Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lunchskins By 3greenmoms

Our Lunchskins the way they look straight out of the package

We received lunchskins free from 3greenmoms for this review I was in no way paid for my opinion it is all my own.

Lunchskins are  reusable snack and sandwich bags. They come in a variety of sizes designs and colors and I think i like them all, they close with hook and loop Velcro. They are Made from Certified food-safe fabric, they are Made in the USA, are Dishwasher safe and are lead-free, BPA FREE and Phthalate-free.

Every year over 20million plastic baggies are thrown away accost the US. In just one year lunchskins have saved more than 12 million plastic baggies from being thrown into landfill and ocean-fill waste. so they are great for the environment. I think what I like best thought is that they save me money as a mom I love to save money since they are reusable I get to use them again and again and again.

Lunchskins come in three sizes snack size sandwich size and sub sandwich size. We received the snack size and the standard sandwich size both are very hands sizes and a hole PB&J fits in side easily and the flap closes all the way. You can fit a hole lot of gold fish in one ask my two year old who is in the ME DO IT stage and likes to cram it.

My Daughters Lunch
 We have had Lunchskins for three days now my four year old's first thoughts when she saw it were Mom this rocks can I put some snacks in it now. My Girls have put them through a good test. They have been tossed, stomped, washed, pulled and tuged, fought over and I believe my niece even chewed on it for a while and they still look great. The hook and loop Velcro held better than I expected. I still think I might prefer a zipper but the hook and loop held up fine and it did not pop open as my four and two year old were pulling it back and fourth in one stink of an argument. Apparently they both wanted the stripes today for snack at the time it was crammed full of gold fish as my two year old filled it all by her self and we didn't spill a one. Lunchskins held fast and I was quite impressed.  

I washed Lunchskins in the dishwasher and in the sink they washed well both ways i air dried them on the counter and just kinda propped it open. It worked quite well.

So we are Officially saying Bye Bye plastic Baggies For snacks and sandwiches in our house Reusable baggies are hear to stay.

Lunchskins are a great way to kick off National Recycle Day is on November 15th  visit to get some cool reusable bags today.

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