Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seven Color Crystal Ball

Since Summer is almost hear I have been looking for some products that I can use in our summer homeschooling adventures. I discovered Seven Color Crystal Ball. It. Its primarily used as a soil substitute that waters and fertilizes your plants for you. No messy dirt, mosquito's, or bacteria.  But it's fun to play with it feels super cool and is great for a sensory tank. Its non toxic so its safe for your little ones to play with.

Seven Color Crystal Ball offers free, fast shipping. They are located in Oklahoma so most customers have there order in 3-5 business days. Each package of Crystal Soil is only $1.75 and grows about 2 cups of soil. It takes about 4+ hours to completely expand with water. Then it will need to be re-wetted about every 2-4 weeks, depending on your environment and what type of plant is living in it. The beads actually water your plant! you can find them hear at

So now that I have got the facts of the product out of the way I want to tell you how cool Seven Color Crystal Ball is. Not only is it great for plants its just really cool to play with.  I got several packages in the mail to test out. I dumped this little package of beads into a  bowl and I thought no way this is going to make 2 cups. So I dumped some water in and went off to help Snoopy work on her letters. I forgot about the crystal soil when I finally remembered they had really expanded. The bowl was almost full and I needed to put it in a bigger container.  A few hours later they were Huge. I would say there was 2 cups in the bowl may be a little more.  A fully expanded crystal is about the size of a large marble. They Feel slick, a little squishy and are cool to the touch. 

My daughters had a blast playing with Seven Color Crystal Ball Crystal soil. My two year old couldn't keep her hands out of it. She played with it for hours. I even hid some small items in it so she could feel her way through it to find the items. I have to admit I like playing with it too. I currently have a container sitting next to my computer that I keep sticking my hand in. Because of the unique texture of the crystal soil it makes a great sensory toy.

a plant my daughter brought
home from school.

We also tried it as a soil substitute which is what it was designed to be used as. It looks cool if you place it in a clear container. It comes in a variety of colors so you can choose one that goes with your decor. It stayed hydrated for about 2 weeks its been kind of warm hear about 79 and we haven't had much humidity and it was sitting in a sunny window. It can stay hydrated longer or shorter amounts of time depending on the conditions. If they dry out completely they get super little again I'm talking smaller than a pea. But don't worry they will expand again as soon as you give them some water. That would not be good for a plant thought so I would suggest making sure you add water every now and then.
I would love for everyone to check out Seven Color Crystal Ball


  1. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

  2. I just have to ask if this blog post gets a lot of views. I posted about these bolls in 2010 and it is STILL my most-viewed post! I guess a lot of people must find these and then go on the Internet to find out what they are. I love that you have the great photos and have used them so much. What a GREAT idea to use them in projects for kids.

  3. i dont understand why do we need them ???? except playing with them i dont understand this plant thing ca you explain me plssss

  4. I have a green packet and a orange packet and it is by my computer. My eight year old daughter bought some home from a party and i couldnt keep my hands out of it. the instructions were a little bit weired so i came to your blog. You explained it really well, thanks!:)

  5. These are not safe. Because they start so tiny and grow so large with moisture, they are a significant choking / asphyxiation risk if a child ingests one. There are many safety warnings online from various health authorities around the world about these. One example: