Lefty's of San Francisco is a great Left-handed store out of San Francisco CA. Its this cool like online shop just for left handed people. I found it when I was looking for some tot school products for my little one who like her momma is Left Handed. Left handed Kids have the hardest time learning to write properly. Left-handed people make there letters differently so teaching a left handed kiddo can be hard for non left-handed parents.  Forget using standard scissors its just hard to do. I think Lefty's has just about anything a left handed person could want or need. School supplies, tools, Kitchen items etc. While not everything they carry is made in the USA they do have some really cool items that are made in the USA. You can find all there great products hear https://www.leftyslefthanded.com/
Doing it big girl style with the place-mat!
Lefty's sent me some cool items to check out. First out of the box is Lefty's San francisco Writing Guide Set . It includes includes a 11-1/2" x 17" washable place-mat sized writing guide, two pads of ruled paper with a dotted midline, and a set of four damp erase markers to practice letter formation on the back of the guide. Letters that lefties draw differently from right-handers are highlighted with a hand. Your lefty can follow the arrows to write upper and lower case letters, erase, and try again. The front of the guide shows proper alignment of the pad so your lefty can write with a relaxed hand and without smudging whatever he or she has written. Set includes both a traditional writing tablet with fully lined pages, and our new draw and write tablet which has a drawing area above, and lined area below so little lefties can draw something and write the story below. the Set sells for $20.00 and is worth every penny. Its got all the essentials for a parent or teacher trying to help a Lefty learn to write properly. My 2 year old loves the mat because its for big girls and she has already learned to tilt her papers so she can write comfortably. I love that it shows her how to form her letters properly something many left handed kids struggle with. Its flexible, light weight, and portable. It gives her something fun and constructive to do while she is waiting to eat.
Next out of the box is the Essential Left-Handed School Supplies for Lefties Over Eight this is a great little kit for older left handed kids it includes a left-handed wide ruled spiral notebook, left handed pencil and sharpener, left-handed Maped school scissors with blades reversed and left hand molded grips, a fast drying, non-smear Jetstream pen, and a left-handed ruler that reads right to left. The kit sells for $22.00 and is great. I love the note book I have used it my self with the spiral on the opposite side its perfect no fighting the spiral when I am trying to make notes on a product I am reviewing. I have never had a left handed pencil sharpener but its now my favorite. I also love the Jetstream pen it drys quickly and doesn't smear if my hand drags accost it. the Scissors are pointed for older kids or mamma's who have mastered cutting. They are very comfortable to use, as the handles are shaped the right direction for the left hand. The blades are also reversed so you can see what you are cutting. 
Can you tell she loves the Fiskars scissors!
The Third item I received is a pair of Left-handed 5.5" Fiskars Scissors for kids  they sell for $6.95. I believe a pair of True left-handed scissors is important for kids learning how to cut. True Left-handed scissors have reversed blades so you can see what you are cutting. This makes learning how to cut much safer and easier for left handed kids. My daughters cutting skill are already improving and we have only had these a few weeks. As you can see from the big smile she loves her new scissors.
The Last Item out of the box is a fun one its a Left-Handed Backwards Mirror Image Watch with Metal Band it sells for $44.95 The hands on this watch rotate backwards, counter-clockwise rather than clockwise, easy for lefties to read but confounding for right-handers.  The face is mirrored, with the numerals reading backwards! Its fun, comfortable, and I have enjoyed using it. I have even fooled a few people with it. They carry several other watches some are mirror image watches and others have regular numbers and run clock wise but have the winding stem on the left. So its easy for lefties to reach when worn on the right wrist.
I with summer tot school beginning I need to get a set of Left-Handed Pencil Grips for my daughter and I would love one of there new Left-Handed Maped Visio Pens for my self.
Lefty's of San Francisco doesn't just offer school and office supplies they have a lot of other great left-handed gear. they have things for the kitchen, tools and much more. I hope I get the opportunity to try out some of there other things.
Check out all that they have to offer at http://www.leftyslefthanded.com/

Disclosure: I received these products at no cost for review.  All opinions are my own we really do love Lefty's of San Francisco.