Tuesday, November 29, 2011

GoGirl dont take life sitting down


This is a picture of the purple GoGirl I received Thanks GoGirl

I received a GOGIRL from http://www.go-girl.com/ as a sample for this review.

The Go Girl is the feminine urination device that lets you go anywhere standing up No more sitting or trying to hover on a nasty Port-a-potty. They Sell for $12.99 on http://www.go-girl.com/. They are made of medical grade silicone you can either dispose of it after use or clean it and reuse it.

Ok I wasn't sure about using this but with two little girls that often have to potty when hiking or on long drives where there is no Potty I thought lets try it. Its simple to use has an arrow to show you which way is up you simply lower your panties and place the GOGirl against your body to form a seal aim the lower end of the tub where you want the pee to go and well Pee. After you can simply role it up with a tissue and put it in a baggie to wash it later. Seems a little odd at first but European women have used female urination devices for years.

Side view so you can see the shape
Tthe truth is it actually works quite well yes I actually used it and so did my two year old. I do recommend following the instructions and practice using it in the shower the first time. For an adult you do need to control how quickly you are peeing or you will over flow it. Other than that its easy to fit against your body is comfortable to use and is simple to aim. My potty training two year old hasn't peed on my shoe on the side of the road in weeks which I am grateful for. The sides are quite soft and flexible so make sure you are holding it with your thumb in the front and fingers in the back so you are not squeezing the sides or it would squish in and you would get your pants wet.

Go Girl comes with a plastic storage tube that small enough to fit in your purse or back pack when hiking. Now I had trouble getting it back in the storage tube(they do have a video on http://www.go-girl.com/how-to-use-gogirl.asp that shows you how to role it up and it does take some practice rolling it up small enough to get it back in that thing. It would be great if the tube was a bit bigger the length is fine it just needs to have a slightly bigger diameter so it would go in easier. It comes with a plastic baggie to put it in and a tissue to wrap around it so you would need to replace that after you used your GOGIRL You  use your GOGIRL and then put it in the baggie so you can take it home and clean it i would give it a little light shake after you use it because that will get almost all of the pee out of it so its basically dry when you put it in the baggie or in the tube. To clean it you simply wash it with soap and water. You can give it a light shake to help it dry which drys it most of the way as its medical grade silicone and it dry quickly.

The part that fits against your body.
 GoGirl works as advertised and does an Impressive job of it. If you an active out doors girl or Just a woman that doesn't like Icky toilet seats the GoGirl could be for you. Its got a reasonable price and its reusable so hey you get your money worth out of it.
                                       Gogirl is
                                Made In the USA

Dont take life sitting down get your GoGirl today at http://www.go-girl.com/
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