Friday, April 13, 2012

Potty Cover

If your a mom you know how dirty public bathroms can be. You also know when a Kids got to go they have got to GO! With my little one officially potty trained we are using public potty's a lot. I have always thought eww when my kids grab the seat to hold them selves up. In comes the Potty Cover.

The Potty Cover provides a waterproof barrier between the toilet and your child. Its got a great over sized design to provide maximum coverage by covering the sides and the front of the toilet so your kids don't grip the dirty toilet seat. Its made from a soft non-woven fabric so its comfortable, Its coated with plastic to keep germs and wetness away. They come individually wrapped for parents on the Go. You get 6 individually packaged seat covers in each package and they run about $5.99. You can find the Potty cover site hear and a list of places where you can buy the Potty Cover

When I got the opportunity to review the Potty Cover I was stoked. My youngest still holds the seat when she is on the potty and it grosses me out. The typical seat cover only covers the very top of the toilet seat.  The Potty Cover is more than large enough for any toilet seat. It completely covers the sides and front of the toilet so that even there legs and pants are protected. it has a multi colored dots on it so its gender neutral. I tested it out a walmart recently and it was great it fit the seat great.  My daughter thought it was cool big girl cover. It was a heck of a lot better than any of the other seat covers I have ever seen. No nasty germs on there hands or clothes.
great coverage
Please do not flush Potty Covers. When you are done using it put the Potty Cover in the trash.

When folded up in its individual wrapper its about the length of my hand and about an inch wide. So it fits in my purse with no problem. I even have one in the glove box of the car in case I need one at a rest stop or gas station bathroom.. I feel they are priced fair, Its comparable to some of the standard seat covers that don't cover as well.

Its a great product that I love and plan to keep around for a while.

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