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Funtastic Unit Studies Review

Funtastic Unit Studies Review
School is in full swing here in our home. The girls are getting back into the grove of it all and I am back to trying to figure out what cool bonus science project we are going to do for the week. This is where the Science Unit Studies For Homeschoolers and Teachers book comes in. It is a Science Unit Studies book For Homeschoolers and Teachers. The vendor is Funtastic Unit Studies and at the time of this review the book is selling for $16.95. You can get it at several different places just go to the vendors site above and they have the links to order. This book provides science unit studies for children ages 4-13. The first 4 chapters are units designed for ages 4-7 and the second 10 are for ages 8-13. The book contains 20 chapters in all. Each chapter teaches basic science concepts that use items you most likely already have in your house. Some chapters also have worksheets and test.
Chapters are:
1. Our Senses
2. The Human Body
3. Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life
4. Animals
5. Insects and Their Kin
6. Fun with Magnets
7. Stars and Planets
8. Health
9. Beginning Plants
10. Animal Ecology
11. Insects
12. Microscopes and Invisible Creatures
13. Atoms and Molecules
14. Matter
15. Chemistry Fun
16. Weather
17. Forces and Motion
18. Simple Machines
19. Light and Color
20. Plants II
The book has quite a few unit studies in it and I had to explore the book before deciding which we wanted to do.  My sister got the girls dino dig kits a few weeks a go. They have now gone dino crazy so we chose do to the Dinosaur and Prehistoric Life unit study. It is geared for ages 4-7 so it fit the girls age range. We spent around a week on the unit and the girls really enjoyed it.
At the beginning of each unit the book will give a list of materials that will be needed to complete the unit. I love the list it makes it easy for me to get everything together before hand. So far most of the items are things we have already had in our house. I did have to buy cream cheese because well I made cheese cake with it before we got to that part of the unit. Who can blame me though its cheese cake right.
There are 6 parts to the Dinosaur and Prehistoric Life unit. Each part has some directions and several activities that you can do with your kids. The unit also gave some suggestions for additional learning resources. Like movies that might go along with the unit or finding books at your local library. We were able to collect books from the library and located the Magic School Buss movie that this unit suggested. We did all the activities suggested in the unit. We found the activities to be easy to follow and understand which is great for my younger kids.  
We did all the activities in the unit but these two were our favorite. The #1 favorite was the Bagel Stegosaurus. We cut a bagel in half then used carrots for the head and tale and apple pieces for the spines. Cream cheese held it all together. The girls have made these several more times for breakfast since we did this unit. We also made dinosaur eggs using small plastic dinosaurs that I just happened to have in the prize box and some grated soap. We used Ivory left over from a previous experiment. They formed it around the little dino's and then they used it to wash their hands. The more they washed the quicker they got to the dinosaur.

  Over all Funtastic Unit Studies offers a good amount of unit studies for its Price. I like that I can use it for more than one grade level. The author does offer some freebies on her site I would like to suggest you to try them out because they are fun:  
Freebies:Here's a link to a page  that has two free pdf units from the book:

And here's a link that has some other, unrelated, freebies:
Historical Chapter Book
I would like to invite everyone to click the link below and see what the other Crew Members had to say about Funtastic Unit Studies. There are so many different unit studies I am sure they all tried something different.
Funtastic Unit Studies Review  
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