Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Maple Syrup

The time has come to start turning our sap into maple syrup.  First you need to build a fire and find a big pot the biggest you can get. We used out camping pot since its been over an open fire a lot any way. I didn't feel like building a fire pit today so I improvised with an old BBQ. You basically have to get the sap boiling and let it reduce. As it boils down you just keep adding more sap to the pot. Eventually you will run out of sap to add to the pot. At this point you continue to let it boil down tell it fits in a standard kitchen pot. At this point you can take it in to the cook stove to finish the process. Ours took from 7 am to 9 pm to get to this point. The next day we started the second part of the process. You have to continue to boil the reduced sap eventually it will turn into a syrup. We know our syrup is done when it sheets off the back of a spoon. Then you need to filter it and put it in a jar. 

We had about 8 gallons of sap which cooked down to this one lovely tasty jar of homemade Maple Syrup. 

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