Monday, March 21, 2016

The family that shoots together stays together

 Spring is in the air and its finally warm enough to get out and shoot. Me and my oldest spent some time out side before dinner getting back into the grove of things. We looked into different lessons and shooting groups in the area and we found out that there is not much offered. We checked the local conservation center. They have an archery in schools program. We were disappointed to find out that Homeschools don't qualify. We don't feel that its fair but such is life. We heard that 4H has a shooting group but there are no other kids in our area that participate and last I checked they didn't have anyone to teach it. So the girls shoot on there own and I teach them as much as I know. Hotrod girl is improving each time we venture out. We basically have fun together and try to at least hit the bag.
Yup Hotrod girl made that shot.
She shot better than I did this time around.

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