Thursday, November 17, 2011

Glass Dharma The Original Glass Straw

A Big Thank you goes out to the Glass Dharma Company for sending me the straws to use for this review. I was not paid for my opinion. 

Cleaning Brushes
Me and my family tested out Glass Dharma straws this week. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths, they also offer some with decorative dots. you can even  contact the company for custom orders if you are in need of a straw for that favorite cup. Prices range from $6.50 to $40.00. it all depends what size you order and if its a single straw or a set. The company also makes special cleaning brushes for there glass straws and hemp sleeves that come in five colors to carry your Glass Dharma Straws in.

I was sent four Beautifully Crafted Glass Dharma straws and Two sizes of cleaning brushes. The cleaning brushes work great and are excellent quality. We received a short 7mm sipper straw that has beautiful blue dots on the top. This straw is cute and Both my Husband and four year old daughter have fought over this straw every Day since we received it. I preferred the the Bent straw its a bit bigger diameter than a regular drinking straw but I liked the bent neck. I also liked the Biggest diameter of straw they sent me the 12mm they call it the smoothie size its  a clear straw no colored dots on it which is OK with me I don't mind its fat enough to drink frozen coffee or milk shakes and thats what i love about it.

I thought the Glass Dharma straws had a unique feel when drinking out of them I think its because they are solid and don't give any when you drink out of them. they are made out of the same type of glass that Pyrex dishes are made out of its called Borosilicate glass so they don't break easily like other types of glass does. they are Microwave and dishwasher safe so that's great.

The Glass Dharma is 100% made in the USA I Love American Made products.  They also stand behind there product with a Life time guarantee if it breakes or chips you can send them the straw and If they can not repair it to original condition they will gladly replace it for FREE. Now that's what I want to hear when a product says it has a guarantee.

My family is now completely in love with Glass Dharma.

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