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Logic of English Foundations Level A Review

Logic of English Review

Logic of English has made its way into our home.  We are so excited to have gotten a chance to try out and review Foundations Level A. My little one was the lucky winner of trying out this program.  Foundations level A starts readers of with phonemic awareness. It teaches them to read and write lowercase letters and how to decode short vowel words and consonant blends. By the time your little one finishes Foundations level A they should be able to do these things and more.

Foundations Level A includes 48 lessons 8 of them are assessments and review lessons. You will find 6 student readers, 22 phonemic awareness games, 28 phonogram games, 10 reading comprehension games, 2 high frequency word games.

To teach Foundations Level A you will need the Level A Teacher's Manual, Level A student Workbook in either cursive or manuscript (we went with cursive). You will also need the book Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds.  It is also recommended that you purchase phonogram and spelling rule quick reference(in cursive or manuscript) Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart (cursive or manuscript), Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards (cursive or manuscript), Phonogram Game Cards, Student Whiteboard, Basic Phonogram Flash Cards, Phonogram Game Tiles, and Spelling Analysis Card.  Sounds like a lot right! well it is kind of a lot but everything is reusable for future levels except for the workbook and teacher book.
Logic of English Review
I requested foundations level A. I used the Help Me Choose section on the website. Turns out that it was a little too easy for my 6 year old. I should have chosen Foundations B. Apparently I didn't realize she was reading and sounding out words as well as she is. I thought she needed more work. That is beside the point though, this is a nice program I wish I would have found it sooner. The work books are full of color and fun pictures. They helped to keep her interest in what we were working on at the time. We found readers in the back that you pop out and get to assemble. She thought those were "Super Fun". The lessons are short and to the point and I think they are wonderful for kids that cant sit still for long lessons. 

I am going to recommend going with the cursive set if you have a little one that seems to struggle
with writing. For some reason writing in cursive is easier than print for some kids. Both of the girls are learning cursive and I am wishing I would have just started them out on cursive. The Cursive Tactile Cards are amazing. One side shows the cursive letter while the other side tell them how to make the letter. I have the girls draw a card each morning and that is the letter they practice for the day.

Then we have the Basic Phonogram Flash Cards. These cards have the letter on one side with the phonogram on the other. Example h is on the front and on the back it has /h/ then below it, there is an example word hat with the h in bold. Some of the more complicated ones like i will have all the different phonograms listed on the back with examples. I love that its teaching all the sounds a letter can make at one time instead of one sound at a time. 

While she liked the work book and the flash cards but she LOVED the games and activities. You get a set of phonogram game tiles, and two sets of game cards one is the blue bookface the other is green cursive. The games are another way to help your kido remember the phonograms. She didn't seem to have a favorite game she just thought they were all fun. The games make it more hands on and that is something she responds to well.

The teachers book has a scope and sequence and a list of common core standards it covers in case you need it. The lessons are broken down into an easy to follow format. I felt like it was a scripted type of teachers book. This is great for those of us that who find this a difficult subject to teach. It even has speech tips on the side to help you help a student who is having trouble articulate the correct sound. You will also find little boxes for things like book list and multi-sensory fun. I even discovered some great teaching tips. Throughout the teachers book you will see areas that tell you when to use the white and when to use what cards and what games to play and how to play them. This is probably one of the easiest to follow Teachers Manuals that I have used.

Some Crew Reviewers tried out Different Logic of English products so be sure to click the banner and check them all out. You will also find some social media links and I would love for you to show Logic of English a little Social media love.

Logic of English Review

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  1. I love the idea of a "letter of the day" for each daughter to focus on. What a great idea!