Thursday, August 27, 2015

The wonderful world of home repair!

We have been having trouble with two of our out side doors for some times now. They were old and splitting and they didn't shut or lock. We finally decided that it was time to replace them. Off to the home improvement store we went. We came home with two doors they don't quite match the other two doors in the house but it was the closest thing we could get.

We set off to tackle the first door. Upon removing the moldings we discovered the rough opening was 1 1/4 inches smaller than the actual door. Apparently the original doors had no frame. They used the rough opening as the frame for the door. Time for a major renovation project shhh don't tell my mom we are trying to keep the hole we are going to rip out the wall on the down low.

The last major home renovation project me and my dad did together left us with out a kitchen for two month. Yup that's right my mom cooked for us on a BBQ in the back yard for two month. So I am sure you can see her distress at finding out the new door wasn't going to be a quick 3 hour project.

OK never mind she caught me with the claw hammer in mid swing with a gaping hole in the dry wall. Guess the secret is out of the bag. We are ripping down the wall. Well at least part of it.  (picture half sobbing half laughing mom here)  Then we turned off the electrical had to re route a double light switch and an outlet. Opps its getting dark guess we will board up the hole so the raccoons cant get in and try to finish it tomorrow.

Fast forward about 4 days we are finally getting back to the door project. (Hey I had 10 acres of lawn to mow and a birthday party to host) We since this is essentially a three story house and the door is on the middle floor. We had to jack up and support the top floor so that we could install a new king stud. Rip out the to shore header. Build a new header and install new jack studs. All while keeping the top floor from falling through to the middle floor.

I am proud to announce that the TOP flood DID NOT fall in !!!!! The header is safely back in place and our wall now sports two extra studs.

Next up actually installing the new door in the hole lets hope this doesn't take a week.

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