Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air everyone our night time temps are now staying well above freezing. This weekend me and the girls expanded the garden this year. We added two 8ft by 4ft beds. We will now have a bed for root type vegetables like carrots and turnips. The second on will be for peas and possibly some corn I hear you can use the corn stalks for the peas to grow up. Then we will have one big bed for cucumbers and one big bed for green beans.  Since growing the lettuce on straw bails worked so well the last two years we are doing the same this year. The bails we used last year have composted over the winter and have been added to last years garden bed. New bails were bought in the fall and now have a nice layer of Cow Pow on them and the lettuce seeds have just sprouted a day or two a go.

We are also looking for a place to plant the blueberry bushes. We have three bushes that need to go in the ground this year. We will also need to construct some sort of fence around them to keep the deer out so they don't eat them before they have a chance to grow and start producing they are 3-4 year old plants now they produced a few blueberries last year so we are expecting to get more this year.

Worm Tube update: The worms are doing wonderfully. The girls put in about 50 worms or so that they found crawling in the lawn after a rain last year. When I turned the beds two weeks a go we found more than 100 in each bed. The beds are just crawling with them.

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