Monday, November 28, 2011

Halo Cup

The Halo Cups we received as samples for this review Great colors

We received the Halo Cup from Steve at Halo Cup for this review Thanks Steve.

The Halo Cup is a spill resistant cup.They come in packs of four cups you get four different colors in the pack and they sell for $8.95 with FREE SHIPPING at 

Notice the Unique Ring on the bottom
NO Tipping
 As a Mom I have tried a lot of kids cups I believe we have had every one walmart sells in the baby section at one point or another. Most of the spill proof cups have soft spouts or valves that wear out after a time and either start to leak or tear from Biting etc. The trouble with most kids cups is there is no real in between a sippy cup and an adult cup that tips easily when bumped. In comes the The Halo Cup it does not have soft spout or a valve of any kind its designed much like a regular adult cup but smaller so little hands it holds about 6.5 oz. and has a special stabilizing Ring around the base that helps prevent the cup from tipping over when bumped or even sat down on the edge of a plate.  The Halo Cups are made of a durable material so they last for years.

The Halo Cup is dishwasher safe so its super easy to clean. Storage for the Halo Cup is a great space saving design, even with the ring on the bottom they still stack up in the cabinet and don't fall all over the place when you open the door.

The Bottom of the Halo Cup
The Halo Cup is advertised as a spill resistant cup and I would say its spill resistant. Its fairly hard to knock over three cups survived a squabble at our dinner table this evening with all the pulling and tugging of things accost the table with elbows flying I am proud to say all cups remained upright. That ring on the bottom really does a good job at keeping it stable.  I think its a great size they were really easy for my two year old to hold they fit in her hand nicely and she had no trouble drinking from the. My four year old liked the Colors and and when she reached accost the table for potato's and bumped her cup she yelled hey mom I didn't dump the milk that's cool.  I love the fact that they are Big Kid Cups so they can practice drinking from a regular cup with less Mess.

 Me and the Girls are giving Halo Cups a A+ I don't think we found a single thing we did not like about them. I would defiantly recommend Halo Cups for that in between age when they are too big for a sippy but an adult cup is still too big and wobbly. As a momma on a budget you cant beat $8.95 for four great cups with FREE shipping.

Halo Cups do not advertise this on there site but its on the Packaging they are

Made in the USA
That another Great Made In America Product that we are Loving.


  1. It looks very superior. Hope to check it out, and thanks for the review. Following back from Exposure 99% weekday hop, and i look forward being part of your blog.

  2. Very cool. Love your site, lots of cool stuff. I'm here from the GC Blog Hop...