Thursday, February 25, 2016 is on sale

Breaking NEWS everyone SchoolhouseTeachers is on SALE for today and tomorrow only.

coupon code (all caps) - SHORTOFFER, Come grab it today for $83 instead of $139.
Use SHORTOFFER when checking out either today or tomorrow. This is for a full year for the entire family, no matter how many kids take the classes.

I would love for everyone to use my affiliate link. By using my link it helps me to buy curriculum and pay for field trips for my girls for next school year. Each and every one of you that order through my affiliate link are a blessing to my family, and we are grateful. 

I use SchoolhouseTeachers with both my girls I wouldn't recommend it if we didn't love it. They have added a lot of new things this year. They now have a video section (the girls are digging the videos by the way)  and a lot of new courses I believe there is a photography course now and music courses and a hole host of other things to take. So if you haven't checked it out yet now is a great time to stop bye and take a look around. 

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