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SimplyFun Archery Dice Review

SimplyFun Review

Game NIGHT !!!! That's Right Its FAMILY GAME NIGHT and we have a new game, this one is courtesy of SimplyFun and I’m reviewing Archery Dice, one of four of SimplyFun new releases. We are honored that we get to be some of the first to try it out. This game is geared for ages 7 and up. 

In this game you Stack your dice, aim and FLICK! If you hit the bull's-eye you immediately get to bank a target, You get to knock over your opponents stack of dice or even steal their targets. At the end of the round the player that has the most dice claims the target. You have to try to keep a claimed target for an entire round and bank it. The first one to bank four targets wins the game.

The Game comes with 16 targets, 12 Dice three of each color, 4 wood disk, 1 rule book.
This game got caught in the storm and we delayed getting to us for 4 days. When it finally arrived the girls practically tackled the UPS guy trying to get it from him. They tore it open and wanted to play right away.  We have had quite a few game nights with the new Archery Dice game.

The Directions are fairly simple to understand for an adult. I had to explain how to play to the girls a couple of times before they got all the rules of playing. But we were quickly on our way to flicking dice, and stealing targets.

This is what is in the box minus the direction sheet, because I forgot to put it in the picture. The game is well made, the targets are sturdy feeling and the colors are nice. So far they have held up nicely, and I think they will last a long time. The small colored disk are made of wood. I would be careful if you have small kids as the dice and small disk could be a choking hazard.

The main idea of the game is to shoot your dice at the round targets and get them to land on top. The person with the highest number die on the target at the end of the round gets the target. They then put it under the stack of dice that they are shooting. At the end of the next round if someone has not shot a dice at that target and stolen it you get to bank the target. First one to bank 4 targets wins.

Sounds easy
right! WRONG at least for me. I got beat by an 8 year old twice in a row.When I could hit the target with the dice they always bounced off. Apparently Hotrod girl has better hand eye coordination than I do. She could usually land the dice on the target. She even had the ability to knock my dice off the target. The more you play the better you get at landing the dice on the target the first flick.

Archery Dice is a 2-4 player game. I think the more people you have the better the game is to play.Me and the girls play this quite often when the cousins come over. Even my little 4 year old niece gets a kick out of it. We have had so much fun with Archery Dice that we cant wait to see what SimplyFun comes up with Next. I would love for you to click the link below and see what the other Crew reviewers are saying about SimplyFun Games.

SimplyFun Review



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