Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mineral Hygienics

Hygienics is a 100% all natural mineral make up. It only has about 4 ingredients in. Its made right hear in the USA. You can get a Full starter kit for $59.99 the Full starter kit includes
  • 2 shades of Mineral Hygienics SPF Foundation
  • -Fairest Mineral Foundation
    -Fair Mineral Foundation
  • Mineral Hygienics mineral enhancer
  • - Cool Kiss
  • Mineral finishing powder
  • -Sheer Perfection Translucent
  • Flawless Face Mineral Brush
  • Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
  • Wonder Cover Concealer Brush
  • Detailed How-To Guide
Mineral Hygienics offers a Money-back Guarantee:
We're so sure Mineral Hygienics will work for you we are offering a 45-day Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not delighted with the results, simply return the product within 45-days.

You can also buy Mineral Hygienics in a mini starter kit which includes two shades of Mineral Hygienics SPF foundation and the full coverage Kabuki Brush and the detailed How-to guide for $29.99. They do sell individual products for various prices. You can find it all hear

The samples I recieved
I received some great samples from Mineral Hygienics about a week a go it came packed in some beautiful black and pink crinkle paper. I am a big fan of Natural Makeup. I really like mineral make up so I was excited to try it out I actually went up stairs in the middle of the day to wash off my regular makeup and try out Mineral Hygienics. I tried out there color match guide on there site and its just as accurate as any other color match guide that I have tried. The Price is fair and comparable to other brands

Mineral Hygienics gives you this great Hot to guide for basic application. Its great for someone who has never used mineral makeup before. Its simple and easy to follow. they also offer additional tips on there website The Full Coverage Kabuki Brush its super soft and provided even coverage. It works well for adding additional layers of Mineral Hygienics.
The Makeup its self is great the quality is Fabulous. The foundation or base is light weight and It covered evenly and smoothly. It hid blemishes and worked wonders on my dark under eyes. I tested out every shade they sent me just to see how each one would look on my skin there was only one shade that just wouldn't work for me. I tried out the Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer At first look I thought it was going to be way to dark many mineral bronzers are just too dark for me. Warm Kiss turned out to be just right it gives just a slight glow to my cheeks I would say it has more of a translucent effect. The best part is, it's a soft glow with NO Glitter. I'm not 17 any more I just can pull off glittery stuff any more.  It has worked out great and I am very happy with it. I was pleased to find out that Mineral Hygienics foundation would stay on my face all day. I spend a lot of time out doors in the sun either with the kids or just working out side and regular make up tends to slide off your face when you get hot and sweaty. Mineral Hygienics stays put and it did a great job of protecting my skin from the sun. I love Mineral Hygienics and its a product I can honestly recommend to friends and family. I hope to get to try out some of there lip and eye products.

Mineral Hygienics has offerd a exclusive coupon code:   bloggymoms
It is good starting today thru 07/05/12. This will be a 10% off coupon for my readers to use on your Mineral Hygienics order.
Disclosure: I received Mineral Hygienics at no cost for review.  All opinions are my own.

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