Saturday, November 5, 2011

Everyday Minerals

This weeks review is For Everyday Minerals.

I have tried a lot of the drug store brands of mineral makeup and I was disappointed each and every time. My face either came out orange looking or pasty and most of it didn't hold up to humidity. Everyday minerals is a Natural Makeup it is organic, vegan and Eco-friendly and they do not test on animals. The company believes that natural makeup should not cost a fortune.

My Free sample
The company offers over 300 vibrant shades and colors to match any woman's skin color. They have a wonderful guide to finding which skin tone and color is right for you.They offer free base foundation sample kits, you can pick from the different shades that they have available and they send you the five colors that are in that range so that you can try them to see which is your best match. You get one free sample kit any time you order you do have to pay shipping but it was worth it for me to get to try several shades.  I found there coloring to be true to there color match guide that they offer on there site. All of there makeup products are also offered in small travel or sample sizes which i have to say for a travel size its got quite a bit in it I believe i used my first travel size for a little over a month before i used it all. Tho i don't apply my makeup heavy.

I have used there concealing primer i thought it worked wonderful it helped my make up stay put even when I'm working outside. It also evened my skin tone out better than other mineral primers i have tried in the past.

There base makeup is offered in Matte finish, Simi- matte, original glo which gives you a dewy complexion, and the new IT Base that makes you look all natural like your not wearing any make up at all. I got the Matte base because well the New It Base wasn't out yet or i would have had it because i like my make up to look as natural as possible. I found Everyday Minerals to be light and comfortable and last all day. I can apply Concealer base and finisher all in under 5 minutes. It comes out looking smooth and hides flaws well. The finalizer gives me a nice mat finish and apply's smooth and silky feeling.

I recently tried one of there blushes for the first time because it was on sale. The color was amazingly vibrant and it only took a little bit to give my cheeks a bright Rosy color.

I have to mention there amazing sales I would highly recommend signing up for there newsletter as they send you a little notice when products go on sale. They also have a promotion section on there site where you can some times get free travel sizes of products when you buy so much and even discount codes. I love there prices they are one of the more affordable mineral makeups that I have found and there quality is just as good if not better than some of the more expensive brands I have tried.
Everyday Minerals

I hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.


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