks just like the picture on the box.  The main rotor and tail rotor even spin very cool in the girls opinion. It is a little smaller than I expected it fits in the palm of my hand. So I wouldn't leave it laying in the floor.

 I took it back apart again so that the Hot Rod princess could try constructing it. I had to help her some with figuring out what part to assemble next but she didn't have any trouble tightening the screws but she did need a little help getting the nuts started. It took her a bit longer to assemble it than it took me but she is only 5.  All in all its a great product that looks and feels like it will hold up as long as it doesn't get left in the floor for mom to steps on.

I think Eitech Construction sets would be a great gift for any little builder. We plan to get a few other models for the girls to construct. 

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

PinyPon Party

the girls waiting for the party
This weekend we hosted a PinyPon party. I had never even heard of PinyPon tell I got the invitation to host a PinyPon party. PinyPon are mini-dolls world that are designed for independent and modern girls, that love fashion clothes animals and nature. You can collect and create endless characters. PinyPon is a colorful collection of amazing interchangeable friends you can swap everything arms legs, dresses, hair styles, you can even swap there faces. I know its a great idea. They are designed for kids 4 and up this is because there are some small parts involved like purses etc that a small child could choke on. So please please be careful with these if you have little ones in the house.  There is also a PinyPon hotel, apartment, shopping mall, car, and a caravan. We received a caravan and several PinyPon figures for the kids to test out at the party.  

I love the PinyPon figures they look cute and the girls can change them around so they don't get board with them quite as easily. They are easy enough to change around that they can do it on there own. The caravan is super cute the top comes off and when you turn it over it makes a little boat complete with a slide. Inside the caravan the side lays down and has a little bath tub there is even a refrigerator and beds. It does come with a table and chairs and very small dishes be very careful with these some of them are as small as my finger nail and the spoons and forks were like the size of my stud earnings. I sucked a couple up with the vacuum after the party they have gotten lost in the carpet. Over all I love the caravan I was a little disappointed that the flip up window on the side of the caravan keeps coming off. There is also quite a bit of assembly with these you have to put a few things together and there are quite a few stickers that will need to be stuck on. The kids loved PinyPon they spent hours playing with them trading and changing parts and accessories. I cant believe how much fun they had with everything. PinyPon had defiantly on the Christmas list this year. Check out the pictures and see how much fun they had exploring and learning about PinyPon. You can see the PinyPon site you can find PinyPon at several different retailers including amazon and toys r us Prices range between $4.99 and $19.99. A fairly reasonable price for a toy that has so many different fashion options.  I can see a lot more PinyPon in the future Let the Collecting begin!

One of the fashion show certificates we gave out. the kids
had a lot of fun with the fashion show.

We also got to try out a new doll by the makers of PinyPon. Its the Nenuco New Born Makes bubbles doll. Its a cute little baby that drinks form its bottle wets in the potty and blows bubbles when you squeeze its hand. Its a great little baby that is designed for ages 4+. It can be found at several retailers kmart, amazon,toys r us. Hear is the Nenuco site so you can check out all the great Nenuco dolls that they offer.
I liked the Nenuco baby doll because its got a potty for it to go in. Our other doll that goes potty did not have a potty and the diapers were expensive. Its got a cute face and I love all the chubby baby arms and legs.  The pacifier looks so much like the ones the girls had when they were baby's.  Its just a fun doll that little girls would love to care for.

Disclaimer:I would like to thank MommSelect and PinyPon for providing us with the free toys and supply's used in our PinyPon Party.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

“Littlest Pet Shop” premiere Party

The new "Littlest Pet Shop " will premiere Saturday, November 10th at 11am ET on the Hub TV Network.  The other day Mom Select and the hub gave us the opportunity to Host a Littlest Pets Shop Premiere Party.

Here is a little bit about the show:
Its a half-hour animated comedy series that follows young Blythe and her father as they move into a big city apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop- an amazing day camp for pets of all kinds including a panda, gecko, and even a mongoose. But the real adventure begins when Blythe discovers she can miraculously talk with the animals! the pets may be small, but their big personalities often lead to uproarious pop music-inspired son and dance sequences. The Show has a rating of TV-Y

We started the party by making some fun snacks like Sunil's Magically Disappearing Trail Mix of course the kids made it disappear quickly. We played some super fun games but the kids were anxious to watch the show. So we put together the mask that were in the party pack and the kids sat down to watch. I have not seen kids sit this still and this quiet in a very long time. I can honestly say they enjoyed every minute of the show. They are all looking to watching the Littlest Pet Shop on the Hub on Saturday mornings.

Thank you Mom Select and Hub for providing us with the products and recipes used in our Premiere party. The Kids had Loads of fun and we are all looking forward the Littlest Pet Shop on the Hub.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty List and Giveaway

The holidays are just around the corner, so you know what that means….time for the Melissa & Doug “Terrific Twenty” list! This list compiles the “best of the best” holiday gifts for the 2012 holiday season, and we’re excited to share it here with you!

To celebrate, Melissa and Doug is having a “20 Days of Terrific Twenty” Giveaway on there Facebook page! Every day (starting TODAY, November 6) we’ll be giving away one item from our Terrific Twenty list to at least one of there lucky Facebook fans!

Go to the Melissa and Dough facebook page to enter to win.

To make checking out the 2012 Terrific Twenty List you can click HERE to go directly to there website.

We love Melissa and Dough toys and they have so many wonderful quality items to choose from we can always find something for our girls. If you are have a special child in your life and want to find them something really great this year I encourage you to click HERE and check out the 2012 Terrific Twenty List.  

Friday, October 19, 2012


GlassFuzion  is the major supplier of crystal glass nail files in the United States to wholesalers as well as to the general public. The company prides its self in bringing you the finest bohemian crystal glass nail files available. They have everything from small crystal glass nail files to foot spa bar files. They even have great nail file cases and a great smelling foot cream. You can get files with added designs and various color choices.  Prices range from $5.95 to $22.95 all there great files and accessories can be found at All GlassFuzion files are easy to care for they can be sterilized with heat, liquid and UV lighting or simply washing with warm soap and water. Frequent use reduces nail chipping and peeling and you can dip in water to get a flawless finish. You can even use them on artificial nails. 

 received a couple products for this review the first is the 5 1/2 in comet nail file. We got the one with the green Swarovski Crystals on it. It sells for $15.95. They come in other colors and designs, I think they are all beautiful and the quality is amazing.  Its a great file for you manicure box its larger size works well on both fingernails and toenails. The Swarovski crystals are beautiful and have held up well. I usually have a hard time finding a nail file I love. I have very brittle nails that chip easily and I often find my self frustrated with regular nail files. I was excited to try out the GlassFuzion file and wanted to put it to the test. Me and the girls had a manicure pedicure night and we did everyone fingers and toes. It worked so well I was surprised at how smooth my nails turned out after I filed them no chipping or splitting. My mom even loved it and she has hard nails that most files leave rough and unfinished looking. Her nails came out so beautifully that she ordered one for her self and my sisters for Christmas. Cleaning it its so simple and easy, just rinse it under warm water you can even add a little soap if you wish. It comes clean and looks just as new as it did before you filed your nails with it. I love that it wont wear out. I go through regular nail files very quickly. Its amazing to me that I wont have to keep wasting money to buy new files every month. The files are worth the little bit extra that you pay. I would love to have one of the 3 1/2 in files to carry in my purse. I am always needing a file for the girls.

The Spa Bar foot file. AMAZING !!!! the  Spa Bar measures: 6.25"x 1.25"  x 0.25" and sells for  $22.95 and worth every penny. It comes in lots of colors so i am sure you can find your perfect one. I received the green one its a very nice color of green. (I would love a blue one). I have really tested this out with summer ending I have some crazy rough feet.  I admit it my feet take a lot of abuse. They are rough from walking around barefoot and they are calloused from my steel toed work boots. I decided it was time to make my feet soft and smooth again. The Spa bar foot file did the job better than anything I have ever tried before. I have tried the sand paper foot files. The scary cheese grader file that was out on tv a few years a go. Nothing has worked quite like the Spa Bar. Its got two sides one is slightly rougher than the other so you start with it. It will get rid of all the really rough stuff if you feet are really really bad you might have to rinse it off. Then you flip it over to the not so rough side and you finish it off this side smooths out anything that's still left and gives your feet a nice silky smooth feel.  You simply rinse your feet off after that an apply your favorite foot cream. I used Glass fussion's foot cream because they sent me a little sample tub and I am a sucker for trying foot creams.  It smells so good and re-hydrated my tired feet. We all know how tired a moms feet can get and a good foot cream is a wonderful experience at the end of a long day. 

The Hard case is the green tube on top

I also received a Hard Case File Protector they are a hard plastic case that comes in two sizes one fits the 3 1/2 in nail file sells for $3.25 and the other size fits the 5 1/2 in file and sells for $3.75. I got the green one to match the file they sent me. Its a very nice color and fits the file well. I love that I have something to protect my crystal glass nail file if I want to stick it in my purse or makeup bag when I travel. Because this file is defiantly going with me when I leave home I love it so much I wont use anything else now. 
GlassFuzion crystal glass files are wonderful and everything I had hoped they would be. They would be a wonderful gift for any mom or daughter.

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for review. All opinions are my own or what my kids thought of the product.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Munchkin Math

We got a great opportunity to work with Munchkin Math this month. It happened to be great timing and worked in with what we have been working on for math this month.
Munchkin math offers 3 great DVD's  one teaches how to tell time and is geared for kids ages 2-9 years old. A shapes DVD that helps teach shapes for ages 2-8 years old. There is also a DVD called Counting Money that teaches yup you guessed it how to count money its geared for kids 3-9 years old. Each DVD sells for $19.99 + shipping  or you can get all three for $39.99 + shipping. found hear at

HotRod Princess wanted to show 12:00  

I thought I would start with the Telling Time DVD since my girls are currently watching it for the 5th time today. This is a cute little interactive video that helps your child learn hot to tell time. Wendy Miller the creator of munchkin math teaches rhymes chants and hand movements to help kids learn to tell time. There is also a cute little animated bird named Cuckoo that my girls love. The DVD runs about 29 minutes and my girls have no trouble watching it for that long. They love love love this video and its sticking with them today Snoopy came in singing one of the rhymes from the video 12 is up and 6 is down and here we go around and around !They are both understand what the big hand does and the small hand. The HotRod princess can now tell time on the hour and is improving on telling time on the half hour.  I am so excited that they are both starting to be able to tell time how ever that makes it harder to trick them into going to bed 30 min early.

 Next up is the Counting money DVD. Counting money has been a hard concept for the Hot Rod Princess. This great little video comes with a FREE money worm mat printable that you can print from there site and use along with the video. In this video they learn the value of each coin, as well as essential math concepts. Using great rhymes, chants and hand movements. The auditory, visual and kinesthetic cues help children learn faster and retain information. The girls really enjoy this video too. The Hot Rod Princess gets more out of it than snoopy does at the moment but she still loves singing along and I believe she is absorbing some of the information. The Hot Rod Princess is starting to be able to identify coins and is doing much better with remembering how much some of the coins are worth. Its a great add on to any math curriculum and its fun to watch I keep getting the rhymes stuck in my head. I caught my self at the store check out counter the other day chanting one. This video is 22 min long and a very cleaver way to teach counting money.

The Shapes DVD is just adorable I love the characters Zoid and Pent as they take the girls through the world of shapes. Kids will have fun learning about shapes and math concepts that will forever be part of there lives. Its a catchy video that the girls really do love watching over and over.  The Hot Rod Princess can now identify a trapezoid thanks to the character Zoid that keeps getting trapped by one she thinks its the funnest thing every time he gets trapped. Snoopy's favorite part is the octagon because she likes singing an octagon has 8 8 sides and making the wiggly octopus legs with her arms. They are both recognizing and pointing out shapes in our daily lives. The Hot Rod Princess informed me when we were driving the other day that a stop sign is an octagon and has 8 sides. The shapes DVD  is about 20 min long and like the other two videos they love watching it over and over again.

All three of theses videos are a great investment and worth the price.  We have really enjoyed adding them to our curriculum and they are watched almost daily they girls actually request them and often argue over which one they will get to watch that day. You know its good when your kids beg to watch it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LeapFrog Touch Magic Rock n' Learn Party

We got an amazing opportunity this month  to Host a LeapFrog Touch Magic Rock n' Learn Party. 

First Up for the Party the Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar:

Little touches. Big learning.™
• Amp up the learning fun and create and perform music while building motor skills and confidence!
• Includes guitar, percussion and special effect sounds—even applause.
• Ten different learning songs let little musicians layer in sounds and create their own unique music.
• The Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar is appropriate for children ages 3+ years.
• Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.

The girls taking there turn at the party!
The Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar teaches: 

Music: Making and listening to music can increase a child's creativity as well as support language, math, and physical development.
Social play: As children get older, they interact more often with one another during play--making things, dramatizing, or playing games.
Motor Skills: Motor skills allow children to coordinate the muscles needed to pull, push, grasp, point, and write.

Price $24.99 and you can Click Hear to get it. 

The kids loved this little guitar its super easy to use touch the on button and it starts playing strum the guitar faster and the song play faster. Its got some cute songs on it that the kids already knew so they could sing along. They had a blast taking turns with it and seeing who could sing the song the fastest. It runs on 3AAA batteries they are included and so far we haven't had to change them. I love that its got volume control on the back Lo and HI. Hi is not as loud as I expected which is a good thing when the girls insist on playing it while I am trying to write this review.  It does not have raised strings the face of the guitar is completely smooth. No groves for gunk to get stuck in. Its simple enough that even the smaller kids enjoyed it. we did take off the strap for the little ones to be sure they did not get it tangled around there neck or other body part. It is very light weight so its perfect for little ones to rock out with.

Second UP in the Touch Magic Rock n' Learn Party is the Touch Magic Learning Bus. Hears what the product is about:

Little touches. Big learning.™
• Hop on board for fun with the alphabet, early vocabulary, motor skills and learning songs!
• Make a movement or touch a sensor to activate the bus and get the learning journey rolling.
• Switch between 3 modes: Learning, Letter Exploration and Music, which includes fun sing-along songs about the alphabet, motion and more.
• The Touch Magic Learning Bus is appropriate for children ages 2+ years.
• Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog® Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning.

This is what it teaches:

Letter names and sounds: To read independently, children must understand the relationship between the sounds in spoken words and the letters that represent those sounds.
Early vocabulary: Children expand their listening vocabulary by matching pictures to words.
Music: Making and listening to music can increase a child's creativity as well as support language, math, and physical development.
Animals: Even very young children can begin to categorize animals by species, imitate their sounds and learn interesting facts about them.

Price $24.99 and you can click hear to get it.

The Smaller Kids loved this one. The music is great its got a lot of my favorite songs on it. Like the touch Magic Rock n' Learn guitar the face is completely smooth so no places for gunk to get trapped. It has both a High and Lo volume on it. Runs on 3AAA batteries and they are holding out quite well we haven't had to change them yet. The little ones seemed to like making there own music with the piano keys and  hearing the animal sounds. The Touch Magic Learning Bus is also very light weight so its easy to carry around the house.

All the Kids had a great time at the touch Magic Rock n' Learn Party Jamming to some tunes and Playing all the fun games they sent us. Great Job LeapFrog! Thanks for another fun product.

We received the materials for the Tough Magic Rock n' Learn Party free of charge as part of a Mom Select Party Hosting Package. The kids had a great time Thanks LeapFrog and Mom Select!!!