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Alpha Omega Publications Review

Alpha Omega Review
I have been looking for a first grade phonics program for snoopy. When I received word that I would be reviewing Horizons 1st Grade Phonics & Reading Set. I jumped up and down and squealed like a 3 year old getting candy. Horizons 1st Grade Phonics & Reading Set is a Alpha Omega Publications product. It can be found at first grade phonics and reading set currently sells for $106.95. The set includes a teachers guide, two student work books and two readers. There are 160 lessons in the set. It utilizes a spiral learning format and teacher led learning. Both the work books and readers are in full color. You can find the scope and sequence by clicking this Horizons 1st Grade Phonics & Reading Set. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and you will see it.

We have been using 1st grade phonics with my now 6 year old. We do the lessons daily, and She is absolutely in love with this set.This is the very first things she grabs when we start class. Each daily lesson is several pages long. A daily lesson is 4-6 pages long and they hold her interest well.  She is workbook kind of girl especially if the pages have color on them. I like that it uses a spiral approach so that she is constantly building on what she already knows. We have just reached our second test and she has done well. I am so proud of her.  The test has given me a good idea of how well she has understood the material we have covered so far.  So I feel safe continuing on with the program at the pace we have been using. I have noticed an improvement in her ability to sound out words. She is using the phonics skills she has learned so far to figure out those tricky words.

The set comes with two student readers. These readers are another great benefit of the program. Each daily lesson has a corresponding story. Each story is labeled with the lesson, so your child can match up the story with the lesson that they did for the day. Snoopy is already reading well on her own but these stories have helped to reinforce the phonics lesson of the day. Each days story uses the phonics lesson that they learned in the work book. So they are getting lots of practice and she loves the stories. She says they are funny and enjoys telling us all about them.

This set also includes a Teachers guide. I haven't had many teachers guides, so I don't have a lot of experience judging if one is good or not. But I found this teachers guide to be very helpful. It offers teaching tips on one side of the page and the other shows an answer key for the student work books. The answer key is in the form of little pictures of the student workbook pages, with the answers filled in. I personally like the teaching tips. I am good with phonics, but some times I like to have a different way to explain something just to be sure she is really getting it. I have no real complaints other than the little pictures of the student work book pages could be slightly larger. So that I don't have to put my glasses on to see the answers.

Snoopy has really enjoyed the program and nothing makes me happier than to see my kids enjoy learning and reading. Please click the link below to see some other great Alpha Omega product reviews from the Crew Members.

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Alpha Omega Review

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