Sunday, April 29, 2012

Snap Circuits by Elenco

I found another great learning product this week. Snap Circuits by Elenco. Its a company that makes kits to teach your kids about Electricity, Electronics, Energy Sources and how it all works. They comes with great instruction book to help your child build circuits. There is also a Teacher edition for the parent or teacher to use when teaching about Electronics. The circuits are sturdy snap together plastic circuits. They sell a bunch of different kits ranging in price from $24.95 to $199.95. Depending on the size of the kit and number of circuits it can create.  You can check out there site for all there cool products.  

Now my daughter is a little young to really understand this one its geared for kids 8 to 108. But she did grasp it in a way and had a lot of fun helping me build the Circuits. We received two sets of snap circuits The first set is the Snap Circuits Green. it sells for $74.95. This one is really cool It teaches about new energy sources. Wind power, Solar power, Hand crank etc. It comes with instructions for over 125 different projects. This was the first set I played with. The Circuits come in various sizes and snap together easily.   This kit was easy to understand and I had no problems creating the different circuits that the instruction book ask me to make. Great step by step instructions. I do wish it explained in a little more detail about how the different circuits worked. We built a circuit using a solar the solar panel to run a little fan and a clock. My daughter really thought that it was cool that the sun could make the clock go. We also built a circuit using juice to run the little clock. It did not run but for a few seconds but it was cool I never knew you could do that. You can also use a hand crank to power the different items that come in the kit. My daughter cranked it to make the little fan run. I think at her age she understood this one the best. Its a great fun hands on learning tool.

The second Kit I received is the Snap Circuits Pro sells for $97.95. Now this is one of the bigger kits containing over 75 parts. You can build over 500 projects with it. It teaches all about electronics and how the circuits work together to make something work or not work.. I have not built all 500 projects yet. We have most of the projects in the first instruction book. Me and the girls have had a blast seeing what works and what doesn't I started with some of the basic circuits the Instruction book provided and moved up from there to some of the harder more complex projects. I think some of the coolest circuits we have built are the police siren and the Fan. The police siren just sounded cool and I couldn't believe I got it to work. We did two different circuits one was a simple one speed fan and the other was a two speed fan. It was so cool it actually flew up in the air. It had the girls giggling like crazy and my eldest was asking questions about how I made it work and I love that it was inspiring her.  

Both of the snap circuit kits I tried out were great. We had a lot of fun and Learned a lot of great things. I have a greater understanding of electronics. Snap Circuits are a wonderful interactive learning tool. My girls would love to try the snap rover. 
All of Elenco's great Fun Educational products can be found hear at 


  1. I have one of these but we havent done it yet. Maybe today for school! Following you back- thanks for the follow.

  2. Those look great! My boys would love playing with those and creating things!!

  3. These look like awesome learning tools for kids. Who am I kidding, it would be a great learning tool for me since science was something I didn't get in high school. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Hi, Those are AWESOME! I got them for my nephew at Christmas and he LOVED them! I'm visiting from Mother Daughter Book Reviews. Somehow your post ended up in my spam folder - I'm so sorry. I'm connecting with you now and subscribing to your website. It's fabulous. I'm also following you on Twitter. Cheers, Renee

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  9. we have these too! We love them- my son is absolutely enthralled!!

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